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October 1999 (103.4)

Volume Index

Volume 103 (1999) Index (Open Access)


The Intellectual Adventure of Henri Frankfort: A Missing Chapter in the History of Archaeological Thought (pp. 597–613) 
David Wengrow

Assessing a Polity in Protopalatial Crete: The Malia-Lasithi State (pp. 615–639) 
Carl Knappett

The Stagni Painted Tomb: Cultural Interchange and Gender Differentiation in Roman Alexandria (pp. 641–669) 
Marjorie Susan Venit

The Golden Gate in Constantinople: A Triumphal Arch of Theodosius I (pp. 671–696) 
Jonathan Bardill


Antony Erich Raubitschek, 1912–1999 (pp. 697–698)
Michael H. Jameson

Book Reviews

Book Review Editorial Statement (p. 699) 
Paul Rehak and John G. Younger

Archäologie und Korrespondenzanalyse: Beispiele, Fragen, Perspektiven (pp. 699–700)
By Johannes Müller and Andreas Zimmermann
Reviewed by Stephen J. Shennan

Albania archeologia: Bibliografia sistematica dei centri antichi 1: (A–D) (pp. 700–701)
By Halil Myrto
Reviewed by John F. Cherry

Studies in Honor of Vladimir A. Livshits (pp. 701–702)
By Carol Altman Bromberg and Prods Oktor Skjærvø
Reviewed by Henri-Paul Francfort

Crossings: Early Mediterranean Contacts with India (p. 702)
By F. de Romanis and A. Tchernia
Reviewed by Jeffrey D. Lerner

Klithi: Paleolithic Settlement and Quaternary Landscapes in Northwest Greece. Vol. 1: Excavation and Intra-Site Analysis at Klithi. 2: Klithi in Its Local and Regional Setting (pp. 702–704)
By Geoff Bailey
Reviewed by Anta Montet-White

Kulturwandel auf dem Griechischen Festland und den Kykladen im späten 3. Jahrtausend v. Chr (pp. 704–705)
By Joseph Maran
Reviewed by Martha Heath Wiencke

Minoische Töpferkunst: Die bemalten Tongefässe der Insel des Minos (pp. 705–706)
By Wolfgang Schiering
Reviewed by Gisela Walberg

The Sanctuary of Aphaia on Aigina in the Bronze Age (pp. 706–707) 
By Korinna Pilafidis-Williams
Reviewed by Elizabeth French

Sandy Pylos: An Archaeological History from Nestor to Navarino (pp. 707–709)
By Jack L. Davis
Reviewed by Donald C. Haggis

Corinth 18.3: The Sanctuary of Demeter and Kore. Topography and Architecture (pp. 709–710)
By Nancy Bookidis and Ronald S. Stroud
Reviewed by Susan-Marie Cronkite Price

Agora 16: Inscriptions: The Decrees (pp. 710–711)
By A. Geoffrey Woodhead
Reviewed by Michael J. Osborne

Sotades: Symbols of Immortality on Greek Vases (pp. 711–712)
By Herbert Hoffmann
Reviewed by Susan B. Matheson

The Power of Money: Coinage and Politics in the Athenian Empire (pp. 712–713)
By Thomas Figueira
Reviewed by Harold B. Mattingly

The Athenian Grain-Tax Law of 374/3 B.C. (pp. 713–714)
By Ronald S. Stroud
Reviewed by Léopold Migeotte

The Great God Pan: The Survival of an Image (pp. 714–716)
By John Boardmàn
Reviewed by Judith M. Barringer

Jupiters Loves and His Children (pp. 714–716)
By Michael A. Jacobsen, Karl Kilinski, and Frances van Keuren
Reviewed by Judith M. Barringer

Athenian Vase Construction: A Potters Analysis (p. 716)
By Toby Schreiber
Reviewed by Joseph Veach Noble

Schönheit des Realismus: Auftraggeber, Schöpfer, Betrachter hellenistischer Plastik (pp. 716–717)
By Bernard Andreae
Reviewed by Mark D. Fullerton

Regional Schools in Hellenistic Sculpture: Proceedings of an International Conference Held at the American School of Classical Studies at Athens, March 15–17, 1996 (pp. 717–719)
By Olga Palagia and William Coulson
Reviewed by Brunilde Sismondo Ridgway

Propylon und Bogentor: Untersuchungen zum Tetrapylon von Latakia und anderen frühkaiserzeitlichen Bogenmonumenten im Nahen Osten (pp. 719–720)
Reviewed by Ingeborg Kader

Les Arcs romains de Jérusalem: Architecture, décor et urbanisme (pp. 719–720)
By Caroline Arnould
Reviewed by Andreas Schmidt-Colinet

The Villas of Pliny from Antiquity to Posterity (pp. 720–721)
By Pierre de la Ruffinière du Prey
Reviewed by Richard J. Tuttle

Portraits of Livia: Imaging the Imperial Woman in Augustan Rome (pp. 721–723)
By Elizabeth Bartman
Reviewed by Susan Wood

Livia, Octavia, Iulia: Porträts und Darstellung (pp. 721–723)
By Rolf Winkes
Reviewed by Susan Wood

Salamine de Chypre 15: La Basilique de la Campanopetra (p. 723)
By George Roux
Reviewed by John Rosser

Books Received

List of Books Received (pp. 724–726)