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July 1988 (92.3)

Field Report

Excavations at Morgantina, 1980–1985: Preliminary Report XII (pp. 313–342)
Malcolm Bell III and R. Ross Holloway


The Chronology of the Graves of Circle B at Mycenae: A New Hypothesis (pp. 343–372) 
Giampaolo Graziadio

The Marathonian Bull on the Athenian Akropolis (pp. 373–382)
H.A. Shapiro

Perseus, the Graiai, and Aeschylus’ Phorkides (pp. 383–391)
John H. Oakley

Water Flow in the Castellum at Nîmes (pp. 393–407)
George F.W. Hauck and Richard A. Novak

Memoriae Agrippinae: Agrippina the Elder in Julio–Claudian Art and Propaganda (pp. 409–426)
Susan Wood

Rouletted Ware at Arikamedu: A New Approach (pp. 427–440)
Vimala Begley

Book Reviews

Academic Freedom and Apartheid: The Story of the World Archaeological Congress (p. 441)
By Peter Ucko
Reviewed by Pam J. Crabtree

Natural Formation Processes and the Archaeological Record (pp. 441–442)
By D.T. Nash and M.D. Petraglia
Reviewed by Tjeerd H. van Andel

Central Places, Archaeology and History (pp. 442–443)
By Eric Grant
Reviewed by Peter S. Wells

The Acheulian of the Yiron Plateau, Israel (p. 443)
By Milla Y. Ohel
Reviewed by Pam J. Crabtree

Traces d’utilisation sur les outils néolithiques du Proche Orient (pp. 443–444)
By M.-C. Cauvin
Reviewed by Andrew Moore

Jericho in the Late Bronze Age (pp. 444–445)
By Piotr Bienkowski
Reviewed by Henry O. Thompson

Landscape and Pattern: An Archaeological Survey of Samaria, 800 B.C.E.–636 C.E. (pp. 445–446)
By Shimon Dar
Reviewed by Christopher Edens

Farms, Villages and Cities. Commerce and Urban Origins in Late Prehistoric Europe (p. 446)
By Peter S. Wells
Reviewed by Richard Hodges

Principles of Egyptian Art (pp. 446–447)
By Heinrich Schäfer, Emma Brunner-Traut, and John Baines
Reviewed by Karen Polinger Foster

Kosmos: Studi sul mondo classico (pp. 447–448)
By Giovanni Becatti
Reviewed by Brunilde Sismondo Ridgway

Le pain et l’huile dans la Grèce antique, de l’araire au moulin (pp. 448–449)
By Marie-Claire Amouretti
Reviewed by Victor Hanson

Tanagra and the Figurines (pp. 449–451)
By Reynold Higgins
Reviewed by Rebecca Miller Ammerman

Etruskische Meeresmischwesen. Untersuchungen zur Typologie und Bedeutung (p. 451)
By Monika Boosen
Reviewed by Mario A. del Chiaro

Roman Italy (pp. 451–452)
By Timothy W. Potter
Reviewed by John K. Evans

Poseidonia–Paestum III: Forum Nord (pp. 452–454)
By Emanuele Greco and Dinu Theodorescu
Reviewed by John Griffiths Pedley

Rome and the Provinces: Studies in the Transformation of Art and Architecture in the Mediterranean World (p. 454)
By Charles B. McClendon
Reviewed by Susan B. Downey

Pagan Gods and Shrines of the Roman Empire (pp. 454–455)
By Martin Henig and Anthony King
Reviewed by Ramsay MacMullen

The Legionary Fortress Baths at Caerleon I. Buildings; The Legionary Fortress Baths at Caerleon II. The Finds (pp. 455–457)
By J. David Zienkiewicz
Reviewed by Fikret K. Yegul

Astorga romana y su entorno: Estudio arqueologico (p. 457) 
By Tomás Mañanes
Reviewed by Robert C. Knapp

L’inhumation privilegiée du IVe au VIIIe siècle en Occident: Actes du colloque tenu à Créteil les 16–18 mars 1984 (pp. 457–458)
By Yvette Duval and Jean-Charles Picard
Reviewed by Patrick J. Geary

Excavations at Saraçhane in Istanbul 1. The Excavations, Structures, Architectural Decoration, Small Finds, Coins, Bones and Molluscs (pp. 458–459)
By R.M. Harrison
Reviewed by Richard Hodges

Yassi Ada I. A Seventh Century Byzantine Shipwreck (pp. 459–460)
By George F. Bass and Frederick H. van Doorninck
Reviewed by Steven E. Sidebotham

Books Received

List of Books Received (pp. 460–462)