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July–September 1934 (38.3)

Archaeological Notes

In the Land of the Queen of Sheba (pp. 329–338)
Léon Legrain

Odysseus and Elpenor on a Pelike in Boston (pp. 339–340)
L.D. Caskey

Note on the Mosaic of Daphne (p. 340)
Campbell Bonner

Assyrian Elements in the Perseus-Gorgon Story (pp. 341–358)
Clark Hopkins

How Old Is the Greek Alphabet? (pp. 359–381)
B.L. Ullman

Metallurgical Fallacies in Archaeological Literature (pp. 382–389)
Thomas T. Read

The Two Callias Decrees (pp. 390–407)
Allen B. West

The Date of the Older Parthenon (pp. 408–448)
William Bell Dinsmoor

Archaeological News and Discussions (pp. 449–490)
David M. Robinson, Elizabeth Pierce Blegen, and A.W. van Buren

Book Reviews

Öland under Äldre Järnåldern (p. 491)
By Mårten Stenberger
Reviewed by Carl W. Blegen

A La Recherche d’Ithaque et de Troie (pp. 491–492)
By Georges Seure
Reviewed by Carl W. Blegen

Protokorinthische Vasenmalerei (pp. 492–493)
By H.G.G. Payne
Reviewed by Agnes Newhall Stillwell

Attic Vase Painting (p. 493)
By Charles T. Seltman
Reviewed by H.R.W. Smith

Collections de Céramique Grecque en Italie. Tome II (pp. 493–495)
By Hubert Philippart
Reviewed by Wilhelmina van Ingen

Greek Sculpture and Painting, to the End of the Hellenistic Period (pp. 495–496)
By J.D. Beazley and Bernard Ashmole
Reviewed by Gisela M.A. Richter

Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum. Volume I, Part I (1931), Volume II, Part I–II (1933) (p. 496)
Reviewed by Sydney P. Noe

Excavations at Olynthus. Part VII. The Terra-Cottas Found in 1931 (p. 497)
By David M. Robinson
Reviewed by George W. Elderkin

Old Age among the Ancient Greeks: The Greek Portrayal of Old Age in Literature, Art, and Inscriptions (pp. 497–498)
By Bessie Ellen Richardson
Reviewed by Grace H. Macurdy

Frühgallische Reliefgefässe vom Rhein (pp. 498–499)
By August Oxé
Reviewed by Howard Comfort

A Papyrus Roll in the Princeton Collection (p. 499)
By Edmund H. Kase
Reviewed by Howard Comfort

History of the State of New York (pp. 499–500)
By Alexander C. Flick
Reviewed by Herbert J. Spinden