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October 1958 (62.4)

Volume Index

Volume 62 (1958) Index (Open Access)


Ancient Plaster Casts of Greek Metalware (pp. 369–377)
Gisela M.A. Richter

Excavations at San Lorenzo f.l.m. in Rome, 1957 (pp. 379–382)
Richard Krautheimer, Wolfgang Frankl and Guglielmo Gatti

Myth and Epic in Mycenaean Vase Painting (pp. 383–387)
Vassos Karageorghis

The Argos Painter and the Painter of the Dancing Pan (pp. 389–395)
A.D. Ure

An Unpublished Egyptian Composite Bow in the Brooklyn Museum (pp. 397–401)
Wallace E. McLeod

The Date of the Eleusis Relief (pp. 403–408)
R. Ross Holloway

The “Bactrian Nickel Theory” (pp. 409–414)
Schuyler V.R. Cammann

News Letter from Rome (pp. 415–427)
A.W. van Buren


Arnold von Salis (pp. 429–430)
Margarete Bieber

Book Reviews

The New Oxford History of Music. Vol. I: Ancient and Oriental Music (pp. 431–432)
By Egon Wellesz
Reviewed by J.F. Mountford

Hommages à Waldemar Deonna (pp. 432–433)
Reviewed by Mario A. del Chiaro

The Prehistory of Eastern Europe. Part I: Mesolithic, Neolithic and Copper Age Cultures in Russia and the Baltic Area (pp. 433–434)
By Marija Gimbutas
Reviewed by Homer L. Thomas

Bronze Age Cultures in France. The Later Phases from the Thirteenth to the Seventh Century B.C. (pp. 434–435)
By Nancy K. Sandars
Reviewed by Stephen Foltiny

Prehistoric Man (pp. 435–436)
By André Leroi-Gourhan
Reviewed by Robert J. Braidwood

Wall Scenes from the Mortuary Chapel of the Mayor Paser at Medinet Habu (p. 436)
By Siegfried Schott and Elizabeth B. Hauser
Reviewed by William Kelly Simpson

Le Monde d’Ur, Assur et Babylon (pp. 436–437)
By Hartmut Schmökel and Lily Jumel
Reviewed by Briggs Buchanan

Early Mesopotamian Royal Titles: A Philological and Historical Analysis (p. 437)
By William Hallo
Reviewed by Francis R. Steele

Tell Halaf III: Die Bildwerke (pp. 438–440)
By Dietrich Opitz and Anton Moortgat
Reviewed by Machteld J. Mellink

The Symbol of the Beast. The Animal-Style Art of Eurasia (p. 440)
By Dagny Carter
Reviewed by Max Loehr

The Middle Cypriote Bronze Age (p. 441)
By Paul Åström
Reviewed by Saul S. Weinberg

Mycenaean Civilization, Publications since 1935 (pp. 441–443)
By Brenda E. Moon
Reviewed by Emily Townsend Vermeule

Greek Architecture (pp. 443–445)
By A.W. Lawrence
Reviewed by J. Walter Graham

The Public Physicians of Ancient Greece (pp. 445–446)
By Louis Cohn-Haft
Reviewed by Carl Roebuck

Vorläufiger Bericht über die Ausgrabungen in Sinope (p. 446)
By Ekrem Akurgal and Ludwig Budde
Reviewed by Dorothy Burr Thompson

Neue Peloponnesische Wanderungen (pp. 446–447)
By Ernst Meyer
Reviewed by Robert Scranton

Monumenta Asiae Minoris Antiqua, Volume VII. Monuments from Eastern Phrygia (pp. 447–448)
By William M. Calder
Reviewed by Douglas D. Feaver

The Genucilia Group: A Class of Etruscan Redfigured Plates (pp. 448–449)
By Mario A. del Chiaro
Reviewed by Hazel Palmer

Inscriptiones latinae liberae rei publicae, Fasc. I (p. 449)
By A. Degrassi
Reviewed by Joyce Reynolds

Catalogo dei ritratti romani del Museo Profano Lateranense (pp. 449–450)
By A. Giuliano
Reviewed by Frank E. Brown

Glass from the Ancient World (pp. 450–451)
Reviewed by Gladys Davidson Weinberg

Die Portlandvase (p. 451)
By Erika Simon
Reviewed by Gisela M.A. Richter

Central Gaulish Potters (p. 452)
By J.A. Stanfield and Grace Simpson
Reviewed by Howard Comfort

Villages antiques de la Syrie du nord: le massif du Bélus à l’époque romaine (pp. 452–454)
By Georges Tschalenko
Reviewed by John Ward Perkins

The Victoria History of Wiltshire, Vol. I, Pt. I (pp. 454–455)
By L.V. Grinsell and Joyce Gifford
Reviewed by J.W. Brailsford

With Paul in Greece (p. 455)
By Robert S. Kinsey
Reviewed by Floyd V. Filson

Golgotha and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre (p. 455)
By André Parrot
Reviewed by Glanville Downey

Light Weight Solidi and Byzantine Trade during the Sixth and Seventh Centuries (pp. 455–456)
By Howard L. Adelson
Reviewed by James D. Breckenridge

Method and Theory in American Archaeology (pp. 456–457)
By Gordon R. Willey and Philip Phillips
Reviewed by J. Charles Kelley

Ancient Man in North America (pp. 457–458)
By H. Marie Wormington
Reviewed by Pablo Martínez del Río

The Neolithic Age in Eastern Siberia (pp. 458–459)
By Henry N. Michael
Reviewed by Paul Tolstoy

Valdivia, un sitio arqueológico formativo en la costa de la Provincia del Guayas, Ecuador; Ultimas civilizaciones pre-históricas de la cuenca del Río Guayas; Los Huancavilcas, últimas civilizaciones pre-hispánicas de la costa del guayas; Prehistoria de Manabí (pp. 459–460)
By Emilio Estrada
Reviewed by G.H.S. Bushnell

The Ancient Civilizations of Peru (pp. 460–461)
By J. Alden Mason
Reviewed by Stig Rydén

The Archaeology of Central and Southern Honduras (pp. 461–462)
By Doris Stone
Reviewed by Clifford Evans

The Adena People-No. 2 (p. 462)
By William S. Webb and Raymond S. Baby
Reviewed by Elaine A. Bluhm