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January 1965 (69.1)


The East Pediment of the Siphnian Treasury: A Reinterpretation (pp. 1–5)
Brunilde Sismondo Ridgway

The Spectacle Fibulae of Southern Europe (pp. 7–23)
John Alexander

New Examples of the Hellenistic Statue Group, “The Invitation to the Dance,” and Their Significance (pp. 25–37)
Dericksen M. Brinkerhoff

Etruscan Ritual Armor: Two Examples in Bronze (pp. 39–48)
James H. Turnure

Old Persian and Greek Stonecutting and the Chronology of Achaemenian Monuments: Achaemenian Problems I (pp. 49–55)
Carl Nylander

Archaeological Notes

Semi-Dome Decoration in Graeco-Roman Egypt (pp. 57–62)
Fawzi el Fakharani

Experiments with Rubber Silicone Compounds (pp. 62–63)
Jeanette M. Flamm

Greek Vases in the Stanford Museum (pp. 63–65)
T.B.L. Webster

Graeco-Scythian Mirrors (pp. 65–66)
Herbert Hoffmann

Book Reviews

Symbols of Prehistoric Mesopotamia (p. 67)
By Beatrice Laura Goff
Reviewed by A.K. Grayson

Les Assyriens en Cappadoce (p. 68)
By Paul Garelli
Reviewed by I.J. Gelb

Palestine before the Hebrews. A History, from the Earliest Arrival of Man to the Conquest of Canaan (pp. 68–70)
By Emmanuel Anati
Reviewed by G. Ernest Wright

Tutankhamen: Life and Death of a Pharaoh (p. 70)
By Christiane Desroches-Noblecourt
Reviewed by Alan R. Schulman

Thebes in the Time of Amunhotep III (pp. 70–71)
By Elizabeth Riefstahl
Reviewed by Edward L.B. Terrace

Hatra et les sculptures Parthes: Etude stylistique et iconographique (p. 71)
By D. Homès-Fredericq
Reviewed by Charles K. Wilkinson

Die Péceler (Badener) Kultur und Anatolien (pp. 71–72)
By Nándor Kalicz
Reviewed by Ellen L. Kohler

From the Silent Earth, a Report on the Greek Bronze Age (pp. 72–73)
By Joseph Alsop
Reviewed by Oscar Broneer

The Athenian Agora, Vol. VIII. Late Geometric and Protoattic Pottery: Mid 8th to Late 7th Century B.C. (pp. 73–74)
By Eva T.H. Brann
Reviewed by Jean M. Davison

Island Gems. A Study of Greek Seals in the Geometric and Early Archaic Period (p. 74)
By John Boardman
Reviewed by Marie-Louise Vollenweider

Attic Red-Figure Vase-Painters, Second Edition (pp. 74–76)
By J.D. Beazley
Reviewed by Gisela M.A. Richter

Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum, Suisse, Fascicule 1, Genéve, Fascicule 1 (pp. 76–77)
By Augusta Bruckner
Reviewed by D.A. Amyx

Attic Red-Figured Rhyta (pp. 77–78)
By Herbert Hoffmann
Reviewed by Elisabeth Jastrow

Aphrodite Kallipygos (pp. 78–79)
By Gösta Säflund and Peter M. Fraser
Reviewed by Dericksen Brinkerhoff

Die Kunst der Westgriechen in Sizilien und Unteritalien (pp. 79–80)
By Ernst Langlotz
Reviewed by Erik Sjöqvist

Ptolemais, City of the Libyan Pentapolis (pp. 80–81)
By Carl H. Kraeling
Reviewed by J.B. Ward Perkins

Catalogue raisonné des figurines et reliefs en terre-cuite grecs et romains (Musée du Louvre et collections des universités de France), II, Myrina (pp. 81–82)
By Simone Mollard-Besques
Reviewed by Dorothy Burr Thompson

Etruscan Culture, Land and People (pp. 82–83)
By Axel Boethius, Carl Fries, Einar Gjerstad, Krister Hanell, Carl Eric Ostenberg, Vagn Poulsen, Bengt Thordeman, Erik Welin, Erik Wetter, and Nils G. Sahlin
Reviewed by Emeline H. Richardson

Seminario di Archeologia e Storia dell’Arte Greca e Romana dell’Università di Roma. Studi miscellanei 5: La casa reg. IX.5, 18–21 a Pompei e le sue pitture (pp. 83–84)
By Fausto Zevi
Reviewed by L. Richardson, Jr.

Gesture and Rank in Roman Art. The Use of Gestures to Denote Status in Roman Sculpture and Coinage (pp. 84–86)
By Richard Brilliant
Reviewed by Mary L. Heuser

Orichalcum and Related Ancient Alloys: Origin, Composition and Manufacture with Special Reference to the Coinage of the Roman Empire (p. 86)
By Earle R. Caley
Reviewed by R.J. Gettens

Early Byzantine Churches in Macedonia and Southern Serbia. A Study of the Origins and the Initial Development of East Christian Art (pp. 86–87)
By R.F. Hoddinott
Reviewed by Josephine M. Harris

Nouvelles Églises Rupestres de Cappadoce (pp. 87–88)
By Nicole and Michel Thierry
Reviewed by Michael Gough

La Civilisation Mérovingienne, 4 Vols (pp. 88–92)
By Edouard Salin
Reviewed by Philippe Verdier

Diving into the Past. Theories, Techniques, and Applications of Underwater Archaeology (p. 92)
By June Drenning Holmquist and Ardis Hillman Wheeler
Reviewed by Froelich Rainey

Prehistoric Man in the New World (pp. 92–93)
By Jesse D. Jennings and Edward Norbeck
Reviewed by Richard B. Woodbury

Andes 2, Excavations at Kotosh, Peru, 1960 (pp. 93–94)
By Seiichi Izumi and Toshihiko Sono
Reviewed by Betty J. Meggers