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Archaeology in Jordan, 2008 and 2009 Seasons
(pp. 505–545)
Includes Open Access Supplementary Content
Donald R. Keller, Christopher A. Tuttle


Elizabeth Lyding Will (1924–2009)
(pp. 547–548)
Nicholas K. Rauh

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Local Responses to Roman Imperialism
(pp. 557–561)
Sarah A. Scott

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Archaeology and Nationalism in Eretz-Israel
Open Access
Edited by Michael Feige and Zvi Shiloni
Reviewed by Assaf Yasur-Landau

Le tombeau de Pétosiris à Touna el-Gebel: Relevé photographique
Open Access
By Nadine Cherpion, Jean-Pierre Corteggiani, and Jean-François Gout
Reviewed by Mariam Ayad

Ancient Turkey
Open Access
By Antonio Sagona and Paul Zimansky
Reviewed by Hermann Genz

Tombes de Carie: Architecture funéraire et culture Carienne VIe–IIe siécle av. J.-C.
Open Access
By Olivier Henry
Reviewed by Anne Marie Carstens

Ancient Greece and Ancient Iran: Cross Cultural Encounters. 1st International Conference, Athens, 11–13 November 2006
Open Access
Edited by Seyed Mohammad Reza Darbandi and Antigoni Zournatzi
Reviewed by Mark B. Garrison

Observations on the Amphora Repertoire of Middle Punic Carthage
Open Access
By Babette Bechtold
Reviewed by Joann Freed

Contacto cultural entre el Mediterráneo y el Atlántico (siglos XII–VIII ane): La precolonización a debate
Open Access
Edited by S. Celestino, N. Rafel, and X.-L. Armada
Reviewed by Joan Sanmartí

La stipe del Santuario di Alaimo a Lentini: Un’area sacra tra la chora e il mare
Open Access
Edited by Lorenza Grasso
Reviewed by Giancarlo Germanà Bozza

Lord Elgin and Ancient Greek Architecture: The Elgin Drawings at the British Museum
Open Access
By Luciana Gallo
Reviewed by Debbie Challis

Art in Athens During the Peloponnesian War
Open Access
Edited by Olga Palagia
Reviewed by Cynthia Kosso

New Perspectives on Etruria and Early Rome: In Honor of Richard Daniel De Puma
Open Access
Edited by Sinclair Bell and Helen Nagy
Reviewed by Simon Stoddart

Style and Function in Roman Decoration: Living with Objects and Interiors
Open Access
By Ellen Swift
Reviewed by John R. Clarke

Family Fictions in Roman Art
Open Access
By Natalie Boymel Kampen
Reviewed by Lauren Hackworth Petersen

Athens During the Roman Period: Recent Discoveries, New Evidence
Open Access
By Stavros Vlizos
Reviewed by Mary C. Sturgeon

The Water Supply of Byzantine Constantinople [and] Ostie, l’eau dans la ville: Châteaux d’eau et réseau d’adduction
Open Access
The Water Supply of Byzantine Constantinople, by James Crow, Jonathan Bardill, and Richard Bayliss; Ostie, l’eau dans la ville, by Évelyne Bukowiecki, Hélène Dessales, and Julien Dubouloz
Reviewed by John Peter Oleson

Serçe Limani. Vol. 2, The Glass of an Eleventh-Century Shipwreck
Open Access
By George F. Bass, Robert H. Brill, Bera Lledó, and Sheila D. Matthews
Reviewed by Sylvia Fünfschilling

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