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Honorific Practices and the Politics of Space on Hellenistic Delos: Portrait Statue Monuments Along the Dromos
(pp. 207–246)
Includes Open Access Supplementary Content
Sheila Dillon, Elizabeth Palmer Baltes

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Book Reviews

The Oxford Handbook of the Archaeology of Ritual and Religion
Open Access
Edited by Timothy Insoll
Reviewed by Thomas E. Emerson

Maritime Technology in the Ancient Economy: Ship-Design and Navigation
Open Access
Edited by William V. Harris and Kristine Iara
Reviewed by Justin Leidwanger

Plaster Casts: Making, Collecting and Displaying from Classical Antiquity to the Present
Open Access
Edited by Rune Frederiksen and Eckart Marchand
Reviewed by Michael Fotiadis

Archéologie du territoire, de l’Égée au Sahara
Open Access
Edited by Georgia Kourtessi-Philippakis and René Treuil
Reviewed by Catalin Pavel

Old Kingdom, New Perspectives: Egyptian Art and Archaeology 2750–2150 BC
Open Access
Edited by Nigel Strudwick and Helen Strudwick
Reviewed by Felix Höflmayer

Dan III: Avraham Biran Excavations 1966–1999. The Late Bronze Age
Open Access
Edited by Rachel Ben-Dov
Reviewed by Felix Höflmayer

Ashkelon. Vol. 3, The Seventh Century B.C.E.
Open Access
By Lawrence E. Stager, Daniel M. Master, and J. David Schloen
Reviewed by Christine M. Thompson

Jebel Khalid on the Euphrates. Vol. 3, The Pottery
Open Access
By Heather Jackson and John Tidmarsh
Reviewed by Renate Rosenthal-Heginbottom Grossolt

Open Access
By Chara Tzavella-Evjen
Reviewed by Stratos Nanoglou

Ethnicity in Mediterranean Protohistory
Open Access
By Wim van Binsbergen and Fred C. Woudhuizen
Reviewed by Emily Miller Bonney

Our Cups Are Full: Pottery and Society in the Aegean Bronze Age. Papers Presented to Jeremy B. Rutter on the Occasion of His 65th Birthday
Open Access
Edited by Walter Gauß, Michael Lindblom, R. Angus K. Smith, and James C. Wright
Reviewed by Dimitri Nakassis

Mochlos IIC: Period IV, The Mycenaean Settlement and Cemetery. The Human Remains and Other Finds
Open Access
Edited by Jeffrey S. Soles and Costis Davaras
Reviewed by Gerald Cadogan

Die Helme von Olympia: Ein Beitrag zu Waffenweihungen in griechischen Heiligtümern
Open Access
By Heide Frielinghaus
Reviewed by Raimon Graells i Fabregat

Vasenbilder im Kulturtransfer: Zirkulation und Rezeption griechischer Keramik im Mittelmeerraum
Open Access
Edited by Stefan Schmidt and Adrian Stähle
Reviewed by H.A. Shapiro

Inscriptions: The Dedicatory Monuments
Open Access
By Daniel J. Geagan
Reviewed by Ilaria Bultrighini

Settlement, Urbanization, and Population
Open Access
Edited by Alan Bowman and Andrew Wilson
Reviewed by William Caraher

Roman Peloponnese. Vol. 3, Society, Economy and Culture Under the Roman Empire: Continuity and Innovation
Open Access
Edited by A.D. Rizakis and C.E. Lepenioti
Reviewed by David K. Pettegrew

The Vatican Necropoles: Rome’s City of the Dead
Open Access
By Paolo Liverani and Giandomenico Spinola
Reviewed by Marshall Joseph Becker

Religious Diversity in Late Antiquity
Open Access
Edited by David M. Gwynn and Susanne Bangert
Reviewed by Alice Christ

Dying on Foreign Shores: Travel and Mobility in the Late-Antique West
Open Access
By Mark Handley
Reviewed by Sarah E. Bond

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