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October 1968 (72.4)

Volume Index

Volume 72 (1968) Index (Open Access)


Chronologies in Old World Archaeology: Archaeological Seminar at Columbia University 1966–1967

Summary of Contributions (pp. 301–305)
Edith Porada, Donald P. Hansen, and J.R.F. von Beckerath

A Review of the Chronology of Afghanistan, Baluchistan and the Indus Valley (pp. 305–307)
George F. Dales

Annotations and Corrections of the Relative Chronology of Iran, 1968 (pp. 308–313)
Robert H. Dyson, Jr.

Lerna in the Early Bronze Age (pp. 313–316)
J.L. Caskey

Chronological Problems of the Early Bronze Age Early Bronze I–II: The City of Arad Early Bronze III: The Khirbet Kerak Ware (pp. 316–318)
Ruth Amiran

New Light on the Dating of the Levels of the Karum of Kanish and of Acemhöyük near Aksaray (pp. 318–320)
Nimet Özgüc

Ancient Crete and the Use of the Cylinder Seal (pp. 321–336)
V.E.G. Kenna

A Class of Etruscan Bronze Omphalos-Bowls (pp. 337–344)
Brian F. Cook

The Water Clock in the Tower of the Winds (pp. 345–355)
Joseph V. Noble and Derek J. de Solla Price

Horses by Exekias (pp. 357–368)
Mary B. Moore

Archaeological News from Cyprus, 1967 (pp. 369–380)
K. Nicolaou

News Letter from Greece: Addendum (pp. 381–382)
Miriam Ervin

Archaeological Notes

A Red-Figure Kylix by Oltos at Mount Holyoke College (p. 383)
Elizabeth Finkenstaedt

The Harbor of Iulis (pp. 383–384)
Irwin L. Merker

A Late Hellenistic Group of Aeneas and Anchises (pp. 384–385)
Werner Fuchs

Compositional and Psychological Use of the Spear in Two Vase Paintings by Exekias: A Note on Style (pp. 385–386)
Laurie M. Schneider

The Candidati Represented in Art (pp. 386–387)
Michael Woloch

Book Reviews

Catalogue raisonné des sceaux cylindres et intailles, Vol. I, Musée d’Art et d’Histoire de Genève (pp. 389–390)
By Marie-Louise Vollenweider
Reviewed by Briggs Buchanan

Uronarti, Shalfak, Mirgissa (pp. 390–391)
By Dows Dunham
Reviewed by Hans Goedicke

Winery, Defenses, and Soundings at Gibeon (pp. 391–393)
By James B. Pritchard
Reviewed by Paul W. Lapp

The Technique of Greek Sculpture in the Archaic and Classical Periods (pp. 393–394)
By Sheila Adam
Reviewed by Gisela M.A. Richter

De Metopen des Parthenon. Katalog und Untersuchung (pp. 394–397)
By Frank Brommer
Reviewed by Margarete Bieber

Archeologia della Puglia preistorica (pp. 397–398)
By Renato Peroni
Reviewed by Augustus Sordinas

Capua Preromana. Terrecotte Votive. Catalogo del Museo Provinciale Campano. Vol. I: Teste isolate e mezzeteste (pp. 398–399)
By Maria Bonghi Jovino
Reviewed by Nancy Bookidis

Lampes d’Argos (pp. 399–400)
By Anne Bovon
Reviewed by Oscar Broneer

Eine unbekannte Pelike des Eucharidesmalers im Archäologischen Museum der Universität Münster (p. 400)
By Klaus P. Stähler
Reviewed by Dietrich von Bothmer

Repertorio d’arte dell’Egitto Greco-Romano, Ser. C, Vols. I–II (pp. 400–402)
By Achille Adriani
Reviewed by László Castiglione

The Elder Pliny’s Chapters on the History of Art (p. 402)
By K. Jex-Blake
Reviewed by Margarete Bieber

Die Musensarkophage (pp. 402–406)
By Max Wegner
Reviewed by Marion Lawrence

Les sarcophages romains à représentations dionysiaques, Essai de chronologie et d’histoire religieuse (pp. 406–408)
By Robert Turcan
Reviewed by Marion Lawrence

Frühchristliche Sarkophage in Bild und Wort (pp. 408–410)
By Theodor Klauser
Reviewed by Marion Lawrence

Thoughts on the Meaning and Use of Pre-Hispanic Mexican Sellos (pp. 410–411)
By Frederick V. Field
Reviewed by Muriel Porter Weaver

The Waring Papers: The Collected Works of Antonio J. Waring, Jr. (pp. 411–415)
By Stephen Williams and Antonio J. Waring, Jr.
Reviewed by Clarence H. Webb