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A Letter from the Editors-in-Chief
(pp. 1–3)
Open Access
Emma Blake, Robert Schon


Forging the Roman Rural Economy: A Blacksmithing Workshop and Its Tool Set at Marzuolo (Tuscany)
(pp. 53–77)
Astrid Van Oyen, Gijs W. Tol, Rhodora G. Vennarucci, Alexander Agostini, Vincent Serneels, Anna Maria Mercuri, Eleonora Rattighieri, Alessandra Benatti

Ephemeral Heritage: Boats, Migration, and the Central Mediterranean Passage
(pp. 79–102)
Elizabeth S. Greene, Justin Leidwanger, Leopoldo Repola

Field Reports

Nomads Trading with Empires: Intercultural Trade in Ancient Somaliland in the First to Seventh Centuries CE
(pp. 103–138)
Open Access
Alfredo González-Ruibal, Jorge de Torres, Candela Martínez Barrio, Manuel Antonio Franco Fernández, Adolfo Fernández Fernández, Pablo Gutiérrez de León Juberías, José Yravedra Sainz de los Terreros, Michela Gaudiello, Ahmed Jama Dualeh

Print Museum Reviews


Elizabeth B. French, 1931–2021
(pp. 161–164)
Open Access
Kim Shelton

Online Review Articles

Book Reviews

Finding Fairness: From Pleistocene Foragers to Contemporary Capitalists
Open Access
By Justin Jennings
Reviewed by Thomas E. Emerson

Rituals, Collapse, and Radical Transformation in Archaic States
Open Access
Edited by Joanne M.A. Murphy
Reviewed by Guy D. Middleton

Ancient Egypt and Early China: State, Society, and Culture
Open Access
By Anthony J. Barbieri-Low
Reviewed by Danijela Stefanović

Wine Jars and Jar Makers of Cyprus: The Ethnoarchaeology of Pitharia
Open Access
By Gloria London
Reviewed by Sophocles Hadjisavvas

Samothrace: Excavations Conducted by the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University. Vol. 9, The Monuments of the Eastern Hill
Open Access
By Bonna D. Wescoat, with contributions by Carmen Arnold-Biucchi, Susan Ludi Blevins, Sheila Dillon, Nora M. Dimitrova, Laura M. Gadbery, Jasper Gaunt, Kira K. Jones, Amy Sowder Koch, Maggie L. Popkin, and Devon A. Stewart
Reviewed by Gretchen Umholtz

Culti domestici in Italia meridionale ed Etruria
Open Access
By Aura Piccioni
Reviewed by Alexandra Sofroniew

Foodways in Roman Republican Italy
Open Access
By Laura M. Banducci
Reviewed by Erica Rowan

Oplontis: Villa A (“of Poppaea”) at Torre Annunziata, Italy. Volume 2, The Decorations: Painting, Stucco, Pavements, Sculptures
Open Access
Edited by John R. Clarke and Nayla K. Muntasser
Reviewed by Thomas Noble Howe

Painting, Poetry, and the Invention of Tenderness in the Early Roman Empire
Open Access
By Hérica Valladares
Reviewed by Nathaniel B. Jones

The Busy Periphery: Urban Systems of the Balkan and Danube Provinces (2nd–3rd c. AD)
Open Access
By Damjan Donev
Reviewed by Matthew Schueller

Books Received