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October–December 1932 (36.4)

Volume 36 (1932) Index (Open Access)

Editorial Comment (p. 381)

The Excavation of the Athenian Agora (pp. 382–392)
Theodore Leslie Shear

Some Greek Inscriptions of Roman Date from Attica (pp. 393–400)
Oscar Broneer

Illustrations of Aeschylus’ Choephoroi and of a Satyr-Play on Hydrias by the Niobid Painter (pp. 401–407)
David M. Robinson

The Palace of Vouni in Cyprus (pp. 408–417)
Valentin Müller

The Restoration of the Ludovisi Gaul (pp. 418–425)
A.D. Fraser

The Cradle of Homo Sapiens (pp. 426–430)
Henry Field

Excavations at Troy 1932 (pp. 431–451)
Carl W. Blegen

Inscriptions of Southern Galatia (pp. 452–464)
W.M. Calder

On Some Important Synchronisms in Prehistoric Mesopotamia (pp. 465–471)
E.A. Speiser

Fragments of Attic Building Accounts (pp. 472–476)
Benjamin D. Meritt

A Comparison of Eskimo and Palaeolithic Art (pp. 477–511)
Frederica de Laguna

A Terracotta Altar in Corinth (pp. 512–520)
Mary Hamilton Swindler

Archaeological Discussions (pp. 521–555)
David M. Robinson

Joint Excavation at Tell Beit Mirsim (pp. 556–568)
W.F. Albright and E.A. Speiser

Book Reviews

Memphis-À L’Ombre des Pyramides (p. 569)
By Jean Capart
Reviewed by Ludlow Bull

The Tomb of Ḳen-Amūn at Thebes (pp. 569–571)
By Norman de Garis Davies
Reviewed by Battiscombe Gunn

The Tomb of Queen Meryet-Amūn at Thebes (The Metropolitan Museum of Art Egyptian Expedition, Vol. VI) (pp. 571–574)
By H.E. Winlock
Reviewed by Caroline Ransom Williams

The Royal Tombs at Dendra near Midea (p. 574)
By Axel W. Persson
Reviewed by Carl W. Blegen

The Acropolis (pp. 575–576)
By Walter Hege and Gerhart Rodenwaldt
Reviewed by William Bell Dinsmoor

From the Collections of the Ny Carlsberg Glyptothek, Vol. I by The Staff of the Glyptothek (pp. 576–578)
Reviewed by Emerson H. Swift

Catalogue of the Coins Found at Corinth, 1925 (pp. 578–579)
By Alfred R. Bellinger
Reviewed by E.T. Newell

A Handbook of Greek and Roman Architecture (pp. 579–581)
By D.S. Robertson
Reviewed by William Bell Dinsmoor

Monumenta Asiae Minoris Antiqua. Vol. III: Denkmäler aus dem rauhen Kilikien (pp. 581–582)
By Josef Keil and Adolf Wilhelm
Reviewed by T.R.S. Broughton

Der Altar des Artemis-Tempels in Magnesia am Mäander (pp. 582–583)
By Armin von Gerkan
Reviewed by William Bell Dinsmoor

Bronzes du Luristan, Ars Asiatica (p. 584)
By André Godard
Reviewed by Valentin Müller

Ercolano (pp. 585–587)
By Amedeo Maiuri
Reviewed by M. Rostovtzeff

Vergil’s Primitive Italy (p. 587)
By Catharine Saunders
Reviewed by Philip B. Whitehead

Excerpta ex Antiquis Scriptoribus Quae ad Forum Romanum Spectant (pp. 587–588)
By A.S. Owen and T.B.L. Webster
Reviewed by A.W. van Buren

Die byzantinischen Elfenbeinskulpturen des x–xiii Jahrhunderts, I Bd., Kasten (pp. 588–591)
By Adolph Goldschmidt and Kurt Weitzmann
Reviewed by C.R. Morey

The Kurgans of the Viatichi (p. 591)
By A.V. Artzihovsky
Reviewed by Eugene A. Golomshtok