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October 1983 (87.4)


Archaeology in Asia Minor (pp. 427–442)
Machteld J. Mellink

Two Cups with Incised Decoration from Kommos, Crete (pp. 443–452)
Maria C. Shaw

A Merrythought Cup from Sardis (pp. 453–460)
Nancy Hirschland Ramage

Arikamedu Reconsidered (pp. 461–481)
Vimala Begley

Further Inquiries on the Location of the Erechtheion and Its Relationship to the Temple of the Polias (p. 482) 

The Dying Gaul, Aigina Warriors, and Pergamene Academicism (pp. 483–487)
Seymour Howard

A Too-Successful Damnatio Memoriae: Problems in Third Century Roman Portraiture (pp. 489–496)
Susan Wood

Chronologies in Old World Archaeology, 1981–1982

Correlation of Archaeological and Written Evidence for the Study of Mesopotamian Institutions and Chronology (pp. 497–507)
Maria deJong Ellis

Early Minoan and Middle Minoan Chronology (pp. 507–518)
Gerald Cadogan

Excavations at Shortughaï in Northeast Afghanistan (pp. 518–519)
Henri-Paul Francfort

A Review of the Americanist Literature for 1982 (pp. 521–544)
Robert C. Dunnell

Archaeological Notes

A Representation of an Archaic Greek Saddle-Cloth from Sicily (pp. 545–547)
George Szeliga

The Technology of Loop-in-Loop Chains in the Third Millennium B.C. (pp. 547–548)
Fotini Athanassopoulos, Eleni Banou, Nanita E. Barchi, Melanie Ellis, Lucinda Rasmussen McCallum, Jacqueline A. Nash and Cynthia G. Orr

Etruscan Filigree: Welding Techniques of Two Gold Bracelets from Vetulonia (pp. 548–551)
E. Mello, P. Parrini, and E. Formigli

On Granulation in Ancient Metalwork (pp. 551–554)
Diane Lee Carroll

Book Reviews

Ti̧lki̧tepe. Die ersten Ansätze prähistorischer Forschung in der östlichen Türkei (pp. 555–556)
By Manfred Korfmann
Reviewed by Ian A. Todd

Maşat Höyük 2. A Hittite Center Northeast of Boğazköy (pp. 556–557)
By Tahsin Özgüç
Reviewed by Tamara Stech

Asine 2. Results of the Excavations East of the Acropolis 1970–1974. 1. General Stratigraphical Analysis and Architectural Remains (pp. 557–558)
By Søren Dietz
Reviewed by Jack L. Davis

Chariots and Other Means of Land Transport in Bronze Age Greece (pp. 558–559)
By J.H. Crouwel
Reviewed by John C. Overbeck

The Philistines and Their Material Culture (pp. 559–561)
By Trude Dothan
Reviewed by J.D. Muhly

Actes du IIe Symposium International sur la Nubie (février 1–3, 1971) organisé par l’Institut d’Égypte (p. 561)
By Labib Habachi
Reviewed by Krzysztof Grzymski

Palast und Hütte. Beiträge zum Bauen und Wohnen im Altertum von Archäologen, Vorund Frühgeschichtlern (pp. 561–563)
By D. Papenfuss and V.M. Strocka
Reviewed by Gisela Walberg

Die figürliche Bildwelt Kretas in der geometrischen und früharchaischen Periode (pp. 563–564)
By Peter Blome
Reviewed by Alan C. Brookes

Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum, by Heide Mommsen; Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum, by Johannes Burow (pp. 564–565)
Reviewed by Mary B. Moore

Ceramica attica a figure nere. Piccoli vasi e vasi plastici (pp. 565–566)
By Lucrezia Campus
Reviewed by Ian McPhee

Sicilian Plastic Vases (pp. 566–567)
By Barbara Heldring
Reviewed by Ian McPhee

Phaselis: Beiträge zur Topographie und Geschichte der Stadt und ihrer Häfen (pp. 567–568)
By Jörg Schäfer
Reviewed by John P. Oleson

Aion in Merida und Aphrodisias (pp. 568–569)
By Andreas Alföldi
Reviewed by Susan Wood

Foro di Traiano: Basilica Ulpia e Biblioteche (pp. 569–572)
By Carla Maria Amici
Reviewed by James Packer

Typology and Structure of Roman Historical Reliefs (pp. 572–573)
By Mario Torelli
Reviewed by John Pollini

Early Islamic Ceramics, Ninth to Late Twelfth Centuries (pp. 573–575)
By Helen Philon
Reviewed by Donald S. Whitcomb

Books Received

List of Books Received (pp. 575–581)