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October 2001 (105.4)

Volume Index

Volume 105 (2001) Index (Open Access)


Beyond the Grave: Biographies from Early Greece (pp. 579–606) 
Susan Langdon

Deepwater Archaeology of the Black Sea: The 2000 Season at Sinop, Turkey (pp. 607–623) 
Robert D. Ballard, Fredrik T. Hiebert, Dwight F. Coleman, Cheryl Ward, Jennifer S. Smith, Kathryn Willis, Brendan Foley, Katherine Croff, Candace Major, and Francesco Torre

A Tale of Two Monuments: Domitian, Trajan, and Some Praetorians at Puteoli (AE 1973, 137) (pp. 625–648) 
Harriet I. Flower

High on the Hog: Linking Zooarchaeological, Literary, and Artistic Data for Pig Breeds in Roman Italy (pp. 649–673) 
Michael MacKinnon

Doric Measure and Architectural Design 2: A Modular Reading of the Classical Temple (pp. 675–713) 
Mark Wilson Jones

Book Reviews

The Invention of Jane Harrison (p. 715)
By Mary Beard
Reviewed by Stephen L. Dyson

The Last Neanderthal: The Rise, Success, and Mysterious Extinction of Our Closest Human Relatives (pp. 715–716)
By Ian Tattersall
Reviewed by Milford H. Wolpoff

Extinct Humans (pp. 715–716)
By Ian Tattersall and Jeffrey Schwartz 
Reviewed by Milford H. Wolpoff

The Archaeology of Animal Bones (pp. 716–717)
By Terry O'Connor 
Reviewed by Kate Clark

An Archaeology of Natural Places (pp. 717–718)
By Richard Bradley
Reviewed by Charles A. I. French

Ancestral Geographies of the Neolithic: Landscape, Monuments and Memory (pp. 718–719)
By Mark Edmonds
Reviewed by Peter Drewett

Rethinking World-Systems: Diasporas, Colonies, and Interaction in Uruk Mesopotamia (pp. 719–721)
By Gil J. Stein 
Reviewed by P. Nick Kardulias

The Archaeology of Geological Catastrophes (pp. 721–722)
By W.J. McGuire, D.R. Griffiths, P.L. Hancock, and I.S. Stewart 
Reviewed by Les Cole

Fragmentation in Archaeology: People, Places and Broken Objects in the Prehistory of South Eastern Europe (pp. 722–723)
By John Chapman
Reviewed by Alasdair Whittle

Lerna: A Preclassical Site in the Argolid 4: The Architecture, Stratification, and Pottery of Lerna III (pp. 723–725)
By Martha Heath Wiencke
Reviewed by So̵ren Dietz

Pseira. Vol. 4, Minoan Buildings in Areas B, C, D, and F (p. 725)
By Philip P. Betancourt and Costis Davaras 
Reviewed by Jan Driessen

Regional Mycenaean Decorated Pottery (pp. 726–727)
By Penelope A. Mountjoy 
Reviewed by Jeremy B. Rutter

Towards a Hermeneutics of Aegean Bronze Age Ship Imagery (pp. 727–728)
By Michael Wedde 
Reviewed by Henri van Effenterre and Micheline van Effenterre

Neolithic and Chalcolithic Pottery of the Southern Levant (pp. 728–729)
By Yosef Garfinkel 
Reviewed by Reinhard Bernbeck

The Domestication of Metals: The Rise of Complex Metal Industries in Anatolia (pp. 729–730)
By K. Aslihan Yener 
Reviewed by James D. Muhly

The Complete Temples of Ancient Egypt (pp. 730–732)
By Richard H. Wilkinson
Reviewed by Ian Shaw

Altägypten im römischen Reich: Der römische Pharao und seine Tempel. Vol. 1, Römische Politik und altägyptische Ideologie von Augustus bis Diokletian, Tempelbau in Oberägypten (pp. 730–732)
By Günther Hölbl 
Reviewed by Ian Shaw

Sparta in Laconia: The Archaeology of a City and Its Countryside: Proceedings of the 19th British Museum Classical Colloquium Held with the British School at Athens and King's and University Colleges, London 6–8 December 1995 (pp. 732–733)
By W.G. Cavanagh and S.E.C. Walker
Reviewed by Christina A. Salowey

Defining Ancient Arkadia (pp. 733–734)
By Thomas Heine Nielsen and James Roy
Reviewed by Gina Salapata

Ancient Greek Cult Practice from the Archaeological Evidence. Proceedings of the Fourth International Seminar on Ancient Greek Cult, Organized by the Swedish Institute at Athens, 22–24 October 1993 (pp. 734–735)
By Robin Hägg
Reviewed by Shelby Brown

Griechische Familienweihungen: Untersuchungen einer Repräsentationsform von ihren Anfängen bis zum Ende des 4. Jhr. v. Chr. (pp. 735–736)
By Christoph Löhr 
Reviewed by Joseph W. Day

Panathenäische Preisamphoren: Eine athenische Vasengattung und ihre Funktion (vom 6.–4. Jahrhundert v. Chr.) (pp. 736–737)
By Martin Bentz 
Reviewed by Timothy McNiven

Polychrome Bilder auf weissgrundigen Lekythen (pp. 737–738)
By Ulrike Koch-Brinkmann 
Reviewed by Thomas Mannack

Archaische Keramik aus Olympia (pp. 738–739)
By Erika Kunze-Götte, Joachim Heiden, and Johannes Burow
Reviewed by Gerald Schaus

Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum. Deutschland 72. Hannover, Kestner-Museum 2 (pp. 739–740)
By Alexander Mlasowsky 
Reviewed by Ian McPhee and Elizabeth Pemberton

Hellenistic Sculpture. Vol. 2, the Styles of ca. 200–100 B.C. (pp. 740–742)
By Brunilde Sismondo Ridgway
Reviewed by Mark D. Stansbury-O'Donnell

Ellinistichesii Khram Oksa B Baktrii, Yuzhnyi Tadjikistan. Vol. 1, Raskopki. Arkhitektura. Religioznaya Zhizn (Russian; Trans.: The Hellenistic Temple of the Oxus in Bactria, South Tajikistan. Vol. 1, Excavations, Architecture, Religious Life, with English Summary) (p. 742)
By B.A. Litvinskii and I.R. Pichikyan
Reviewed by Richard N. Frye

India: An Archaeological History, Palaeolithic Beginnings through Early Historic Foundations (pp. 742–744)
By Dilip K. Chakrabarti
Reviewed by Charles C. Kolb

The Archaeology of the Indian Subcontinent and Sri Lanka: A Selected Bibliography (pp. 742–744)
By Robert B. Marks Ridinger 
Reviewed by Charles C. Kolb

La Cultura del Medio Bronzo nell'agrigentino ed i rapporti con il mondo miceneo (pp. 744–745)
By Giuseppe Castellana
Reviewed by Susan S. Lukesh

Romanization in the Time of Augustus (p. 745)
By Ramsay MacMullen 
Reviewed by Michael Hoff

Imperial Women: A Study in Public Images, 40 BC–AD 68 (pp. 745–746)
By Susan E. Wood 
Reviewed by C. Brian Rose

Bild und Bildersprache der römischen Kaiser: Beispiele und Analysen (pp. 746–747)
By Maria R. Alföldi
Reviewed by Jeremy Tanner

Wooden Furniture in Herculaneum: Form, Technique and Function (pp. 747–748)
By Stephan T.A.M. Mols 
Reviewed by Elizabeth Simpson

Les marbres blancs des Pyrénées: Approches scientifiques et historiques (pp. 748–749)
By Jean Cabanot, Robert Sablayrolles, and Jean-Luc Schenck
Reviewed by David Williams and David Peacock

The Obelisk Base in Constantinople: Court Art and Imperial Ideology (p. 749)
By Bente Kiilerich
Reviewed by Sarah E. Bassett

Books Received

List of Books Received (pp. 750–751)