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April 1987 (91.2)


Rethinking the Function of Clay Figurine Legs from Neolithic Greece: An Argument by Analogy (pp. 161–169)
Lauren E. Talalay

The Inscribed Stirrup Jars: Implications for Late Minoan IIIB Crete (pp. 171–190)
Erik Hallager

Lenses in Antiquity (pp. 191–196)
George Sines and Yannis A. Sakellarakis

Survey of Archaeological Research on Tartessos (pp. 197–232)
Javier G. Chamorro

The Draped Kouros Type and the Workshop of the Syracuse Youth (pp. 233–246)
Barbara A. Barletta

An Absent Herakles and a Hesperid: A Late Antique Marble Group in New York (pp. 247–257)
Larissa Bonfante and Candace Carter


George Maxim Anossov Hanfmann, 1911–1986 (pp. 259–266)
David Gordon Mitten and Joanne Bloom


The 88th General Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America (pp. 267–328)

Book Reviews

Marxist Perspectives in Archaeology (pp. 329–330)
By Matthew Spriggs
Reviewed by Joan M. Gero

Using Environmental Archaeology (pp. 330–331)
By Myra Shackley
Reviewed by Karl W. Butzer

Masks, Transformation, and Paradox (pp. 331–332)
By A. David Napier
Reviewed by Marilyn B. Arthur

Migrations in Prehistory: Inferring Population Movement from Cultural Remains (pp. 332–333)
By Irving Rouse
Reviewed by Peter S. Wells

The Wadi Al-Jubah Archaeological Project, Vol. 1: Site Reconnaissance in Northern Yemen, 1982 (pp. 333–334)
By Michael R. Toplyn
Reviewed by Steven E. Sidebotham 

The Wadi Al-Jubah Archaeological Project, Vol. 2: A Site Reconnaissance in Northern Yemen, 1983 (pp. 333–334)
By Jeffrey A. Blakely, James A. Sauer, and Michael R. Toplyn
Reviewed by Steven E. Sidebotham

The Minoan Thalassocracy: Myth and Reality. Proceedings of the Third International Symposium at the Swedish Institute in Athens, 31 May–5 June, 1982 (pp. 334–336)
By Robin Hägg and Nanno Marinatos
Reviewed by Karl M. Petruso

Linear B: A 1984 Survey. Proceedings of the Mycenaean Colloquium of the VIIIth Congress of the International Federation of the Societies of Classical Studies (Dublin, 27 August–1st September 1984) (pp. 336–337)
By Anna Morpurgo Davies and Yves Duhoux
Reviewed by Thomas G. Palaima

Recueil des inscriptions en Linéaire A, Vol. 5: Addenda, corrigenda, concordances, index et planches des signes (pp. 336–337)
By Louis Godart and Jean-Pierre Olivier
Reviewed by Thomas G. Palaima

Greek and Cypriot Pottery-A Review of Scientific Studies (pp. 338–339)
By R.E. Jones
Reviewed by W. David Kingery

Silber, Blei und Gold auf Sifnos. Prähistorische und antike Metallproduktion (pp. 339–340)
By G.A. Wagner, G. Weisgerber, and W. Kroker
Reviewed by Curtis Runnels

Greek Imperial Countermarks. Studies in the Provincial Coinage of the Roman Empire (pp. 341–342)
By C.J. Howgego
Reviewed by William E. Metcalf

La peinture murale romaine: les styles décoratifs pompéiens (pp. 342–344)
By Alix Barbet
Reviewed by Eleanor Winsor Leach

Peinture murale en Gaule (pp. 342–344)
By Alix Barbet
Reviewed by Eleanor Winsor Leach

Das römische Herrscherbild Vol. III. Pt. 5: Das römische Kaiserbildnis in Staat, Kult und Gesellschaft (pp. 344–346)
By Thomas Pekáry
Reviewed by Richard A. Gergel

Untersuchungen zu Typologie und Bedeutung der stadtrömischen Minerva-Kultbilder (p. 346)
By Wolfgang Schürmann
Reviewed by Natalie Boymel Kampen

Le epigraphi romane di Canosa I (pp. 346–347)
By Marcella Chelotti, Rosanna Gaeta, Vincenza Morizio, and Marina Silvestri
Reviewed by John Nicols

Town and Country in Roman Tripolitania: Papers in Honour of Olwen Hackett (pp. 347–348)
By D.J. Buck and D.J. Mattingly
Reviewed by J.H. Humphrey

Recherches archéologiques franco-tunisiennes à Bulla Regia I (pp. 348–349)
By A. Beschaouch, R. Hanoune, M. Khanoussi, A. Olivier, and Y. Thébert
Reviewed by C.R. Whittaker 

Inchtuthil. The Roman Legionary Fortress By Lynn F. Pitts and J.K. St. Joseph Roman Stone Fortifications. Variation and Change from the First Century A.D. to the Fourth (pp. 349–350)
By James Lander
Reviewed by T.W. Potter 

The Archaeological Collection of the Johns Hopkins University (pp. 350–351)
By Ellen Reeder Williams
Reviewed by Dietrich von Bothmer

Books Received

List of Books Received (pp. 351–354)