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July 1975 (79.3)


Greek Chariot-Borne and Mounted Infantry (pp. 175–187)
J.K. Anderson

Greek Myth and Etruscan Imagery in the Tomb of the Bulls at Tarquinia (pp. 189–200)
John Peter Oleson

Archaeology in Asia Minor (pp. 201–222)
Machteld J. Mellink

Climate and the History of Egypt: The Middle Kingdom (pp. 223–269)
Barbara Bell

Human Skeletal Remains from Kato Zakro (pp. 271–276)
M.J. Becker

Archaeological Notes

Prehistoric Remains on the Island of Kythnos (pp. 277–279)
Kenneth Honea

A Head of Aphrodite at Franklin and Marshall College (pp. 279–281)
Lynn Emrich Roller

A Dirty Trick Vase (p. 282)
Michael Vickers

The Douris Lekythos in Cleveland (pp. 282–283)
Cedric G. Boulter

Book Reviews

Atlas Préhistorique du Maroc. I, Le Maroc Atlantique (p. 285)
By Georges Souville
Reviewed by Anta Montet-White

Beer-Sheba I: Excavation at Tel Beer-Sheba, 1969–1971 Seasons (pp. 286–287)
By Yohanan Aharoni
Reviewed by Walter E. Rast

Bronze Age Migrations in the Aegean: Archaeological and Linguistic Problems in Greek Prehistory (pp. 287–289)
By R.A. Crossland and Ann Birchall
Reviewed by Steven Diamant

Acta of the Second International Colloquium on Aegean Prehistory: The First Arrival of Indo-European Elements in Greece (pp. 289–291)
Reviewed by J.D. Muhly

Die Kretisch-Mykenische Glyptik und ihre gegenwärtigen Probleme. Das Corpus der minoischen und mykenischen Siegel (pp. 291–292)
Reviewed by Emily Vermeule

Götterkult (pp. 292–294)
By Emily Townsend Vermeule, Maria Buchholz, and Hans-Günter Buchholz
Reviewed by B.C. Dietrich

Praistorija na tlu SR Srbije, by Milutin Garašanin; La Préhistoire sur le territoire de la République Socialiste de Serbie (pp. 295–297)
Reviewed by Robert W. Ehrich

Fouilles de Delphes, II, Topographie et Architecture. Le Trésor de Thèbes (p. 297)
By Jean-Pierre Michaud
Reviewed by Stephen G. Miller

Die Kopien des Erechtheionkoren (pp. 297–298)
By Erika E. Schmidt
Reviewed by John Griffiths Pedley

ØΟRΟϟ: Tribute to Benjamin Dean Meritt (pp. 298–299)
By Donald William Bradeen and Malcolm Francis McGregor
Reviewed by Donald R. Laing, Jr.

The Ancient View of Greek Art: Criticism, History, and Terminology (pp. 299–300)
By J.J. Pollitt
Reviewed by Bernard Ashmole

Il sepolcro del fornaio Marco Virgilio Eurisace a Porta Maggiore (pp. 300–301)
By Paola Ciancio Rossetto
Reviewed by Diana E.E. Kleiner and Fred S. Kleiner

Nishapur: Pottery of the Early Islamic Period (pp. 301–302)
By Charles K. Wilkinson
Reviewed by George T. Scanlon

Books Received

List of Books Received (pp. 302–304)