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October–December 1929 (33.4)

Volume 33 (1929) Index (Open Access)

The Sculptural Composition of the Nike Parapet (pp. 467–483)
Rhys Carpenter

Arretine Signatures Found in the Excavations in the Theatre District of Corinth (pp. 484–501)
H. Comfort

An Interpretation of the Prescript πόλες αὐταὶ φόρον ταχσάμεναι in the Athenian Tribute Lists (pp. 502–514)
Eunice Burr Couch

Excavations in the Theatre District and Tombs of Corinth in 1929 (pp. 515–546)
Theodore Leslie Shear

Archaeological Discussions (pp. 547–580)
Edward H. Heffner and E.P.B.

Book Reviews

Wessex from the Air (p. 581)
By O.G.S. Crawford and Alexander Keiller
Reviewed by John C. Rolfe

Explorations in Hittite Asia Minor (pp. 581–582)
By H.H. von der Osten
Reviewed by Raymond P. Dougherty

Classical Sculpture (pp. 582–584)
By A.W. Lawrence
Reviewed by J.H. Iliffe

The Sculpture and Sculptors of the Greeks (pp. 585–586)
By Gisela M.A. Richter
Reviewed by A.D. Fraser

Forschungen in Salona, veröffentlicht vom Oesterreichischen Archaeologischen Institute. Zweiter Band (pp. 586–587)
By R. Egger
Reviewed by M. Rostovtzeff

Yale Classical Studies, Vol. I (pp. 588–589)
By Austin M. Harmon
Reviewed by Allen B. West

Les Xylographies du XIVe et du Xve Siècle au Cabinet des Estampes de la Bibliothèque Nationale. Tome Premier (pp. 589–590)
By P.-A. Lemoisne
Reviewed by Henry Bartlett van Hoesen