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AJA Open Access: Book Reviews

The AJA publishes online-only book reviews, which are freely available below. These reviews are published in tandem with the respective printed issue and are listed in that issue’s table of contents. The AJA began releasing early access book reviews on a monthly basis in advance of the printed issue in 2021. As part of the publishing partnership with the University of Chicago Press, in 2022 the AJA started issuing book reviews in PDF format with page numbers and posting the reviews on the same platform as the rest of the journal content. Early access book reviews can be found on the AJA's University of Chicago Press site under the Ahead of Print Book Reviews tab.

See AJA Open Access for the distribution policy and additional free content.

Prior to 2006, book reviews were published in the printed AJA only and are available for purchase via the AJA Archive.

Book reviewers should consult the Author Guide for submission and formatting instructions.

Book publishers interested in having their books reviewed should send front matter (including any acknowledgments) for relevant titles to the AJA Book Reviews Editor, Lisa R. Brody, at The Book Reviews Editor will ask publishers to send print copies of books directly to reviewers once the reviewers have been identified. The following are excluded from review and should not be sent: offprints; reeditions, except those with significant changes; journal volumes, except the first in a new series; monographs of very small size and scope; and books dealing with archaeology of the Americas.

Book Reviews by Issue