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March 1888 (4.1)

Volume 4 (1888) Index (pp. i–x)

An Inedited Portrait of Plato (pp. 1–5)
Salomon Reinach

Antiquities of Southern Phrygia and the Border Lands (II) (pp. 6–21)
W.M. Ramsay

Archaic Ionic Capitals Found on the Akropolis (pp. 22–27)
S.B.P. Trowbridge

An Engraved Bronze Bull at Metaponto (pp. 28–38)
Alfred Emerson

Notes on Oriental Antiquities. VII. Two Stone Tablets with Hieroglyphic Babylonian Writing (pp. 39–41)
William Hayes Ward


Early Athenian-Ionic Capitals Found on the Akropolis (pp. 42–44)
Allan Marquand

The Excavations in Ikaria by the American School of Classical Studies at Athens (pp. 44–46)


Letter from Greece (pp. 47–57)
Augustus C. Merriam

Reviews and Notices of Books

L’Archéologie Égyptienne, by G. Maspéro; Egyptian Archaeology, by G. Maspéro and Amelia B. Edwards (pp. 58–60)
Reviewed by Allan Marquand

The Art of the Saracens in Egypt (pp. 61–65)
By Stanley Lane-Poole
Reviewed by A.L. Frothingham, Jr.

Goshen and the Shrine of Saft el Henneh (1885) [Fourth Memoir of the Egypt Exploration Fund] (pp. 65–67)
By Edouard Naville
Reviewed by A.L. Frothingham, Jr.

Monuments of Greek and Roman Sculpture (pp. 67–68)
By Friedrich Bruckmann
Reviewed by A.L. Frothingham, Jr.

Archaeological News (pp. 69–125)
A.L. Frothingham, Jr.

Books Received (p. 126)