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Funerary Variability in Late Eighth-Century B.C.E. Attica (Late Geometric II)
(pp. 333–360)
Includes Open Access Supplementary Content
Alexandra Alexandridou

Evidence for Two Planned Greek Settlements in the Peloponnese from Satellite Remote Sensing
(pp. 361–398)
Includes Open Access Supplementary Content
Jamieson C. Donati, Apostolos Sarris

The Nike of Samothrace: Another View
(pp. 399–410)
Includes Open Access Supplementary Content
Andrew Stewart

Field Reports

The Sanctuary of Artemis at Sardis: Preliminary Report, 2002–2012
(pp. 473–509)
Open Access
Nicholas D. Cahill, Crawford H. Greenewalt, jr.

Book Reviews

The Ecology of Pastoralism
Open Access
Edited by P. Nick Kardulias
Reviewed by Paula N. Doumani Dupuy

Paths to Complexity: Centralisation and Urbanisation in Iron Age Europe
Open Access
Edited by Manuel Fernández-Götz, Holger Wendling, and Katja Winger
Reviewed by Bettina Arnold

Light and Shadow: Isolation and Interaction in the Shala Valley of Northern Albania
Open Access
Edited by Michael L. Galaty, Ols Lafe, Wayne E. Lee, and Zamir Tafilica
Reviewed by Gregory Zaro

From Ancient to Modern: Archaeology and Aesthetics
Open Access
Edited by Jennifer Y. Chi and Pedro Azara
Reviewed by Sarah Kielt Costello

Interpreting the Late Neolithic of Upper Mesopotamia
Open Access
Edited by O.P. Nieuwenhuyse, R. Bernbeck, P.M.M.G. Akkermans, and J. Rogasch
Reviewed by Katharina Streit

Failaka/Dilmun: The Second Millennium Settlements. Vol. 4, The Stone Vessels
Open Access
By Anna Hilton
Reviewed by Danny Rosenberg

Excavations at the Early Bronze IV Sites of Jebel Qaʿaqir and Beʾer Resisim
Open Access
By William G. Dever
Reviewed by Felix Höflmayer

L’art égéen. Vol. 2, Mycènes et le monde mycénien
Open Access
By Jean-Claude Poursat
Reviewed by Patrick M. Thomas

KE-RA-ME-JA: Studies Presented to Cynthia W. Shelmerdine
Open Access
Edited by Dimitri Nakassis, Joann Gulizio, and Sarah A. James
Reviewed by Helène Whittaker

Vravron: The Mycenaean Cemetery
Open Access
By Thanasis I. Papadopoulos and Litsa Kontorli-Papadopoulou
Reviewed by Katie Lantzas

Italo-Mycenaean Pottery: The Archaeological and Archaeometric Dimensions
Open Access
By Richard Jones, Sara T. Levi, Marco Bettelli, and Lucia Vagnetti
Reviewed by Gert Jan van Wijngaarden

1177 B.C.: The Year Civilization Collapsed
Open Access
By Eric H. Cline
Reviewed by Guy D. Middleton

Το ιερό της Αρτέμιδος Ταυροπόλου στις Αλές Αραφηνίδες
Open Access
By Kοnstantinos Kalogerοpoulos
Reviewed by Mary B. Hollinshead

Enduring Bronze: Ancient Art, Modern Views
Open Access
By Carol C. Mattusch
Reviewed by Mark D. Fullerton

The Chora of Metaponto 3: Archaeological Survey, Bradano to Basento
Open Access
Edited by Joseph Coleman Carter and Alberto Prieto
Reviewed by Spencer Pope

The Chora of Metaponto 5: A Greek Farmhouse at Ponte Fabrizio
Open Access
By Elisa Lanza Catti, Keith Swift, and Joseph Coleman Carter
Reviewed by Barbara Tsakirgis

Papers on Italian Urbanism in the First Millennium B.C.
Open Access
Edited by Elizabeth C. Robinson
Reviewed by Michael A. Anderson

The Urbanisation of Rome and Latium Vetus: From the Bronze Age to the Archaic Era
Open Access
By Francesca Fulminante
Reviewed by Elizabeth Colantoni

Designing for Luxury on the Bay of Naples: Villas and Landscapes (c. 100 BCE–79 CE)
Open Access
By Mantha Zarmakoupi
Reviewed by Fred S. Kleiner

The Nabataean Temple at Khirbet et-Tannur. Vols. 1, 2
Open Access
By Judith S. McKenzie et al.
Reviewed by Duane W. Roller

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