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January–March 1909 (13.1)

John Henry Wright (pp. 1–2)
Harold North Fowler

Two Etruscan Mirrors (pp. 3–18)
John C. Rolfe

The Death of Romulus (pp. 19–29)
Jesse Benedict Carter

An Oenophorus Belonging to the Johns Hopkins University (pp. 30–38)
David M. Robinson

A Pseudo-Roman Relief in the Uffizi.—A Renaissance Forgery (pp. 39–44)
A.L. Frothingham

The Burning of Rome under Nero (pp. 45–48)
Ch. Hülsen

General Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America, December 28–31, 1908 (pp. 49–68) 

Archaeological News (pp. 69–124)
William N. Bates