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July 1998 (102.3)

Field Report

The Sardis Campaigns of 1994 and 1995 (pp. 469–505)
Crawford H. Greenewalt, Jr. and Marcus L. Rautman


Drawing Circles: Experimental Archaeology and the Pivoted Multiple Brush (pp. 507–529)
John K. Papadopoulos, James F. Vedder, and Toby Schreiber

A Funerary Base from Kallithea: New Light on Fifth-Century Eschatology (pp. 531–545)
Angeliki Kosmopoulou

The Stadium at Aphrodisias (pp. 547–569)
Katherine Welch


Archaeology in Jordan (pp. 571–606)
Virginia Egan and Patricia M. Bikai

Review Articles

Encyclopedias R Us (pp. 607–610)
By Norman Yoffee

Knossos without Minos (pp. 611–613)
By James Whitley

Sorting Out Roman Architecture (pp. 614–617)
By William L. MacDonald

Book Reviews

The Discovery of the Past (pp. 618–619)
By Alain Schnapp
Reviewed by Michael Fotiadis

The Cultural Life of Images: Visual Representation in Archaeology (pp. 619–620)
Edited by Brain Leigh Molyneaux
Reviewed by Whitney Davis

Naked Truths: Women, Sexuality, and Gender in Classical Art and Archaeology (pp. 620–621)
Edited by Ann Olga Koloski-Ostrow and Claire L. Lyons
Reviewed by Lauren E. Talalay

Mesopotamian Civilization: The Material Foundations (pp. 621–622)
By Daniel T. Potts
Reviewed by Michael Roaf

Emblems of Identity and Prestige: The Seals and Sealings from Hasanlu, Iran (pp. 623–624)
By Michelle I. Marcus
Reviewed by Joan Aruz

Aswad et Ghoraifé: Sites Néolithiques en Damascène, Syrie, aux ème et VIIIème millénaires avant lère chrétienne (pp. 624–625)
By Henri de Contenson
Reviewed by Nigel Goring-Morris

Les premiers villageois de Mésopotamie: Du village à la ville (pp. 624–625)
By Jean-Louis Huot
Reviewed by Nigel Goring-Morris

Gordion Excavations (1950–1973), Final Reports II: The Lesser Phrygian Tumuli, Pt. 1: The Inhumations (pp. 625–626)
By Ellen L. Kohler
Reviewed by Geoffrey D. Summers

Early Societies in Sicily: New Developments in Archaeological Research (pp. 626–627)
Edited by Robert Leighton
Reviewed by R. Ross Holloway

A Rough and Rocky Place: The Landscape and Settlement History of the Methana Peninsula, Greece (pp. 627–628)
Edited by Christopher Mee and Hamish Forbes
Reviewed by Jeannette Forsén

Les cités antiques de la haute vallée du Titarèse: Étude de topographie et de géographie historique (pp. 628–629)
By Gérard Lucas
Reviewed by John M. Fossey

Greece in the Making, 1200–479 B.C. (pp. 629–630)
By Robin Osborne
Reviewed by Carol G. Thomas

New Light on a Dark Age: Exploring the Culture of Geometric Greece (pp. 630–631)
Edited by Susan Langdon
Reviewed by Carla M. Antonaccio

Die Gewichte griechischer Zeit aus Olympia: Eine Studie zu den vorhellenistischen Gewichtssystemen in Griechenland (pp. 632–633)
By Konrad Hitzl
Reviewed by John H. Kroll

Arte e cultura nell’Atene di Pisistrato e dei Pisistratidi: Ὀ επι Κρόνου Βιος (pp. 633–634)
By Simonetta Angiolillo
Reviewed by Catherine M. Keesling

Vorbilder und Vorlagen: Studien zu klassischen Frauenstatuen und ihrer Verwendung für Reliefs und Statuetten des 5. und 4. Jahrhunderts vor Christus (pp. 634–635)
By Lorenz E. Baumer
Reviewed by Carol L. Lawton

Ancient Naukratis II, Pt. 1: The Survey at Naukratis (pp. 635–636)
By William D.E. Coulson
Reviewed by Dominic Rathbone

Ricerche sulla casa in Magna Grecia e in Sicilia (pp. 636–637)
Edited by Francesco D’Andria and Katia Mannino
Reviewed by Lisa Nevett

Cremna in Pisidia: An Ancient City in Peace and in War (pp. 637–638)
By Stephen Mitchell
Reviewed by Pedar W. Foss

Sagalassos III: Report on the Fourth Excavation Campaign of 1993 (pp. 637–638)
Edited by M. Waelkens and J. Poblome
Reviewed by Pedar W. Foss

Piscinae: Artificial Fishponds in Roman Italy (pp. 638–639)
By James Higginbotham
Reviewed by Christopher Parslow

Untersuchungen zu den Gläsern und Gipsabgüssen aus dem Fund von Begram (Afghanistan) (pp. 639–641)
By Michael Menninger
Reviewed by David Whitehouse

Upper Zohar: An Early Byzantine Fort in Palaestina Tertia. Final Report of Excavations in 1985–1986 (pp. 641–642)
By Richard P. Harper
Reviewed by John Peter Oleson

The Furniture of Western Asia, Ancient and Traditional: Papers of the Conference Held at the Institute of Archaeology, University College London, June 28 to 30, 1993 (pp. 642–643)
Edited by Georgina Herrmann
Reviewed by Kenneth D.S. Lapatin

Book Notes

Lithics after the Stone Age: A Handbook of Stone Tools from the Levant (p. 644)
By Steven A. Rosen
Reviewed by Alison V.G. Betts

The Amarna Age: Western Asia (pp. 644–645)
By Frederick J. Giles
Reviewed by Eric H. Cline

Fishing in the Prehistoric Aegean (p. 645)
By Judith Powell
Reviewed by David S. Reese

LAuriga di Mozia (pp. 645–646)
By Carlo Odo Pavese
Reviewed by Elizabeth Bartman

Hjortspring: Warfare and Sacrifice in Early Europe (p. 646)
By Klavs Randsborg
Reviewed by David Fontijn

Books Received

List of Books Received (pp. 647–650)