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July 1982 (86.3)


1981 Excavations at Gritille, Turkey (pp. 319–332)
Richard S. Ellis and Mary M. Voigt

The Cyclades and the Greek Mainland in LC I: The Evidence of the Pottery (pp. 333–341)
John F. Cherry and Jack L. Davis

The Dates of the Earliest Coins (pp. 343–360)
Donald Kagan

Investigations at Naukratis and Environs, 1980 and 1981 (pp. 361–380)
William D.E. Coulson and Albert Leonard, Jr.

The Athena Nike Temple Reconsidered (pp. 381–385)
Harold B. Mattingly

Tradition and Innovation in Doric Design IV: The Fourth Century (pp. 387–400)
Frederick E. Winter

Agrippa’s Water Plan (pp. 401–411)
Harry B. Evans

Roman Mosaics in Sicily: The African Connection (pp. 413–428)
R.J.A. Wilson

A Reconsideration of the Date of the Esquiline Calendar and of Its Political Festivals (pp. 429–435)
Inabelle Levin

Archaeological Notes

The So-Called Tomb of Philip II: An Addendum (pp. 437–442)
Phyllis Williams Lehmann

New Kingdom Egyptian Textiles: Embroidery vs. Weaving (pp. 442–445)
E.J.W. Barber

Pausanias 1.27.3 and the Route of the Arrhephoroi (pp. 445–446)
Edward Kadletz

Book Reviews

Advances in Archaeological Method and Theory, 3; Advances in Archaeological Method and Theory, 4 (pp. 447–448)
By Michael B. Schiffer
Reviewed by Robin Torrence

A Complete Manual of Field Archaeology. Tools and Techniques of Field Work for Archaeologists (p. 448)
By Martha Joukowsky
Reviewed by Sebastian Payne

The Sahara and the Nile. Quaternary Environments and Prehistoric Occupation in North Africa (pp. 448–450)
By Martin A.J. Williams and Hughes Faure
Reviewed by David Lubell

Prehistoric Mining and Allied Industries (p. 450)
By R. Shepherd
Reviewed by Curtis Runnels

The Origin and Distribution of Tell el Yahudiyeh Ware (pp. 450–452)
By Maureen F. Kaplan
Reviewed by James M. Weinstein

Thera and the Aegean World II. Papers and Proceedings of the Second International Scientific Congress, Santorini, Greece, August 1978 (p. 452)
By C. Doumas
Reviewed by Philip P. Betancourt

Le Palais de Mallia et la Cité Minoenne, I, II. Etude de Synthèse (p. 453)
By Henri van Effenterre
Reviewed by J. Walter Graham

The Coming of the Age of Iron (pp. 453–454)
By Theodore A. Wertime and James D. Muhly
Reviewed by Karen D. Vitelli

La Céramique Chypriote de Style figuré. Age du Fer (1050–500 av. J.C.) (pp. 454–455)
By Vassos Karageorghis and Jean des Gagniers
Reviewed by J.L. Benson

Exploration archéologique de Délos, 33. L’Oikos des Naxiens (pp. 455–456)
By Paul Courbin
Reviewed by Robert Scranton

Fifth Century Styles in Greek Sculpture (pp. 456–457)
By Brunilde Sismondo Ridgway
Reviewed by Olga Palagia

Ceramiche etrusche a figure rosse (p. 457)
By Giampiero Pianu
Reviewed by Ingrid E.M. Edlund

Corpus Vasorum antiquorum. Great Britain 15, Castle Ashby, Northampton (pp. 457–458)
By John Boardman and Martin Robertson
Reviewed by Diana Buitron

Excavations in the Barbouna Area at Asine, Fasc. 4. The Hellenistic Nekropolis and Later Structures on the Middle Slopes 1973–77 (pp. 458–459)
By Inga Hägg and John M. Fossey
Reviewed by Birgitte Rafn

Il teatro antico di Siracusa (pp. 459–460)
By Luigi Polacco and Carlo Anti
Reviewed by Niall W. Slater

Norchia I (pp. 460–461)
By Elena Colonna Di Paolo and Giovanni Colonna
Reviewed by Gloria Pinney

Tainia. Festschrift für Roland Hampe (pp. 461–462)
By Herbert A. Cahn and Erika Simon
Reviewed by Rolf Winkes

Nymfarum Domus. Les pavements de la maison des Nymphes à Néapolis (Nabeul, Tunisie) et leur lecture (p. 462)
By Jean-Pierre Darmon
Reviewed by David Parrish

Roman London (p. 463)
By Peter Marsden
Reviewed by James Russell

Ancient Lamps in the Royal Ontario Museum. I, Greek and Roman Lamps (pp. 463–464)
By J.W. Hayes
Reviewed by Jane Hackbarth Leslie

Books Received

List of Books Received (pp. 464–467)