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December 1887 (3.3–4)

The Portraiture of Alexander the Great: A Terracotta Head in Munich (II) (pp. 243–260)
Alfred Emerson

Painted Sepulchral Stelai from Alexandria (pp. 261–268)
A.C. Merriam

The Boston Cubit (pp. 269–270)
H.G. Wood

Egyptian Origin of the Ionic Capital and of the Anthemion (pp. 271–302)
W.H. Goodyear

Greek Inscriptions Published in 1886–87 (pp. 303–321)
A.C. Merriam

A Silver Patera from Kourion (pp. 322–337)
Allan Marquand

Notes on Oriental Antiquities: IV. An Eye of Nabu; V. An Babylonian Pendant; VI. The Stone Tablet at Abu-Habba (pp. 338–343)
William Hayes Ward

Antiquities of Southern Phrygia and the Border Lands (I) (pp. 344–368)
W.M. Ramsay

Mittheilungen aus Italienischen Museen (pp. 369–374)
T. Schreiber

The “Old Fort” Earthworks of Greenup County, Kentucky (pp. 375–382)
T.H. Lewis


Assyro-Babylonian Forgery (pp. 383–384)
William Hayes Ward

The Sun-God on Babylonian Cylinders (pp. 385–386)
William Hayes Ward


Letter from Roma (pp. 387–392)
A.L. Frothingham, Jr.

Reviews and Notices of Books

Les Du Cerceau, leur Vie et leur oeuvre (pp. 393–396)
By Le Baron Henry de Geymüller
Reviewed by Russell Sturgis

Les Bronzes de la Renaissance. Les Plaquettes (pp. 397–399)
By Émile Molinier
Reviewed by A.L. Frothingham, Jr.

Histoire de l’Art Byzantin (pp. 399–403)
By N. Kondakoff and M. Trawinski
Reviewed by A.L. Frothingham, Jr.

Amiaud et Méchineau. Tableau Comparé des Écritures Babylonienne et Assyrienne archaïques et modernes, avec classement des Signes d’après leur forme archaïque (pp. 403–406)
By A. Amiaud and L. Méchineau
Reviewed by Ira M. Price

Babylonische Texte. Inschriften von Nabonidus, König von Babylon (555–538 v. Chr.) von den Thontafeln des Britischen Museums copirt und autographirt (pp. 406–407)
By J.N. Strassmaier
Reviewed by Ira M. Price

Archaeological News (pp. 408–506)
A.L. Frothingham, Jr.

Summaries of Periodicals (pp. 507–530)

Books Received (p. 531)