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April 2002 (106.2)


Iron Age Shipwrecks in Deep Water off Ashkelon, Israel (pp. 151–168) 
Robert D. Ballard, Lawrence E. Stager, Daniel Master, Dana Yoerger, David Mindell, Louis L. Whitcomb, Hanumant Singh, and Dennis Piechota

Tracking the Samnites: Landscape and Communications Routes in the Sangro Valley, Italy (pp. 169–186) 
Tyler Bell, Andrew Wilson, and Andrew Wickham

A Ketos in Early Athens: An Archaeology of Whales and Sea Monsters in the Greek World (pp. 187–227) 
John K. Papadopoulos and Deborah Ruscillo


Michael Lazare Katzev, 1939–2001 (pp. 229–230) 
George F. Bass


The 103rd Annual Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America (pp. 231–306)

Review Articles

Etruscan Mirrors Now (pp. 307–311)
Nancy T. de Grummond

Straight from the Bottle: Rural Life in Roman Africa (pp. 313–315)
Jennifer P. Moore

Book Reviews

Cretan Quests: British Explorers, Excavators and Historians (pp. 316–317)
By Davina Huxley
Reviewed by Geraldine C. Gesell

Scholars, Scoundrels, and the Sphinx: A Photographic and Archaeological Adventure up the Nile (p. 317)
By Elaine Altman Evans  
Reviewed by D.J.I. Begg

Social Theory in Archaeology (pp. 317–318)
By Michael Brian Schiffer
Reviewed by John C. Barrett

Cognition and Material Culture: The Archaeology of Symbolic Storage (pp. 318–320)
By Colin Renfrew and Chris Scarre
Reviewed by Bruce G. Trigger

Towards Reflexive Method in Archaeology: The Example at Çatalhöyük (pp. 320–321)
By Ian Hodder
Reviewed by Thomas F. Strasser

The Archaeology of Value: Essays on Prestige and the Process of Valuation (pp. 321–322)
By Douglass Bailey and Steve Mills
Reviewed by A. Bernard Knapp

Identities in the Eastern Mediterranean in Antiquity: Proceedings of a Conference Held at the Humanities Research Centre in Canberra, 10–12 November, 1997 (pp. 322–323)
By Graeme Clarke
Reviewed by Duane W. Roller

The Identification of the North European Woods: A Guide for Archaeologists and Conservators (pp. 323–324)
By Jon G. Hather
Reviewed by Kimberly B. Flint-Hamilton

Arte prehistórico en la península Ibérica (pp. 324–325)
By A. Beltrán Martínez 
Reviewed by Margarita Díaz-Andreu

Das prähistorische Nineve: Zur relativen Chronologie der frühen Perioden Nordmesopotamiens (pp. 325–326)
By Renate Vera Gut 
Reviewed by Geoff Emberling

The Palaikastro Kouros: A Minoan Chryselephantine Statuette and Its Aegean Bronze Age Context (pp. 326–328)
By J.A. MacGillivray et al.
Reviewed by Kenneth D.S. Lapatin

Economy and Politics in the Mycenaean Palace States. Proceedings of a Conference Held on 1–3 July 1999 in the Faculty of Classics, Cambridge (pp. 328–329)
By Sofia Voutsaki and John Killen
Reviewed by Patrick Thomas

Territoires des cités grecques. Actes de la table ronde internationale organisée par lÉcole Française d'Athènes, 31 Octobre–3 Novembre 1991 (pp. 329–331)
By M. Brunet
Reviewed by Franco De Angelis

Images in Mind: Statues in Archaic and Classical Greek Literature and Thought (pp. 331–332)
By Deborah Tarn Steiner  
Reviewed by J.J. Pollitt

Le Raffigurazioni mitologiche sulla ceramica greco-orientale arcaica (pp. 332–333)
By Alessandra Tempesta 
Reviewed by T.H. Carpenter

Greek Vases: The Athenians and Their Images (pp. 334–335)
By François Lissarrague and Kim Allen 
Reviewed by Nigel Spivey

Apelle: La battaglia di Alessandro (pp. 335–336)
By Paolo Moreno
Reviewed by Ruth Westgate

The Maussolleion at Halikarnassos. Reports of the Danish Archaeological Expedition to Bodrum. Vol. 4, the Quadrangle: The Foundations of the Maussolleion and Its Sepulchral Compartments (pp. 336–337)
By Kristian Jeppesen
Reviewed by Anne Marie Carstens

From the Parts to the Whole. Vol. 1, Acta of the 13th International Bronze Congress, Held at Cambridge, Massachusetts, May 28–June 1, 1996 (pp. 337–338)
By Carol C. Mattusch et al. 
Reviewed by Mary B. Hollinshead

Chronologie der Didrachmenprägung von Tarent (pp. 338–339)
By Wolfgang Fischer-Bossert 
Reviewed by Kenneth Sheedy

Hellenistische und kaiserzeitliche Keramik des östlichen Mittelmeergebietes: Kolloquium Frankfurt 24.25. April 1995 (pp. 340–341)
By Marlene Herfort-Koch; Ursula Mandel; Ulrich Schädler
Reviewed by Renate Rosenthal-Heginbottom

Il tempio dorico del Foro Triangolare di Pompei (pp. 341–342)
By J.A.K.E. de Waele et al. 
Reviewed by L. Richardson, Jr.

The Story of the Roman Amphitheater (pp. 342–343)
By D.L. Bomgardner 
Reviewed by Alison Futrell

Das Spiel mit dem Tod: So kämpften Roms Gladiatoren (pp. 343–344)
By Marcus Junkelmann
Reviewed by Steven M. Cerutti

Principles of Roman Architecture (pp. 344–345)
By Mark Wilson Jones 
Reviewed by James E. Packer

ʿEn Boqeq: Excavations in an Oasis on the Dead Sea. Vol. 2, the Officina, an Early Roman Building on the Dead Sea Shore (pp. 346–347)
By Moshe Fischer, Mordechai Gichon, and Oren Tal
Reviewed by Jodi Magness

A Portrait of Roman Britain (pp. 347–348)
By John Wacher
Reviewed by R.S.O. Tomlin

Ireland and the Classical World (p. 348)
By Philip Freeman 
Reviewed by Barry Cunliffe

Books Received

List of Books Received (pp. 349–352)