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Tortoise-Shell Lyres from Phrygian Gordion
(pp. 537–564)
Includes Open Access Supplementary Content
Samuel Holzman


Archaeology in Jordan, 2014 and 2015 Seasons
Includes Open Access Supplementary Content
Glenn J. Corbett, Donald R. Keller, Barbara A. Porter, China P. Shelton

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The Archaeology of Kinship: Advancing Interpretations and Contributions to Theory
Open Access
By Bradley E. Ensor
Reviewed by Katherine Harrell

Death and Changing Rituals: Function and Meaning in Ancient Funerary Practices
Open Access
Edited by J. Rasmus Brandt, Marina Prusac, and Håkon Roland
Reviewed by Borja Legarra Herrero

Community and Identity in Ancient Egypt: The Old Kingdom Cemetery at Qubbet el-Hawa
Open Access
By Deborah Vischak
Reviewed by Leslie Anne Warden

The Old Kingdom Town at Buhen
Open Access
By David O’Connor
Reviewed by Christian Knoblauch

Communities of Style: Portable Luxury Arts, Identity, and Collective Memory in the Iron Age Levant
Open Access
By Marian H. Feldman
Reviewed by Erika Fischer, Dirk Wicke

L’art du siège néo-assyrien
Open Access
By Fabrice De Backer
Reviewed by Jan P. Stronk

The Prehistory of the Paximadi Peninsula, Euboea
Open Access
By Tracey Cullen, Lauren E. Talalay, Donald R. Keller, Lia Karimali, and William R. Farrand
Reviewed by John F. Cherry

The Archaeology of Greek and Roman Troy
Open Access
By Charles Brian Rose
Reviewed by Nicholas K. Rauh

L’alabastre attique: Origine, forme et usages
Open Access
By Isabelle Algrain
Reviewed by Panayota Badinou

Industrial Religion: The Saucer Pyres of the Athenian Agora
Open Access
By Susan I. Rotroff
Reviewed by Sarah A. James

Children in the Hellenistic World: Statues and Representation
Open Access
By Olympia Bobou
Reviewed by John H. Oakley

Les potiers d’Étrurie et leur monde: Contacts, échanges, transferts. Hommages à Mario A. Del Chiaro
Open Access
Edited by Laura Ambrosini and Vincent Jolivet
Reviewed by Dominique Frère

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