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January 1954 (58.1)


Two Postscripts to the Hermes Controversy (pp. 1–12)
Rhys Carpenter

On the Epinicus Inscription from Didyma (pp. 13–26)
Francis W. Schehl

Excavations at Pylos, 1953 (pp. 27–32)
Carl W. Blegen

Gaulish Terra Sigillata in the University of Pennsylvania Museum (pp. 33–37)
Howard Comfort

A Painted Graeco-Phoenician Vase from Ormidhia in Cyprus (pp. 39–44)
John L. Myres

Tabula Imperii Romani (pp. 45–51)
Freeman W. Adams

Addendum to News Letter from Rome (pp. 53–54)


Correction: News Letter from Greece (p. 54)


Michael Ivanovich Rostovtzell (p. 55)
Frank E. Brown

Book Reviews

Types of Ancient Egyptian Statuary (p. 57)
By Bodil Hornemann
Reviewed by John D. Cooney

Prosopographia Ptolemaica (pp. 57–58)
By W. Peremans and E. Van’t Dack
Reviewed by C. Bradford Welles

Quintus Veranius, Consul A.D. 49. A Study Based upon His Recently Identified Sepulchral Inscription (p. 58)
By Arthur E. Gordon
Reviewed by C. Bradford Welles

New Light on the Most Ancient East (pp. 58–59)
By V. Gordon Childe
Reviewed by William Kelly Simpson

Il Palazzo Minoico di Festòs. Vol. II, Il Secondo Palazzo (pp. 59–61)
By Luigi Pernier and Luisa Banti
Reviewed by Sara A. Immerwahr

Protogeometric Pottery (pp. 61–63)
By V.R. d’A. Desborough
Reviewed by Saul S. Weinberg

Herakles. Die zwölf Taten des Helden in antiker Kunst und Literatur (pp. 63–64)
By Frank Brommer
Reviewed by Dietrich von Bothmer

Terra-sigillata-Gefässe des ersten Jahrhunderts mit Töpfernamen (pp. 64–65)
By Robert Knorr
Reviewed by Henry S. Robinson

Palmyre (p. 65)
By Jean Starcky
Reviewed by Henry S. Robinson

Inscriptions du Port d’Ostie, 2 Vols; Etude sur l’épigraphie latine (pp. 65–66)
By Hilding Thylander
Reviewed by Arthur E. Gordon

The Age of Diocletian, A Symposium. December 14–16, 1951 (p. 67)
Reviewed by George M.A. Hanfmann

The Origin and Development of Early Christian Church Architecture (pp. 67–68)
By J.G. Davies
Reviewed by Kenneth John Conant

Das Ludovisische Relief (pp. 68–72)
By Ernst Langlotz
Reviewed by Marjorie J. Milne

The People of Aristophanes: A Sociology of Old Attic Comedy (p. 72)
By Victor Enrenberg
Reviewed by Henry R. Immerwahr

The Prehistory of Northern North America as Seen from the Yukon (pp. 73–74)
By Frederica de Laguna
Reviewed by Henry B. Collins

The Arctic Woodland Culture of the Kobuk River (pp. 74–76)
By J.L. Giddings
Reviewed by Wendell Oswalt

Anthropology in British Columbia, No. 3, 1952 (p. 76)
By Wilson Duff
Reviewed by Erik K. Reed