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January 1969 (73.1)


The Development and Chronology of the Early Cycladic Figurines (pp. 1–32)
Colin Renfrew

The Beulah H. Emmet Collection of Minoan Seals (pp. 33–38)
Martha H. Wiencke

Julia Domna: Two Portraits in Bronze (pp. 39–44)
Ulrich W. Hiesinger

The Porch of the Tor de’ Schiavi at Rome (pp. 45–48)
Alfred Frazer

Excavations of Prehistoric Remains at Aphrodisias, 1967 (pp. 49–65)
Barbara Kadish

Archaeological Notes

Cylinder Seal Mineralogy and Petrology (pp. 67–69)
Richard W. Berry

The Michigan State University Kylix and Its Painter (pp. 69–71)
J.T. Cummings

The Figure Pose on the Tondo of the Michigan State University Kylix (pp. 72–73)
J.S. Crawford

Note on Hermonax (p. 73)
Franklin P. Johnson

A Note on Corinth VIII, 2, 125 (pp. 73–74)
Ned Nabers

Distribution and Utilization of Obsidian from Lake Van Sources between 7500 and 3500 B.C. (pp. 75–77)
Gary A. Wright and Adon A. Gordus

Book Reviews

Nimrud and Its Remains (pp. 79–80)
By M.E.L. Mallowan
Reviewed by Robert H. Dyson, Jr.

Das Gräberfeld bei Ilica (pp. 80–81)
By Winfried Orthmann
Reviewed by Machteld J. Mellink

Knossos Fresco Atlas by Arthur Evans; Catalogue of Plates in Sir Arthur Evans’ Fresco Atlas (pp. 81–82)
By Mark Cameron and Sinclair Hood
Reviewed by J. Walter Graham

Études Péloponnésiennes, IV. Argos. Les Fouilles de La Deiras (pp. 82–83)
By Jean Deshayes
Reviewed by James Wiseman

The Palace of Nestor at Pylos in Western Messenia, Vol. I: The Buildings and Their Contents (pp. 83–85)
By Carl W. Blegen and Marion Rawson
Reviewed by Sara A. Immerwahr

L’Arte della Grecia (pp. 85–86)
By Paolo E. Arias
Reviewed by Brunilde Sismondo Ridgway

Corinth, Vol. I, Part VI, the Springs: Peirene, Sacred Spring, Glauke (pp. 86–87)
By Bert Hodge Hill
Reviewed by Charles K. Williams

Mégara Hyblaea, 4: Le temple du IVe siècle (pp. 87–89)
By Georges Vallet and François Villard
Reviewed by John Griffiths Pedley

Griechische Tongefässe. Gestalt, Bestimmung und Formenwandel (p. 89)
By Wolfgang Schiering
Reviewed by Cedric G. Boulter

Héraclès, Images et Récits (pp. 89–90)
By R. Flacelière and P. Devambez
Reviewed by Ruth I. Hicks

The Athenian Constitution after Sulla (pp. 90–91)
By Daniel J. Geagan
Reviewed by Alvaro d’Ors

Panel Reliefs of Marcus Aurelius (pp. 91–92)
By Inez Scott Ryberg
Reviewed by Richard Brilliant

Der Trajansbogen in Benevent. Ein Bauwerk des Römischen Senates (pp. 92–93)
By Franz Josef Hassel
Reviewed by Cornelius Vermeule

Thamusida, Fouilles du Service des Antiquités du Maroc, I (p. 93)
By Jean-Pierre Callu, Jean-Paul Morel, René Rebuffat, and Gilbert Hallier
Reviewed by A. Trevor Hodge

The Roman Imperial Coinage, VI. From Diocletians Reform (A.D. 294) to the Death of Maximinus (A.D. 313) (pp. 93–94)
By C.H.V. Sutherland
Reviewed by Joan M. Fagerlie

Late Roman and Byzantine Solidi Found in Sweden and Denmark (pp. 94–95)
By Joan M. Fagerlie
Reviewed by James D. Breckenridge

Mandaic Incantation Texts (pp. 95–97)
By Edwin M. Yamauchi
Reviewed by Morton Smith

The Church of Haghia Sophia at Trebizond (pp. 97–99)
By David Talbot Rice
Reviewed by Josephine M. Harris

Conceptions of Kentucky Prehistory: A Case Study in the History of Archeology (p. 99)
By Douglas W. Schwartz
Reviewed by Carl E. Guthe

Pleistocene Extinctions; The Search for a Cause, by Paul S. Martin and H.E. Wright; Quarternary Paleoecology, by E.J. Cushing and H.E. Wright (pp. 99–101)
Reviewed by Edwin N. Wilmsen

The Prehistory of the Tehuacan Valley by Douglas S. Byers; The Non-Ceramic Artifacts (pp. 101–104)
By R.S. MacNeish, Antoinette Nelken-Terner, and Irmgard Weitlaner de Johnson
Reviewed by Ignacio Bernal                               

La Ceramica de Monte Alban (pp. 104–107)
By Alfonso Caso, Ignacio Bernal, and Jorge R. Acosta
Reviewed by Kent V. Flannery

The Iconography of the Art of Teotihuacán (p. 107)
By George Kubler
Reviewed by Hasso von Winning

Angel Site, an Archaeological, Historical, and Ethnological Study (p. 108)
By Glenn A. Black
Reviewed by Melvin L. Fowler