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July–September 1927 (31.3)

Notes on Representations of Socrates and of Diogenes and Other Cynics (pp. 281–296)
W. Amelung

Punic Urns from the Precinct of Tanit at Carthage (pp. 297–310)
D.B. Harden

The Origin and Development of the Alphabet (pp. 311–328)
B.L. Ullman

A Late type of Wheel-Made Lamps from Corinth (pp. 329–337)
Oscar Broneer

A Graeco-Parthian Portrait Head of Mithradates I (pp. 338–344)
David M. Robinson

Some Inscriptions on Vases (pp. 345–353)
J.D. Beazley

Archaeological News (pp. 354–391)
Edward H. Heffner, L. Legrain, David M. Robinson, A.W.V.B., and E.P.B.

Book Reviews

Die Inschriften der Jüdischen Katakombe am Monteverde zu Rom (pp. 392–394)
By Nikolaus Müller and Nikos A. Bees
Reviewed by Harry J. Leon

The Bronze Age of Östergötland (pp. 394–397)
Reviewed by Axel J. Uppvall

Préhistoire de la Norvège (pp. 397–398)
By Haakon Shetelig
Reviewed by George Grant MacCurdy

Vorgeschichtliches Jahrbuch für die Gesellschaft für Vorgeschichtliche Forschung (p. 399)
By Max Ebert
Reviewed by George Grant MacCurdy

Die Kunst der alten Christen (pp. 399–400)
By Wilhelm Neuss
Reviewed by A. Kingsley Porter

Ce quel’Inde doit a la Grèce (pp. 400–402)
By Le Comte Goblet D’Alviella
Reviewed by Ernst Diez

The Indian Buddhist Iconography, Mainly Based on the Sadhanamala and Other (SIC) Cognate Tantric Texts of Rituals (p. 402)
By B. Bhattacharyya
Reviewed by Ananda K. Coomaraswamy

Les Statues Vivantes; Introduction à l’étude des statues égyptiennes (pp. 402–403)
By M. Weynants-Ronday
Reviewed by William F. Edgerton

Fulgentius Metaforalis (p. 403)
By Hans Liebeschütz
Reviewed by W. Sherwood Fox

Horace at Tibur and the Sabine Farm (pp. 403–404)
Reviewed by Elizabeth Hazelton Haight

A Companion to Pompeian Studies (p. 404)
By A.W. Van Buren
Reviewed by Elizabeth Hazelton Haight