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April–June 1927 (31.2)

A Statue of the Type Called the Venus Genetrix in the Royal Ontario Museum (pp. 141–152)
Cornelia G. Harcum

Survivals of Sumerian Types of Architecture (pp. 153–159)
Raymond P. Dougherty

The “Hellenistic Ruler” of the Terme Museum (pp. 160–168)
Rhys Carpenter

A Primitive Statue from Arkadia (pp. 169–176)
Dorothy Burr

Notes on “Lost” Vases: IV (pp. 177–179)
Stephen Bleecker Luce

A Revision of I.G. I², 216 (pp. 180–185)
Benjamin D. Meritt

Archaeological Discussions (pp. 186–225)
Edward H. Heffner and E.P.B.

Bibliography of Archaeological Books 1926 (pp. 226–267)
Edward H. Heffner

Book Reviews

Macedonia, Thrace and Illyria (pp. 268–270)
By Stanley Casson
Reviewed by Carl W. Blegen

Der Syrische Kirchenbau, Studien zur spätantiken Kunstgeschichte (pp. 270–271)
By H.W. Beyer
Reviewed by C.H. Kraeling

Prehistoric Aigina: A History of the Island in the Bronze Age (pp. 271–272)
By James Penrose Harland
Reviewed by Stephen Bleecker Luce

Studien zu den attischen Reliefs des Fünften Jahrhunderts v. Chr. (pp. 273–274)
By Ernst Kjellberg
Reviewed by David M. Robinson

Die Katalanische Bibelillustration um die Wende des Ersten Jahrtausends und die Altspanische Buchmalerei (pp. 274–275)
By Wilhelm Neuss
Reviewed by Giorgiana Goddard King

Les Eglises Rupestres de Cappadoce (p. 276)
By Guillaume de Jerphanion
Reviewed by E.T. DeWald

Materials for the History of Sofia, Vol. XII, The Coins and the Mints of Serdica (pp. 276–277)
By Nicolas A. Mouchmov
Reviewed by Clarence A. Manning

Greek Papyri in the Library of Cornell University (p. 277)
By William Linn Westermann and Casper J. Kraemer
Reviewed by Henry Bartlett van Hoesen

English Ivories (pp. 278–279)
By M.H. Longhurst
Reviewed by C.R. Post

Echi di Civiltà Preistoriche nei Poemi d’Omero (p. 279)
By L.A. Stella
Reviewed by Samuel E. Bassett

Imhotep, The Vizier and Physician of King Zoser and Afterwards the Egyptian God of Medicine (pp. 279–280)
By Jamieson B. Hurry
Reviewed by William F. Edgerton