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July 1987 (91.3)


The Masks of Ortheia (pp. 355–383)
Jane Burr Carter

The Origin of Electrum Coinage (pp. 385–397)
Robert W. Wallace

Ancient Greek Women and Art: The Material Evidence (pp. 399–409)
Brunilde Sismondo Ridgway

Skopas and the Pothos (pp. 411–420)
Steven Lattimore

Where Was Sparta’s Prytaneion? (pp. 421–422)
Nigel M. Kennell

The Mother of the Gods and a Hellenistic Bronze Matrix (pp. 423–440)
Ellen D. Reeder

An Augustan Temple Represented on a Historical Relief Dating to the Time of Claudius (pp. 441–458)
Fred C. Albertson

The Roman Horizontal Loom (pp. 459–471)
John Peter Wild


Modern Research in Ancient Corinth: A Symposium in Honor of D.A. Amyx

Introduction (p. 473)
William R. Biers

Corinth, 1896–1987: A Study of Changing Attitudes (pp. 473–474)
C.K. Williams, II

The Early Sanctuary of Poseidon at Isthmia (pp. 475–476)
Elizabeth R. Gebhard

Early Corinthian Architecture and the Origins of the Doric Order (pp. 477–480)
Robin F. Rhodes

The Sanctuary of Demeter and Kore: An Archaeological Approach to Ancient Religion (pp. 480–481)
Nancy Bookidis

Kotyle and Oinochoe Painters from the Potters’ Quarter at Corinth (pp. 482–483)
Ann Blair Brownlee

Roman Pottery from East of the Theater: Quantifying the Assemblages (pp. 483–485)
Kathleen Warner Slane

Programmatic Sculpture in Roman Corinth: The Lechaion Road Arch (pp. 485–486)
Charles M. Edwards

Book Reviews

Lithic Illustration: Drawing Flaked Stone Artifacts for Publication (pp. 487–488)
By Lucile R. Addington
Reviewed by Whitney Powell-Cummer

Trees and Timber in the Ancient Mediterranean World (pp. 488–489)
By Russell Meiggs
Reviewed by Michael H. Jameson

Interpreting the Landscape-Landscape Archaeology in Local Studies (pp. 489–490)
By Michael Aston
Reviewed by Tjeerd H. van Andel

Die Paläste im alten Mesopotamien (p. 490)
By Ernst Heinrich
Reviewed by Benjamin R. Foster

Vrysi. A Subterranean Settlement in Cyprus. Excavations at Prehistoric Ayios Epiktitos Vrysi 1969–73; Lemba Archaeological Project 1. Excavations at Lemba Lakkous, 1976–1983 (pp. 490–491)
By E.J. Peltenburg
Reviewed by Ian A. Todd

The Cult Places of the Aegean (pp. 491–492)
By Bogdan Rutkowski
Reviewed by John E. Rexine

Heinrich Schliemann: Mythos und Ärgernis (pp. 492–493)
By Hartmut Döhl
Reviewed by C.G. Thomas

Mycenaean Decorated Pottery: A Guide to Identification (pp. 493–494)
By P.A. Mountjoy
Reviewed by Gisela Walberg

The Topography of Thebes from the Bronze Age to Modern Times (pp. 494–495)
By Sarantis Symeonoglou
Reviewed by Timothy E. Gregory

The Athenian Agora: Excavations in the Heart of Classical Athens (p. 495)
By John M. Camp
Reviewed by R. Ross Holloway

Studies in Sardinian Archaeology 2: Sardinia in the Mediterranean (pp. 496–497)
By Miriam S. Balmuth
Reviewed by Robert J. Rowland, Jr.

Lavinio e Roma. Riti iniziatici e matrimonio tra archeologia e storia (pp. 497–498)
By Mario Torelli
Reviewed by William V. Harris

Roman Portrait Sculpture 217–260 A.D.: The Transformation of an Artistic Tradition (pp. 498–499)
By Susan Wood
Reviewed by Elaine K. Gazda

Le décor géométrique de la mosaïque romaine (pp. 499–500)
By C. Balmelle, M. Blanchard-Lémée, J. Christophe, J.-P. Darmon, A.-M. Guimier-Sorbets, H. Lavagne, R. Prudhomme, and H. Stern
Reviewed by David Parrish

Mosaicos romanos de Navarra (pp. 499–500)
By J.M. Blázquez and M.A. Mezquiriz
Reviewed by David Parrish

Romans and Saracens: A History of the Arabian Frontier (p. 501)
By S. Thomas Parker
Reviewed by G.W. Bowersock

Die konstantinischen Deckengemälde in Trier (pp. 501–502)
By Erika Simon
Reviewed by Hans A. Pohlsander

Books Received

List of Books Received (pp. 502–505)