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January–March 1938 (42.1)

Archaeological Notes

Latter Part of the 1937 Campaign in the Athenian Agora (pp. 1–16)
T. Leslie Shear

Mural Paintings in Some Cave Chapels of Southern Italy (pp. 17–29)
Alba Medea

Excavations at Gözlü Kule, Tarsus, 1937 (pp. 30–54)
Hetty Goldman

A Greek Inscription from Tarsus (pp. 55–57)
T.R.S. Broughton

The Greek Alphabet Again (pp. 58–69)
Rhys Carpenter

Die Münzen der Olynthos-Grabung: Zu Hugo Gaebler’s “Fälschungen makedonischer münzen ii” (pp. 70–76)
W. Schwabacher

Notes on Some Inscriptions of Delos (pp. 77–81)
Francis R. Walton

Two Roman Silver Jugs (pp. 82–105)
Karl Lehmann-Hartleben

Seleucid Chronology in Malalas (pp. 106–120)
Glanville Downey

Thirty-Ninth General Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America (pp. 121–129)

Archaeological News and Discussions (pp. 130–160)
David M. Robinson and Elizabeth Pierce Blegen

Recent Discoveries on the North Slope of the Acropolis in Athens (pp. 161–164)
Oscar Broneer

Archaelogical Exploration and Excavation in Palestine, Transjordan, and Syria during 1937 (pp. 165–176)
Nelson Glueck

Book Reviews

The Temple of Ramesses I at Abydos (p. 177)
By H.E. Winlock
Reviewed by T. George Allen

A Catalogue of Egyptian Scarabs, Scaraboids, Seals and Amulets in the Palestine Archaeological Museum (pp. 177–178)
By Alan Rowe
Reviewed by T. George Allen

Medinet Habu Graffiti, Facsimiles (pp. 178–179)
By William F. Edgerton
Reviewed by Ruth Lesla Michel

The Music of the Sumerians and Their Immediate Successors the Babylonians and the Assyrians (pp. 179–180)
By Francis W. Galpin
Reviewed by Leon Legrain

Temple Documents of the Third Dynasty of Ur from Umma (p. 180)
By George Gottlob Hackman
Reviewed by L. Legrain

Excavations at Tepe Hissar, Damghan (pp. 180–182)
By Erich F. Schmidt and Fiske Kimball
Reviewed by H.W. Eliot

Hethiter, Churriter und Assyrer (pp. 182–183)
By Albrecht Goetze
Reviewed by L. Legrain

Subartu, Beiträge Zur Kulturgeschichte und Völkerkunde Vorderasiens (pp. 183–184)
By Arthur Ungnad
Reviewed by L. Legrain

Boğazköy. Die Kleinfunde der Grabungen 1906–1912 (pp. 184–185)
By Kurt Bittel
Reviewed by Albrecht Goetze

Khorsabad. Part 1. Excavations in the Palace and at a City Gate (pp. 185–186)
By Gordon Loud, Henri Frankfort, and Thorkild Jacobsen
Reviewed by Valentin Müller

Greek and Roman Naval Warfare: A Study of Strategy, Tactics, and Ship Design from Salamis (480 B.C.) to Actium (31 B.C.) (pp. 186–187)
By William Ledyard Rodgers
Reviewed by Eugene S. McCartney

Sigillate Pottery of the Roman Empire (pp. 187–189)
By Alice Wilson Frothingham
Reviewed by Howard Comfort

Aspetti della morte nelle iscrizioni sepolcrali dell’impero romano (pp. 189–190)
By Angelo Brelich
Reviewed by R. Lattimore

Monumenti della Pittura Antica Scoperti in Italia. Sezione Terza, La Pittura Ellenistico-Romana. Roma, Fasc. I. Le Pitture Della “Casa Dei Grifi” (pp. 190–191)
By Giulio Emanuele Rizzo
Reviewed by Mary Hamilton Swindler

Geschichtliche Voraussetzungen der Entstehung einer christlichen Kunst (pp. 191–192)
By Werner Weisbach
Reviewed by C.R. Morey

Das Bootgräberfeld von Tuna in Alsike, Uppland (pp. 192–194)
By Ture J. Arne
Reviewed by George M.A. Hanfmann

La Sculpture Figurale en Europe à lÉpoque Mérovingienne (pp. 194–195)
By J. Baum
Reviewed by C.R. Morey

Pottery of Pecos, Volume II (pp. 195–197)
By Alfred V. Kidder and Anna O. Shepard
Reviewed by Vladimir J. Fewkes

Rediscovering Illinois (pp. 197–198)
By Fay-Cooper Cole and Thorne Deuel
Reviewed by D.S. Davidson

The Armor of Galiot de Genouilhac (pp. 198–199)
By Stephen V. Grancsay
Reviewed by C. Otto v. Kienbusch