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July 1985 (89.3)


The Treasury at Persepolis: Gift-Giving at the City of the Persians (pp. 373–389)
Nicholas Cahill

Laconian Black Figure in Egypt (pp. 391–398)
Marjorie Susan Venit

Profiles of Kouroi (pp. 399–409)
Eleanor Guralnick

Sprang Hair Nets: Their Manufacture and Use in Ancient Greece (pp. 411–418)
Ian Jenkins and Dyfri Williams

Against Iphigeneia’s Adyton in Three Mainland Temples (pp. 419–440)
Mary B. Hollinshead

The Panathenaic Stadium and Theater of Lykourgos: A Re-Examination of the Facilities on the Pnyx Hill (pp. 441–454)
David Gilman Romano

“The Kore Who Looks after the Grain”: A Copy of the Torlonia-Hierapytna Type in Cyrene (pp. 455–463)
Susan Kane and Joyce Reynolds

Drunk Again: A Study in the Iconography of the Comic Theater (pp. 465–472)
J.R. Green

The Domus Augusti in Imperial Iconography of 13–12 B.C. (pp. 473–483)
Mark D. Fullerton

The “Ara Ditis-Ustrinum of Hadrian” in the Western Campus Martius and Other Problematic Roman Ustrina (pp. 485–497)
Mary T. Boatwright

The Date of the Thermae Traiani and the Topography of the Oppius Mons (pp. 499–509)
James C. Anderson, Jr.

Archaeological Notes

Water-Casting Concave-Convex Wax Models for Cire Perdue Bronze Mirrors (pp. 511–515)
L.O.K. Congdon

Refiring Greek Vases (pp. 515–516)
Joseph Veach Noble

The Thunderbolt of Zeus: Yet More Fragments of the Pergamon Altar in the Arundel Collection (pp. 516–519)
Michael Vickers

The Ludovisi Head Once Again (p. 519)
Brunilde Sismondo Ridgway and Norman Herz

The Herculaneum Boat: Preliminary Notes on Hull Details (pp. 519–521)
J. Richard Steffy

The Chronology of the Punishment and Reconstruction of Sicily by Octavian/Augustus (pp. 521–522)
Catherine Reid Rubincam

Book Reviews

Approaches to Social Archaeology (pp. 523–524)
By Colin Renfrew
Reviewed by Curtis Runnels

Quaternary Coastlines and Marine Archaeology (pp. 524–525)
By P.M. Masters and N.C. Flemming
Reviewed by Karl W. Butzer

Ancient Egyptian Faience. An Analytical Survey of Egyptian Faience from Predynastic to Roman Times (pp. 525–526)
By Alexander Kaczmarczyk and Robert E.M. Hedges
Reviewed by Karen Polinger Foster

An Archaeological Guide to the Ancient Kourion Area and the Akrotiri Peninsula (pp. 526–527)
By Helena Wylde Swiny
Reviewed by Ellen Herscher

Keos 3. Ayia Irini: House A (pp. 527–529)
By W. Willson Cummer and Elizabeth Schofield
Reviewed by James C. Wright                    

Keos 4. Ayia Irini: The Potters Marks (pp. 529–530)
By A.H. Bikaki
Reviewed by Thomas G. Palaima

East Cretan White-on-Dark Ware. Studies on a Handmade Pottery of the Early to Middle Minoan Periods (pp. 530–531)
By Philip B. Betancourt
Reviewed by G. Walberg

Asine 2. Results of the Excavations East of the Acropolis 1970–1974. 4. The Protogeometric Periods, Parts 2 and 3 (pp. 531–533)
By Berit Wells
Reviewed by Susan Helen Langdon

Poseidonia-Paestum 2 (pp. 533–535)
By Emanuele Greco and Dinu Theodorescu
Reviewed by John Griffiths Pedley

Mosaïque. Recueil d’hommages à Henri Stern (pp. 535–536)
Reviewed by Katherine M.D. Dunbabin

Corpus Topographicum Pompeianum. Pars II. Toponymy (pp. 536–538)
By Halsted B. van der Poel
Reviewed by Robert I. Curtis

La construction romaine. Matériaux et techniques (pp. 538–539)
By Jean-Pierre Adam
Reviewed by John Peter Oleson

The Wheel as a Cult-Symbol in the Romano-Celtic World, with Special Reference to Gaul and Britain (pp. 539–541)
By Miranda Jane Green
Reviewed by Claire Lindgren

The Making of the Roman Army from Republic to Empire (pp. 541–542)
By Lawrence Keppie
Reviewed by Richard P. Saller

L’armée et la guerre chez les peuples samnites (p. 542)
By Christiane Saulnier
Reviewed by Richard P. Saller

Books Received

List of Books Received (pp. 542–544)


Gustav Hermansen (1909–1984) (p. 545)
Colin M. Wells