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October–December 1943 (47.4)

Archaeological Notes

A Bronze Eros (pp. 365–378)
Gisela M.A. Richter

The Statue of a Ram in Toledo (pp. 378–382)
Margarete Bieber

The Temple of Ares and the Roman Agora (pp. 383–384)
William Bell Dinsmoor

Black-Figure Pottery at Chicago (pp. 385–402)
Franklin P. Johnson

Haghia Sophia, Istanbul: Preliminary Report of a Recent Examination of the Structure (pp. 403–436)
William Emerson and Robert L. van Nice

The Shrine of Janus Geminus in Rome (pp. 437–440)
Valentine Müller

Panathenaica (pp. 441–465)
J.D. Beazley

Archaeological News and Discussions (pp. 466–488)
Stephen B. Luce

Book Reviews

Presargonic Temples in the Diyala Region (pp. 489–491)
By Pinhas Delougaz and Seton Lloyd
Reviewed by Valentine Müller

Alalakh and Chronology (pp. 491–492)
By Sidney Smith
Reviewed by W.F. Albright

The Religion of Greece in Prehistoric Times (pp. 492–496)
By Axel W. Persson
Reviewed by Arthur Darby Nock

Bilder Griechischer Vasen, by J.D. Beazley and Paul Jacobsthal; Volume 11: Sakonides, by Andreas Rumpf (pp. 496–497)
Reviewed by Mary Zelia Pease

The Oxyrhynchus Papyri, Part XVIII (pp. 497–500)
By E. Lobel, C.H. Roberts, and E.P. Wegener
Reviewed by O.M. Pearl

Corinth III. Corinth: Results of Excavations Conducted by the American School of Classical Studies at Athens, Volume I, Part II: Architecture (pp. 500–505)
By Richard Stillwell, Robert L. Scranton, and Sarah Elizabeth Freeman
Reviewed by Homer A. Thompson

A Tarsus Coin Collection in the Adana Museum (pp. 505–506)
By D.H. Cox
Reviewed by F.O. Waage

Soviet Archaeology VII (pp. 506–508)
Reviewed by M. Rostovtzeff

Ancient Jewish Coins (pp. 508–509)
By A. Reifenberg
Reviewed by F.O. Waage

Hunting Scenes on Roman Glass in the Rhineland (p. 509)
By Michael Ginsburg
Reviewed by Howard Comfort

Corinth XI, The Byzantine Pottery (p. 510)
By Charles H. Morgan
Reviewed by N. Toll

Late Egyptian and Coptic Art: An Introduction to the Collections in the Brooklyn Museum (pp. 510–511)
By John D. Cooney
Reviewed by C.R. Morey

Gotlands Bildsteine, Vol. I (pp. 511–513)
By Sune Linqvist
Reviewed by H. O’Neill Hencken

The Tickhill Psalter and Related Manuscripts, A School of Manuscript Illumination in England during the Early Fourteenth Century (pp. 513–518)
By Donald Drew Egbert
Reviewed by Dorothy Miner