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July 1996 (100.3)


The Roman Theater at Carthage (pp. 449–489)
Karen E. Ros

Historiae custos: Sculpture and Tradition in the Baths of Zeuxippos (pp. 491–506)
Sarah Guberti Bassett


Archaeology in Jordan (pp. 507–535)
Patricia M. Bikai and Virginia Egan

Review of Aegean Prehistory V

The Neolithic and Bronze Age of Northern Greece (pp. 537–597)
Stelios Andreou, Michael Fotiadis, and Kostas Kotsakis


Kurt Thomas Luckner, 1945–1995 (pp. 599–600)
Arielle P. Kozloff

Review Article

The Acropolis and the Parthenon – Perils and Progress? (pp. 601–604)
Richard A. Tomlinson

Book Reviews

Uncovering the Past: A History of Archaeology (p. 605)
By William H. Stiebing, Jr.
Reviewed by Tim Murray

Abandonment of Settlements and Regions: Ethnoarchaeological and Archaeological Approaches (pp. 605–606)
Edited by Catherine M. Cameron and Steve A. Tomka
Reviewed by Albert J. Ammerman

Landscape: Politics and Perspectives (pp. 607–608)
Edited by Barbara Bender
Reviewed by Peter van Dommelen

Structures rurales et sociétés antiques (Actes du Colloque de Corfou, 14–16 mai 1992) (pp. 607–608)
Edited by P.N. Doukellis and L.G. Mendoni
Reviewed by Peter van Dommelen

Prehistorya Yazilari: Halet Çambel İçin/Readings in Prehistory: Studies Presented to Halet Çambel; The Ilipinar Excavations I: Five Seasons of Fieldwork in NW Anatolia, 1987–91 (pp. 608–609)
Edited by Jacob Roodenberg
Reviewed by Michael Rosenberg

The Origins of Complex Societies in Late Prehistoric Iberia (pp. 609–610)
Edited by Katina T. Lillios
Reviewed by R.J. Harrison

Recent Excavations in Israel: A View to the West. Reports on Kabri, Nami, Miqne-Ekron, Dor, and Ashkelon (pp. 610–611)
Edited by Seymour Gitin
Reviewed by Gail L. Hoffman

The Twilight of the Early Helladics: A Study of the Disturbances in East-Central and Southern Greece towards the End of the Early Bronze Age (pp. 611–612)
By Jeannette Forsén
Reviewed by Donald R. Keller

Politeia: Society and State in the Aegean Bronze Age. Proceedings of the 5th International Aegean Conference, University of Heidelberg, Archäologisches Institut (10–13 April 1994) (pp. 612–614)
Edited by Robert Laffineur and Wolf-Dietrich Niemeier
Reviewed by Jeremy B. Rutter

Knossos: A Labyrinth of History. Papers Presented in Honour of Sinclair Hood (pp. 614–615)
Edited by Don Evely, Helen Hughes-Brock, and Nicoletta Momigliano
Reviewed by Carol R. Hershenson

The “Ivory Houses” at Mycenae (pp. 615–616)
By Iphiyenia Tournavitou
Reviewed by Paul Rehak

Greece between East and West: 10th–8th Centuries B.C. Papers of the Meeting at the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University, March 15–16th, 1990 (pp. 616–617)
Edited by Günter Kopcke and Isabelle Tokumaru
Reviewed by Maryanne W. Newton

Archaic Cyprus: A Study of the Textual and Archaeological Evidence (pp. 617–618)
By A.T. Reyes
Reviewed by David W. Rupp

Placing the Gods: Sanctuaries and Sacred Space in Ancient Greece (pp. 618–619)
Edited by Susan E. Alcock and Robin Osborne
Reviewed by Michael H. Jameson

Hiera kala: Images of Animal Sacrifice in Archaic and Classical Greece (pp. 619–620)
By F.T. van Straten
Reviewed by A. Schachter

The Athenian Agora XXVII: The East Side of the Agora: The Remains beneath the Stoa of Attalos (pp. 620–621)
By Rhys F. Townsend
Reviewed by Christopher A. Pfaff

Die Weihreliefs aus dem Athener Pankrates-Heiligtum am Ilissos: Religionsgeschichtliche Bedeutung und Typologie (pp. 621–622)
By Evgenia Vikela
Reviewed by Carol L. Lawton

Iscrizioni di Cos, 1: Testo; 2: Tavole (pp. 622–624)
By M. Segre, edited by D.P. Delmousou and M.A. Rizzo
Reviewed by Gary Reger

Der Alte Heratempel in Paestum, und die archaische Baukunst in Unteritalien (p. 624)
By Dieter Mertens
Reviewed by Margaret M. Miles

Selinunte: Le metope dell’Heraion (pp. 624–625)
By Clemente Marconi
Reviewed by John Griffiths Pedley

À la recherche de l’ordre cosmique: Forme et fonction des personnifications dans la céramique italiote (pp. 626–627)
By Christian Aellen
Reviewed by H.A. Shapiro

Roman Bridges (pp. 627–628)
By Colin O’Connor
Reviewed by Larry F. Ball

The Roman Imperial Coinage X: The Divided Empire and the Fall of the Western Parts A.D. 395–491 (pp. 628–629)
By J.P.C. Kent
Reviewed by Noel Lenski

Les peintures des nécropoles romaines d’Abila et du nord de la Jordanie (pp. 629–630)
By Alix Barbet and Claude Vibert-Guigue
Reviewed by Susan B. Downey

L’oppidum de Saint-Blaise du Ve au VIIe siècle (Bouches-du-Rhône) (pp. 630–631)
Edited by Gabrielle Demians d’Archimbaud
Reviewed by R. Bruce Hitchner

Flesh and the Ideal: Winckelmann and the Origins of Art History (pp. 631–632)
By Alex Potts
Reviewed by Jeremy Tanner

Bildkatalog der Skulpturen des Vatikanischen Museums I: Museo Chiaramonti (pp. 632–633)
By Bernard Andreae et al.
Reviewed by Fred S. Kleiner

Archaeologists & Aesthetes: In the Sculpture Galleries of the British Museum, 1800–1939 (pp. 633–634)
By Ian Jenkins
Reviewed by Nancy H. Ramage

Book Notes

Atlas des sites du Proche Orient (14000–5700 BP) (p. 634)
By Francis Hours, Olivier Aurenche, Jacques Cauvin, Marie-Claire Cauvin, Lorraine Copeland, and Paul Sanlaville
Reviewed by Kent V. Flannery

The Archaeology of the Arabian Gulf: c. 5000–323 B.C. (pp. 634–635)
By Michael Rice
Reviewed by Jean-François Salles

Babylonians (p. 635)
By H.W.F. Saggs
Reviewed by Jack M. Sasson

The Sea of Galilee Boat: An Extraordinary 2000-Year-Old Discovery (pp. 635–636)
By Shelley Wachsmann
Reviewed by Cheryl Haldane

Boats (pp. 635–636)
By Dilwyn Jones
Reviewed by Cheryl Haldane

History and Technology of Olive Oil in the Holy Land (p. 636)
By Rafael Frankel, Shmuel Avitsur, and Etan Ayalon
Reviewed by Lin Foxhall

The Geoarchaeology of the Argolid (pp. 636–637)
By Eberhard Zangger
Reviewed by William R. Farrand

Die attisch-schwarzfigurige Keramik und der attische Keramikexport nach Kleinasien (p. 637)
By Yasemin Tuna-Nörling
Reviewed by R.M. Cook

Il Guerriero di Agrigento (pp. 637–638)
By Marcello Barbanera
Reviewed by Owen P. Doonan IV

Recueil de timbres sur amphores romaines (1987–1988) (p. 638)
By M.-B. Carre, V. Gaggadis-Robin, A. Hesnard, and A. Tchernia
Reviewed by Pedro Paulo A. Funari

Armenia from the Stone Age to the Middle Ages: Selected Papers (pp. 638–639)
Edited by Ashkharbek Kalantar and G. Karakhanian
Reviewed by Adam T. Smith

The Survey of Early Byzantine Sites in Ölüdeniz Area (Lycia, Turkey): The First Preliminary Report (p. 639)
Edited by Shigebumi Tsuji
Reviewed by Clive Foss

Developments around the Baltic and the North Sea in the Viking Age (pp. 639–640)
Edited by Björn Ambrosiani and Helen Clarke
Reviewed by Peter S. Wells

Books Received

List of Books Received (pp. 640–644)