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July 1980 (84.3)


In Pursuit of the Past: The American Role 1879–1979 (pp. 263–270)
Homer A. Thompson

The German Perspective and the German Archaeological Institute (pp. 271–277)
Kurt Bittel

Archaeology in the Future: An Evolving Discipline (pp. 279–285)
James Wiseman

The Great Tradition versus the Great Divide: Archaeology as Anthropology? (pp. 287–298)
Colin Renfrew

Bastam, an Urartian Citadel Complex of the Seventh Century B.C. (pp. 299–304)
Wolfram Kleiss

Excavations at the Hittite Site, Maşat Höyük: Palace, Archives, Mycenaean Pottery (pp. 305–309)
Tahsin Özgüç

Archaeology Today (pp. 311–312)
Jean Pouilloux

Astral Representations in the Archaic and Classical Periods and Their Connection to Literary Sources (pp. 313–318)
Nicolas Yalouris

New Evidence for an Absolute Chronology of Decorated Late Italian Sigillata (pp. 319–327)
Maria Teresa Marabini Moevs

Earless in Nineveh: Who Mutilated “Sargon’s” Head? (pp. 329–333)
Carl Nylander

Hands and Tails on the Vapheio Cups (pp. 335–337)
W.W. de Grummond

Of Clay Pebbles, Hollow Clay Balls, and Writing: A Sumerian View (pp. 339–358)
Stephen J. Lieberman

Stylobate and Roof in the Olympieion at Akragas (pp. 359–372)
Malcolm Bell

The Medusa Rondanini: A New Look (pp. 373–378)
Janer Danforth Belson

Book Reviews

Excavations at the Cemetery of Deir El-Balah (pp. 379–380)
By Trude Dothan
Reviewed by Saul S. Weinberg

Hala Sultan Tekke, I. Excavations 1897–1971, by Paul Åström, D.M. Bailey, and Vassos Karageorghis; Hala Sultan Tekke, IV. Excavations in area 8 in 1974 and 1975, by Gunnel Hult; The 1977 Underwater Report, by Dan McCaslin; Hala Sultan Tekke, VI. A Sherd Deposit in Area 22, by Ulla Öbrink (pp. 380–381)
Reviewed by Gerald Cadogan

Die Fibeln der griechischen Inseln (pp. 381–382)
By Efi Sapouna-Sakellarakis
Reviewed by Erik Nielsen

Attisch geometrische Schalen. Eine spätgeometrische Keramikgattung und ihre Beziehungen zum Orient (pp. 382–384)
By Brigitte Borell
Reviewed by Cynthia King

Samos IV. Das archaische Nordtor und seine Umgebung in Heraion von Samos (pp. 384–385)
By Hans Peter Isler
Reviewed by William R. Biers

Olympische Forschungen X. Die geometrischen Dreifüsse von Olympia (p. 385)
By Michael Maass
Reviewed by P. Gregory Warden

Antike Plastik, Lieferung XVII, Teil 1–6 (pp. 385–387)
By Felix Eckstein
Reviewed by Patricia Neils Boulter

The Free-Standing Sculptures of the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, a Catalogue (pp. 387–388)
By G.B. Waywell
Reviewed by William A.P. Childs

Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum. France 28, Louvre 19 (pp. 388–390)
By Hubert Giroux
Reviewed by Diana M. Buitron

Etruscan Art (p. 390)
By Otto J. Brendel
Reviewed by George M.A. Hanfmann

L’Arte degli Etruschi. Produzione e Consumo (pp. 391–392)
By Mauro Cristofani
Reviewed by Mario A. Del Chiaro

Dramen des Aischylos auf westgriechischen Vasen (pp. 392–393)
By Anneliese Kossatz-Deissmann
Reviewed by Ann Michelini

Recherches sur les ateliers de bols à reliefs du Péloponnèse à l’époque Hellénistique (pp. 393–394)
By Gerard Siebert
Reviewed by Susan I. Rotroff

Das römische Herrscherbild, Abt. III, Bd. 3, Gordianus III. bis Carinus (pp. 394–395)
By Max Wegner
Reviewed by David L. Thompson

Corpus de Mosaicos de España, Fasc. I. Mosaicos Romanos de Merida, by Antonio Blanco Freijeiro; Corpus de Mosaicos de España, Fasc. II. Mosaicos Romanos de Italica (1). Mosaicos Conservados en Colecciones Publicas y Particulares de la Ciudad de Sevilla, by Antonio Blanco Freijeiro (pp. 395–396)
Reviewed by Katherine M.D. Dunbabin

Books Received

List of Books Received (pp. 396–398)