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October 1992 (96.4)

Volume Index

Volume 96 (1992) Index (Open Access)

Field Report

Preliminary Excavations in the Gardens of Hadrian’s Villa: The Canopus Area and the Piazza d’Oro (pp. 579–597)
Wilhelmina F. Jashemski, Eugenia Salza Prina Ricotti, and John Foss


Early Phoenician Presence in the Mediterranean Islands: A Reappraisal (pp. 599–615)
Ora Negbi

The Brygos Tomb Reassembled and 19th-Century Commerce in Capuan Antiquities (pp. 617–636)
Dyfri Williams

Bronze Statues on the Athenian Acropolis: The Evidence of a Lycurgan Inventory (pp. 637–652)
Diane Harris

Goods, Graves, and Scholars: 18th-Century Archaeologists in Britain and Italy (pp. 653–661)
Nancy H. Ramage


Archaeology in Sardinia (pp. 663–697)
Miriam S. Balmuth

Review of Aegean Prehistory I

The Islands of the Aegean (pp. 699–756)
Jack L. Davis


Manolis Andronikos, 1919–1992 (pp. 757–758)
Eugene N. Borza

Warren G. Moon, 1945–1992 (pp. 759–760)
Brunilde S. Ridgway

Book Reviews

Engendering Archaeology: Women and Pre-History (pp. 761–762)
By Joan M. Gero and Margaret W. Conkey
Reviewed by Margaret C. Nelson

Skull Shapes and the Map: Craniometric Analyses in the Dispersion of Modern Homo (pp. 762–763)
By W.W. Howells
Reviewed by Marshall Joseph Becker

Human Adult Odontometrics. The Study of Variation in Adult Tooth Size (pp. 762–763)
By Julius A. Kieser
Reviewed by Marshall Joseph Becker

Approaches to Archaeological Ceramics (pp. 763–764)
By Carla M. Sinopoli
Reviewed by Charles C. Kolb

Domestic Architecture and the Use of Space: An Interdisciplinary Cross-Cultural Study (pp. 764–765)
By Susan Kent
Reviewed by Alexandra Kalogirou

Selevac: A Neolithic Village in Yugoslavia (pp. 765–766)
By Ruth Tringham and Dušan Krstić
Reviewed by Sarunas Milisauskas

Early Prehistoric Burials in Cyprus (p. 766)
By Karin Niklasson
Reviewed by Klavs Randsborg

L’habitat égéen préhistorique. Actes de la Table Ronde internationale organisée par le Centre national de la Recherche Scientifique, l’Université de Paris I et l’École française d’Athènes (pp. 766–768)
By Pascal Darcque and René Treuil
Reviewed by Carol Hershenson

Human Sacrifice in Ancient Greece (p. 768)
By Dennis D. Hughes
Reviewed by Carla M. Antonaccio

Mythos und Polis: Bildprogramme griechischer Bauskulptur (pp. 768–769)
By Heiner Knell
Reviewed by Frances van Keuren

Looking at Greek Vases (pp. 769–770)
By Tom Rasmussen and Nigel Spivey
Reviewed by William R. Biers

Les Grecs et la péninsule ibérique du VIIIe au IVe siècle avant Jésus-Christ (pp. 770–771)
By Pierre Rouillard
Reviewed by Michael Dietler

The Terracotta Protomai from Gela: A Discussion of Local Style in Archaic Sicily (pp. 771–773)
By Jaimée P. Uhlenbrock
Reviewed by John F. Kenfield

The Coroplast’s Art: Greek Terracottas of the Hellenistic World (pp. 771–773)
By Jaimée P. Uhlenbrock
Reviewed by John F. Kenfield

Roman Art: Romulus to Constantine (pp. 773–774)
By Nancy H. Ramage and Andrew Ramage
Reviewed by Susan Wood

Casa del Labirinto (VI 11, 8–10) (p. 775)
By Volker Michael Strocka
Reviewed by James L. Franklin, Jr.

The Spoils of Jerusalem on the Arch of Titus. A Re-Investigation (pp. 775–776)
By Leon Yarden
Reviewed by Fred S. Kleiner

Building God’s House in the Roman World: Architectural Adaptation among Pagans, Jews, and Christians (pp. 776–777)
By L. Michael White
Reviewed by Paul C. Finney

Books Received

List of Books Received (pp. 778–779)