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July–September 1942 (46.3)

Archaeological Notes

Another Archaic Greek Mirror (pp. 319–324)
Gisela M.A. Richter

The Villa and Tomb of Lucullus at Tusculum (pp. 325–340)
George McCracken

Observations on Seventh-Century Sculpture (pp. 341–359)
Frederick R. Grace

A Collection of Cylinder Seals in the Biblioteca Vaticana (pp. 360–365)
E. Douglas van Buren

Sutor Resutus (pp. 366–367)
Mary Wallace

A Note on the Painter of the Cerberus Amphora of Washington University: Addenda to AJA. XLIV, 1940, pp. 187–211 (pp. 368–369)
George E. Mylonas

Notes on Megaron Roofs (pp. 370–372)
William Bell Dinsmoor

Recent Publications on S. Maria Maggiore in Rome (pp. 373–379)
Richard Krautheimer

C. Sulpicius Galba, Proconsul of Achaia (pp. 380–388)
James H. Oliver

The Arcuated Lintel and Its Symbolic Interpretation in Late Antique Art (pp. 389–399)
Donald F. Brown

Possibilities of Prehistoric Metallurgy in the East Balkan Peninsula (pp. 400–409)
James H. Gaul

Archaeological News and Discussions (pp. 410–440)
Stephen B. Luce, Dows Dunham, G.E.M. and A.W. van Buren

Book Reviews

Materials Used at the Embalming of King Tūt-‘Ankh-Amūn, Metropolitan Museum of Art. Papers 10 (p. 441)
By H.E. Winlock
Reviewed by C.R. Williams

The Temple of Hibis in El Khargeh Oasis, Part I. The Excavations (pp. 441–443)
By H.E. Winlock
Reviewed by H. Ranke

The Temple Oval at Khafājah (pp. 443–444)
By Pinhas Delougaz
Reviewed by E.A. Speiser

Kizzuwatna and the Problem of Hittite Geography, Yale Oriental Series, Researches, Vol. XXII (pp. 444–446)
By Albrecht Goetze
Reviewed by W.F. Albright

Introduction to Hurrian, Annual of the American Schools of Oriental Research, XX (pp. 446–447)
By E.A. Speiser
Reviewed by Cyrus H. Gordon

Zeus. A Study in Ancient Religion (pp. 447–451)
By Arthur Bernard Cook
Reviewed by Francis R. Walton

An Amphora with a Price Inscription in the Hearst Collection at San Simeon (pp. 451–452)
By D.A. Amyx
Reviewed by Sterling Dow

The Coinage of the Western Seleucid Mints from Seleucus I to Antiochus III (pp. 452–454)
By Edward T. Newell
Reviewed by Alfred R. Bellinger

University of Pennsylvania Bicentennial Conference, Studies in the Arts and Architecture (p. 454)
Reviewed by John Franklin Daniel

Archaeological Papers (pp. 454–455)
By George W. Elderkin
Reviewed by Dorothy Kent Hill

The Arts of Orpheus (pp. 455–460)
By Ivan M. Linforth
Reviewed by Alister Cameron

Roman Portraits: A Picture Book (p. 460)
Reviewed by Meriwether Stuart

Publicum Portorium Illyrici (pp. 460–461)
By Árpád Dobó
Reviewed by T. Robert S. Broughton

The Social Basis of Roman Power in Asia Minor (p. 461)
By William M. Ramsay
Reviewed by T. Robert S. Broughton

Opuscula Archaeologica. Vol. II, Fasc. 1 (pp. 461–463)
By Institutum Romanum Regni Sueciae
Reviewed by George M.A. Hanfmann

The Dog-Bird Senmurv-Paskudj (pp. 464–466)
By C. Trever
Reviewed by N. Toll

Contributions to the Archaeology of the Illinois River Valley (p. 466)
By Frank C. Baker, James B. Griffin, Richard G. Morgan, Georg K. Neumann, and Jay L.B. Taylor
Reviewed by Fay-Cooper Cole

Landa’s Relación de las Cosas de Yucatán (pp. 466–467)
By Alfred M. Tozzer
Reviewed by Robert Redfield

The Hymn to Demeter and Her Sanctuary at Eleusis (pp. 467–468)
By George Emmanuel Mylonas
Reviewed by C. Bradford Welles