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April 1971 (75.2)


Excavations of Prehistoric Remains at Aphrodisias, 1968 and 1969 (pp. 121–140)
Barbara Kadish

Some Early Indian Horse-Bits and Other Bridle Equipment (pp. 141–150)
Lawrence S. Leshnik

Excavations at Buccino: 1970 (pp. 151–154)
Stephen L. Dyson and R. Ross Holloway

A New Head of Zeus from Sardis (pp. 155–159)
Guy P.R. Métraux

Archaeology in Asia Minor (pp. 161–181)
Machteld J. Mellink

Archaeological Notes

Διπλη̂ Στοά (pp. 183–184)
J.J. Coulton

A Replica of the “Barberini Suppliant” Head in New York (pp. 184–188)
Ellen Herscher and Brunilde Sismondo Ridgway

The Felt Shops of Pompeii (pp. 188–189)
Walter O. Moeller

A Series of Epigraphical Joins (pp. 189–190)
Stephen V. Tracy

Addendum to AJA 70 (1966) 127–37: Notes on Military Architecture in the Termessos Region (pp. 190–191)
F.E. Winter

Parthenopaios (pp. 191–192)
J.K. Anderson


Seventy-Second General Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America (pp. 194–217)
George Emmanuel Mylonas

Book Reviews

Frozen Tombs of Siberia. The Pazyryk Burials of Iron-Age Horsemen (pp. 219–220)
By S.I. Rudenko and M.W. Thompson
Reviewed by Tamara Talbot Rice

The Foundations of Palatial Crete, a Survey of Crete in the Early Bronze Age (p. 220)
By Keith Branigan
Reviewed by Joseph W. Shaw

Beiträge zur minoischen Gräberkunde (p. 221)
By Ingo Pini
Reviewed by Maria C. Shaw

Minoan Stone Vases (pp. 221–222)
By Peter Warren
Reviewed by Martha Heath Wiencke

Recherches sur l’âge du fer en Italie Méridionale, Sala Consilina (pp. 222–223)
By Juliette de la Genière
Reviewed by Homer L. Thomas

Exploration archéologique de Délos, faite par l’école français d’Athènes, XXVII, L’Îlot de la Maison des Comédiens (pp. 223–225)
By Philippe Bruneau and Claude Vatin
Reviewed by J. Walter Graham

Exploration archéologique de Délos, XXVIII. Le Gymnase (pp. 225–226)
By Jean Audiat
Reviewed by J. Walter Graham

Fouilles de Delphes, V, Monuments figurés, Les statuettes de bronze (pp. 226–227)
By Claude Rolley
Reviewed by Gisela M.A. Richter

The Thread of Ariadne. A Study of Ancient Greek Dress (p. 227)
By Elsa Gullberg and Paul Åström
Reviewed by Dorothy Kent Hill

Ein Opfergelübde an die etruskische Minerva. Studien und Materialien zur Interpretation des Bleistreifens von S. Marinella (pp. 227–228)
By Ambros Josef Pfiffig
Reviewed by Henry M. Hoenigswald

Der Roma-Augustus Monopteros auf der Akropolis in Athen und sein typologischer Ort (pp. 228–229)
By Wolfgang Binder
Reviewed by W. Willson Cummer

Forum Augustum. Das Bildprogramm (p. 229)
By Paul Zanker
Reviewed by Dorothy Kent Hill

Studien zur statuarischen Darstellung der römischen Kaiser (pp. 229–230)
By Hans Georg Niemeyer
Reviewed by Gerhard Koeppel

Roman Republican Coin Hoards (pp. 230–232)
By M.H. Crawford
Reviewed by T.V. Buttrey

Roman Archaeology and Art: Essays and Studies by Sir Ian Richmond (p. 232)
By Peter Salway and Ian Richmond
Reviewed by Joan Liversidge

Le mausolée de Glanum (pp. 232–234)
By Henri Rolland
Reviewed by Fred S. Kleiner

Hommages à Marcel Renard, Vols. I–III, Collection Latomus, Vols. 101–103 (pp. 235–236)
By Jacqueline Brabauw
Reviewed by Inez Scott Ryberg

Spätantike Gürtelbeschläge, Typen, Herstellung, Trageweise und Datierung (pp. 236–237)
By Hermann Bullinger
Reviewed by David M. Wilson

Lithic Analysis and Cultural Inference: A Paleo-Indian Case (pp. 237–238)
By Edwin N. Wilmsen
Reviewed by George C. Frison

The Upper Amazon (pp. 238–239)
By Donald W. Lathrap
Reviewed by Robert L. Carneiro

El Tesoro de Monte Albán by Alfonso Caso; Estudios Técnicos sobre la Tumba 7 de Monte Albán (pp. 239–241)
By Daniel F. Rubín de la Borbolla
Reviewed by Ronald Spores

New World Prehistory: Archaeology of the American Indian (pp. 241–243)
By William T. Sanders and Joseph Marino
Reviewed by Michael D. Coe

Cautantowwit’s House, an Indian Burial Ground on the Island of Conanicut in Narragansett Bay (pp. 243–244)
By William Scranton Simmons
Reviewed by Daniel W. Ingersoll