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January–March 1928 (32.1)

The Right Arm of Harmodios (pp. 1–8)
Gisela M.A. Richter

Latin Elegiacs from Corinth (pp. 9–22)
Lily Ross Taylor and Allen B. West

An Engraved Glass Bowl in the Museo Cristiano of the Vatican Library (pp. 23–32)
William C. Hayes, Jr.

Four Unpublished Vases in the Style of the Brygos Painter (pp. 33–55)
David M. Robinson

General Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America, December 28–30, 1927 (pp. 56–65)

Archaeological News (pp. 66–123)
Edward H. Heffner, A.W. Van Buren, E.P.B., W.F. Albright, and George A. Barton

Corrigendum: The Origin and Development of the Alphabet (p. 123)

Book Reviews

Alcamenes and the Establishment of the Classical Type in Greek Art (pp. 124–125)
By Charles Walston
Reviewed by T. Leslie Shear

Die Griechischen Terrakotten (pp. 125–126)
By August Köster
Reviewed by T. Leslie Shear

L’Impérialisme Macédonien et l’Hellénisation de l’Orient (pp. 126–127)
By P. Jouguet
Reviewed by Allan Chester Johnson

Ancient Records of Assyria and Babylonia (pp. 127–128)
By Daniel David Luckenbill
Reviewed by R.V.D. Magoffin

The History and Civilization of Ancient Megara, Part One (pp. 128–129)
By E.L. Highbarger
Reviewed by Allen B. West

Royal Inscriptions and Fragments from Nippur and Babylon (pp. 129–130)
By Leon Legrain
Reviewed by A.T. Olmstead

L’Art Hittite (pp. 130–131)
By Edmond Pottier
Reviewed by George A. Barton

Céramique Cappadocienne (pp. 131–132)
By Henri de Genouillac
Reviewed by David M. Robinson

Les Origines de la Gravure en France, les Estampes sur Bois et sur Métal, les Incunables Xylographiques (p. 132)
By André Blum
Reviewed by Frank Weitenkampf

Les richesses d’art de la France: Recueil de documents publié sous le patronage du Ministère de l’Instruction Publique et des Beaux-Arts (pp. 132–133)
By Louis Hautecoeur and Louis Réau
Reviewed by Oliver S. Tonks

The Roman Campagna in Classical Times (pp. 133–135)
By Thomas Ashby
Reviewed by A.W. van Buren

The Great Cylinder Inscriptions A and B of Gudea, Vol. XXVI, Part II, of Assyriologische Bibliothek (pp. 135–136)
By Ira Maurice Price
Reviewed by Raymond P. Dougherty

The Cambridge Ancient History: Volume V, Athens, 478–401 B.C. (pp. 136–137)
By J.B. Bury, S.A. Cook, and F.E. Adcock
Reviewed by Sidney N. Deane

New Chapters in Greek Art (p. 137)
By Percy Gardner
Reviewed by George H. Chase

Die Altchristliche Grabeskunst; ein Versuch der Einheitlichen Auslegung (pp. 137–139)
By Paul Styger
Reviewed by C.R. Morey