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Cyprus from Basileis to Strategos: A Sacred-Landscapes Approach
(pp. 33–57)
Includes Open Access Supplementary Content
Giorgos Papantoniou

Archaeological Site Looting in “Glocal” Perspective: Nature, Scope, and Frequency
(pp. 111–125)
Open Access
Includes Open Access Supplementary Content
Blythe Bowman Proulx


Symbols of Fertility and Abundance in the Royal Cemetery at Ur, Iraq
(pp. 127–133)
Open Access
Naomi F. Miller

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Book Reviews

The Life and Work of Francis Willey Kelsey: Archaeology, Antiquity, and the Arts
Open Access
By John Griffiths Pedley
Reviewed by Stephen L. Dyson

Religion and Ritual in Ancient Egypt [and] Egyptian Archaeology
Open Access
Religion and Ritual in Ancient Egypt, by Emily Teeter; Egyptian Archaeology, edited by Willeke Wendrich
Reviewed by Laurel Bestock

Elam and Persia
Open Access
Edited by Javier Álvarez-Mon and Mark B. Garrison
Reviewed by Antigoni Zournatzi

The Middle Minoan Three-Sided Soft Stone Prism: A Study of Style and Iconography
Open Access
By Maria Anastasiadou
Reviewed by Janice L. Crowley

Ambiguity and Minoan Neopalatial Seal Imagery
Open Access
By Erin McGowan
Reviewed by Anna Simandiraki-Grimshaw

Enkomi: The Excavations of Porphyrios Dikaios 1948–1958. Supplementary Catalogue of Finds
Open Access
By Vassos Karageorghis
Reviewed by Lindy Crewe

Un art citoyen: Recherches sur l’orientalization des artisanats en Grèce proto-archaïque
Open Access
By Thomas Brisart
Reviewed by Nassos Papalexandrou

The Land of Ionia: Society and Economy in the Archaic Period
Open Access
By Alan M. Greaves
Reviewed by Jan P. Stronk

Greek City Walls of the Archaic Period, 900–480 BC
Open Access
By Rune Frederiksen
Reviewed by Claire Balandier

Votiv und Repräsentation: Statuarische Weihungen archaischer Zeit aus Samos und Attika
Open Access
By Jürgen Franssen
Reviewed by Catherine M. Keesling

The Chora of Metaponto 2: Archaeozoology at Pantanello and Five Other Sites
Open Access
Edited by László Bartosiewicz
Reviewed by Michael MacKinnon

Local Cultures of South Italy and Sicily in the Late Republican Period: Between Hellenism and Rome
Open Access
Edited by Fabio Colivicchi
Reviewed by Dante G. Bartoli

Communicating Identity in Italic Iron Age Communities
Open Access
Edited by Margarita Gleba and Helle W. Horsnæs
Reviewed by Anthony Tuck

Divine Interiors: Mural Paintings in Greek and Roman Sanctuaries
Open Access
By Eric M. Moormann
Reviewed by Eleanor Winsor Leach

Etrusco Ritu: Case Studies in Etruscan Ritual Behaviour
Open Access
By L. Bouke van der Meer
Reviewed by Ingrid Edlund-Berry

Stone and Dung, Oil and Spit: Daily Life in the Time of Jesus
Open Access
By Jodi Magness
Reviewed by Daniel Schowalter

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