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October 1994 (98.4)

Volume Index

Volume 98 (1994) Index (Open Access)


Anthemion Stelae from Sardis (pp. 593–607)
Christopher Ratté

Aegae: Determining the Site of the First Capital of the Macedonians (pp. 609–616)
Panayiotis B. Faklaris

The Etruscan Seated Banquet: Villanovan Ritual and Etruscan Iconography (pp. 617–628)
Anthony S. Tuck

Problems of Chronology, Decoration, and Urban Design in the Forum at Pompeii (pp. 629–694)
John J. Dobbins

Review of Aegean Prehistory

Review of Aegean Prehistory III: Crete from Earliest Prehistory through the Protopalatial Period (pp. 695–753)
L. Vance Watrous


Marija Gimbutas, 1921–1994 (pp. 755–757)
Ernestine S. Elster

Review Article

The Study of Classical Sculpture at the End of the 20th Century (pp. 759–772)
Brunilde Sismondo Ridgway

Book Reviews

A Gendered Past: A Critical Bibliography of Gender in Archaeology (pp. 773–774)
By Elisabeth A. Bacus et al.
Reviewed by Louise Zarmati

New Developments in Archaeological Science. A Joint Symposium of the Royal Society and the British Academy, February 1991 (pp. 774–776)
By A.M. Pollard
Reviewed by Robert H. Tykot

The Emergence of Civilization: From Hunting and Gathering to Agriculture, Cities, and the State in the Near East (pp. 776–777)
By Charles Keith Maisels
Reviewed by Peter M. Fischer

Early Mesopotamia and Iran: Contact and Conflict 3500–1600 B.C. Proceedings of a Seminar in Memory of Vladimir G. Lukonin (pp. 777–778)
By John Curtis and Vladimir G. Lukonin
Reviewed by Philip L. Kohl

Cypriot Ceramics: Reading the Prehistoric Record (pp. 778–779)
By Jane A. Barlow, Diane L. Bolger, and Barbara Kling
Reviewed by David W. Rupp

The Early Bronze 2 in the Aegean (pp. 780–781)
By Michael B. Cosmopoulo
Reviewed by Donald C. Haggis

Kommos III: The Late Bronze Age Pottery (pp. 781–782)
By L.V. Watrous
Reviewed by Mervyn Popham

Anatolian Iron Ages. The Proceedings of the Second Anatolian Iron Ages Colloquium Held at Izmir. 4–8 May 1987 (pp. 782–783)
By A. Çilingiroǧlu and D.H. French
Reviewed by Lynn E. Roller

Guide to Research in Classical Art and Mythology (p. 783)
By Frances van Keuren
Reviewed by Jenifer Neils

The Argolid 800–600 B.C. An Archaeological Survey, Together with an Index of Sites from the Neolithic to the Roman Period (pp. 784–786)
By Anne Foley
Reviewed by Mark Munn

Polydipsion Argos: Argos de la fin des palais mycéniens à la constitution de l’état classique, Fribourg (Suisse) 7–9 mai 1987 (pp. 784–786)
By Marcel Piérart
Reviewed by Mark Munn

Recherches sur les ateliers de sculpteurs et la cité d’Athènes à l’époque archaïque: Endoios, Philergos, Aristoklès (pp. 786–787)
By Didier Viviers
Reviewed by Janet Burnett Grossman

Sculpture and Society: A Study of the Connection between the Free-Standing Sculpture and Society on Kos in the Hellenistic and Augustan Periods. Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis (pp. 787–788)
By Kerstin Höghammar
Reviewed by Mark D. Fullerton

Da Leukania a Lucania: La Lucania centro-orientale fra Pirro e i Giulio-Claudii (pp. 788–789)
Reviewed by Helena Fracchia

Griechische und römische Kolossalporträts bis zum späten ersten Jahrhundert nach Christus (pp. 789–791)
By Detlev Kreikenbom
Reviewed by Susan Wood

La mécanique de Vitruve (pp. 791–792)
By Philippe Fleury
Reviewed by Nancy L. Klein

Rome’s Desert Frontier from the Air (pp. 792–794)
By David Kennedy and Derrick Riley
Reviewed by Susan E. Alcock

The Limits of Empire: The Roman Army in the East (pp. 792–794)
By Benjamin Isaac
Reviewed by Susan E. Alcock

Common Pottery in Roman Galilee: A Study of Local Trade (pp. 794–795)
By David Adan-Bayewitz
Reviewed by Mark Lawall

Studies on Roman and Islamic ‘Amman. The Excavations of Mrs. C.-M. Bennett and Other Investigations 1: History, Site and Architecture (pp. 795–796)
By Alastair Northedge
Reviewed by Jodi Magness

Plaster and Marble: The Classical and Neo-Classical Portrait Bust (p. 796)
By Glenys Davies
Reviewed by Michael Vickers

Books Received

List of Books Received (pp. 797–798)