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December 1891 (7.4)

Excavations by the School at Eretria in 1891. VI. A Topographical Study of Eretria (pp. 371–389)
John Pickard

Excavations by the American Schoool at Plataia in 1891. Discovery of a Temple of Archaic Plan (pp. 390–405)
Charles Waldstein and Henry S. Washington

Discoveries by the American School at Plataia in 1890. VI. Votive Inscription (pp. 406–421)
Rufus B. Richardson

Andrea Della Robbia’s Assumption of the Virgin in the Metropolitan Museum (pp. 422–431)
Allan Marquand

Introduction of Gothic Architecture into Italy by the French Cistercian Monks. IV. Monastery of Arbona (pp. 432–439)
A.L. Frothingham, Jr.

A “Mensa Ponderaria” from Assos (pp. 440–443)
F.B. Tarbell


Notes from Syria (pp. 444–445)
Daniel Z. Noorian

The Berlin Tablet No. 1813 (pp. 445–447)
Walter C. Mueller

Cistercian Gothic Architecture in Italy: A Question of Literary Priority (pp. 447–449)
A.L. Frothingham, Jr.

Two Egyptian Monuments from the Site of Herakleopolis (pp. 449–453)
S.Y. Stevenson

Reviews and Notices of Books


Mission épigraphique en Algérie (p. 454)
By Aug. Audollent
Reviewed by R. Cagnat

Die italienische Plastik (pp. 454–455)
By W. Bode
Reviewed by H. Weizsacker

Oriental Archaeology

Zur Geschichte der Hieroglyphenschrift (p. 455)
By W. Pleyte and Carl Abel
Reviewed by G. Maspero

Pseudohethitische Kunst, ein Vortrag (pp. 455–456)
By Otto Puchstein
Reviewed by F. Dümmler

Description géographique des anciens empires d’Assyrie d’aprés les documents cunéiforms. I. Tiglath Pileser I (p. 456)
By Raboisson
Reviewed by H. Winckler

Classical Archaeology

Der Antheil der Periegese an der Kunstschriftstellerei der Alten (pp. 456–457)
By Max Bencker
Reviewed by W. Gurlitt

L’Année épigraphique (1889) (p. 457)
By R. Cagnat
Reviewed by P. Guiraud

Terres Cuites Grecques photographiées d’après les originaux des collections privées de France et des musées d’Athènes (pp. 457–458)
By A. Cartault
Reviewed by S. Reinach

Excursions archéologiques en Grèce: Mycènes-Delos-Athènes-Olympie-Eleusis-Epidaure-Dodone-Tirynthe-Tanagra (p. 458)
By Ch. Diehl
Reviewed by Fr. Baumgarten

Fünfzigstes Programm zum Winckelmannsfeste der Archäologischen Gesellschaft zu Berlin (pp. 458–459)
Reviewed by G. Körte

Die attischen Grabschriften, by H. Gutscher; Griechische Marmorstudien (From the Appendix to the Abhandlungen der kgl. preuss. Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Berlin), by Richard Lepsius (pp. 459–460)
Reviewed by Chr. Belger

Griechische Kunstmythologie (p. 460)
By J. Overbeck
Reviewed by A. Furtwängler

The Inscriptions of Cos (pp. 460–464)
By W.R. Paton and E.L. Hicks
Reviewed by J.H. Wright

Griechische Weihgeschenke (p. 464)
By Emil Reisch, O. Benndorf, and R. Bormann
Reviewed by E. Fabricius

Korkyräische Studien (pp. 464–465)
By B. Schmidt
Reviewed by S. Reinach

Die Gebärden der Griechen and Römer (p. 465)
By Carl Sittl
Reviewed by S. Reinach

I. Herakles und die Hydra, ein Torso des von Wagnerschen Kunstinstituts der Universität Wurzburg. II. Ueber einige Werke des Künstler’s Pythagoras, by H.L. Urlichs (p. 466)
Reviewed by S. Reinach

Christian Archaeology

L’Architettura in Italia dal secolo VI al mille circa (pp. 466–468)
By Raffaele Cattaneo
Reviewed by A.L. Frothingham, Jr.

Die kirchliche Baukunst des Abendlandes, historisch und systematisch dargestellt (pp. 468–470)
By G. Dehio and G. von Bezold
Reviewed by R. de Lasteyrie

L’Art Gothique. L’Architecture-la Peinture-la Sculpture-le Decor (pp. 470–471)
By Louis Gonse
Reviewed by A.L. Frothingham, Jr.

Correspondence: Letter on the Babylonian Expedition (pp. 472–475)
John P. Peters

Archaeological News (pp. 476–566)
A.L. Frothingham, Jr.

Summaries of Periodicals (pp. 567–578)