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April 1986 (90.2)


A Hittite Pendant from Amarna (pp. 145–151)
Martha R. Bell

Boeotian Trick Vases (pp. 153–158)
Karl Kilinski, II

Eros and the Arms of Achilles (pp. 159–170)
Stella G. Miller


Louis Robert, 1904–1985 (pp. 171–172)
G.W. Bowersock


The 87th General Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America (pp. 173–226) 

Book Reviews

Archeological Explanation. The Scientific Method in Archeology (pp. 227–228)
By Patty Jo Watson, Steven A. LeBlanc, and Charles L. Redman
Reviewed by Robert C. Dunnell

Cycladica. Studies in Memory of N.P. Goulandris (pp. 228–229)
By J. Lesley Fitton
Reviewed by Jeremy Rutter

Nadeln der Frühhelladischen bis archaischen Zeit von der Peloponnes (pp. 229–230)
By Imma Kilian-Dirlmeier
Reviewed by Jane C. Waldbaum

Thorikos VIII. 1972/1976. Rapport Préliminaire sur les 9e,10e,11e, et 12e Campagnes de Fouilles (p. 231)
By H.F. Mussche, J. Bingen, J. Servais, and P. Spitaels
Reviewed by Philip P. Betancourt

Excavations and Surveys in Southern Rhodes: The Mycenaean Period. Lindos IV. 1 by Søren Dietz; Cyprus at the Close of the Late Bronze Age (pp. 231–233)
By V. Karageorghis and J. D. Muhly
Reviewed by James C. Wright

Die Spätbronzezeit Nordöstungarn (pp. 233–234)
By Tibor Kemenczei
Reviewed by Alfonz Lengyel

Ras Shamra-Leukos Limen: Die nach-ugaritische Besiedlung von Ras Shamra (pp. 234–235)
By Rolf A. Stucky
Reviewed by Kathleen Warner Slane

Greek Art: Archaic into Classical (pp. 235–236)
By Cedric G. Boulter
Reviewed by Joan R. Mertens

Corinth, Vol. XV, Part III. The Potters’ Quarter: The Pottery (pp. 236–238)
By Agnes Newhall Stillwell and J.L. Benson
Reviewed by Patricia Lawrence

Vergleich antiker griechischer und römischer Wasserversorgungsanlagen (pp. 238–240)
By H. Fahlbusch
Reviewed by Dora P. Crouch

Deliciae Leonis. Antike geschnittene Steine und Ringe aus einer Privatsammlung (pp. 240–241)
By Marie-Louise Vollenweider
Reviewed by Ruth Glynn

Ancient Coins of the Graeco-Roman World. The Nickle Numismatic Papers (pp. 241–242)
By Waldemar Heckel and Richard Sullivan
Reviewed by Ralph Mathisen

Studien zu Fundmünzen der Antike. Band 2. Aufsätze (pp. 242–245)
Reviewed by Ralph Mathisen

San Giovenale. Materiali e problemi (pp. 245–246)
By Stig Forsberg and Bengt E. Thomasson
Reviewed by P. Gregory Warden

Studi di antichità in onore di Guglielmo Maetzke (pp. 246–247)
By M.G. Marzi Costagli and L. Tamagno Perna
Reviewed by Richard Daniel de Puma

La caccia in Etruria (pp. 247–248)
By Giovannangelo Camporeale
Reviewed by Ingrid E.M. Edlund

I capitelli romani del Museo Archeologico di Verona (pp. 248–249)
By Luigi Sperti
Reviewed by James Packer

Der Antikengarten der del Bufalo bei der Fontana Trevi, by Henning Wrede; Die statuarische Ausstattung der Villa Hadriana bei Tivoli, by Joachim Raeder (pp. 249–251)
Reviewed by Mark D. Fullerton

Religion in Roman Britain, by Martin Henig; The Lost Gods of England, by Brian Branston (pp. 252–254)
Reviewed by Claire Lindgren

The Coinage of the Bar-Kokhba War (pp. 254–256)
By Leo Mildenberg and Patricia Erhart Mottahedeh
Reviewed by William E. Metcalf and G.W. Bowersock

Navis Oneraria: The Cargo Carrier in Late Antiquity. Studies in Ancient Ship Carpentry (pp. 256–257)
By Christoffer H. Ericsson
Reviewed by Barbara M. Kreutz