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January 1995 (99.1)


The Society for the American Journal of Archaeology, 1989–1994 (p. 1)
Fred S. Kleiner

Field Reports

An Image of Complexity: The Burnt Village at Late Neolithic Sabi Abyad, Syria (pp. 5–32)
Peter M.M.G. Akkermans and Marc Verhoeven

Archaeological Research at Aphrodisias in Caria, 1993 (pp. 33–58)
R.R.R. Smith and Christopher Ratté


Modernity and the Past-Still-Present: Politics of Time in the Birth of Regional Archaeological Projects in Greece (pp. 59–78)
Michael Fotiadis


Science in Archaeology: A Review (pp. 79–142)
Patrick E. McGovern, Thomas L. Sever, J. Wilson Myers, Eleanor Emlen Myers, Bruce Bevan, Naomi F. Miller, S. Bottema, Hitomi Hongo, Richard H. Meadow, Peter Ian Kuniholm, S.G.E. Bowman, M.N. Leese, R.E.M. Hedges, Frederick R. Matson, Ian C. Freestone, Sarah J. Vaughan, Julian Henderson, Pamela B. Vandiver, Charles S. Tumosa, Curt W. Beck, Patricia Smith, A.M. Child, A.M. Pollard, Ingolf Thuesen, and Catherine Sease


Edith Porada, 1912–1994 (pp. 143–146)
Holly Pittman

Review Article

Archaeological Reference Texts and the Information Age (pp. 147–150)
Roger B. Ulrich

Book Reviews

Theory and Practice in Archaeology (p. 151)
By Ian Hodder
Reviewed by Michael Fotiadis

Statements in Stone: Monuments and Society in Neolithic Brittany (p. 152)
By Mark Patton
Reviewed by Sarunas Milisauskas

The Uruk World System: The Dynamics of Expansion of Early Mesopotamian Civilization (pp. 152–153)
By Guillermo Algaze
Reviewed by Kathryn Keith

The Cambridge Ancient History III, Pt. 2: The Assyrian and Babylonian Empires and Other States of the Near East, from the Eighth to the Sixth Centuries B.C. (pp. 153–154)
Edited by John Boardman, I.E.S. Edwards, N.G.L. Hammond, and E. Sollberger
Reviewed by D.T. Potts

Settlement and Society in the Early Bronze Age I and II Southern Levant: Complementarity and Contradiction in a Small-Scale Complex Society (pp. 154–155)
By Alexander H. Joffe
Reviewed by Steven E. Falconer

Society and Polity at Bronze Age Pella: An Annales Perspective (pp. 155–156)
By A. Bernard Knapp
Reviewed by Mark W. Chavalas

Islands under Influence: The Cyclades in the Late Bronze Age and the Nature of Mycenaean Presence (pp. 156–157)
By Ann-Louise Schallin
Reviewed by Patrick M. Thomas

Style and Society in Dark Age Greece: The Changing Face of a Pre-Literate Society (pp. 157–159)
By James Whitley
Reviewed by Ian Morris

The First Western Greeks (pp. 159–160)
By David Ridgway
Reviewed by Mary E. Moser

The Wedding in Ancient Athens (p. 160)
By John H. Oakley and Rebecca Sinos
Reviewed by Mary B. Moore

Greek Bronze Statuary: From the Beginnings through the Fifth Century B.C. (pp. 161–162)
By Carol C. Mattusch
Reviewed by Frances Van Keuren

The Pediments of the Parthenon (pp. 162–163)
By Olga Palagia
Reviewed by Katherine A. Schwab

The Tomb of Lyson and Kallikles: A Painted Macedonian Tomb (pp. 163–164)
By Stella G. Miller
Reviewed by Eugene N. Borza

Fouilles d’Aï Khanoum VIII: La trésorerie du palais hellénistique d’Aï Khanoum. L’apogée et la chute du royaume grec de Bactriane (pp. 164–165)
By Claude Rapin
Reviewed by Susan B. Downey

La charpenterie navale romaine: Matériaux, méthodes, moyens (pp. 165–166)
By Michel Rival
Reviewed by Michael A. Fitzgerald

Hispania antiqua: Denkmäler der Römerzeit (pp. 166–167)
Edited by Hermanfrid Schubart and Walter Trillmich
Reviewed by Leonard A. Curchin

Arte antica e cultura antiquaria nelle collezioni venete al tempo della Serenissima (pp. 167–168)
By Irene Favaretto
Reviewed by Claire L. Lyons

Books Received

List of Books Received (p. 169)