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April–June 1923 (27.2)

A Terra-Cotta Relief from Sardes (pp. 131–150)
Theodore Leslie Shear

Corinth in Prehistoric Times (pp. 151–156)
Walter Leaf

Dr. Blegen’s Reply (pp. 156–163)
Carl W. Blegen

The Aeolic Capitals of Delphi (pp. 164–173)
William Bell Dinsmoor

The Date of the Metopes of the Athenian Treasury at Delphi (pp. 174–183)
W.R. Agard

Notes on “Lost” Vases: II (pp. 184–187)
Stephen Bleecker Luce

Archaeological Discussions (pp. 189–233)
Sidney N. Deane

Bibliography of Archaeological Books 1922 (pp. 235–263)
Sidney N. Deane