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January–March 1939 (43.1)

Archaeological Notes

Two Recent Acquisitions by the Metropolitan Museum of Art (pp. 1–9)
Gisela M.A. Richter

The Orient and Europe (pp. 10–26)
V. Gordon Childe

The Lost Pedimental Sculptures of Bassae (pp. 27–47)
William Bell Dinsmoor

The Fourth Campaign at Olynthos (pp. 48–77)
David M. Robinson and George E. Mylonas

Watchtowers and Fortresses in Argolis (pp. 78–84)
Louis E. Lord

The Primitive Smelting of Iron (pp. 85–101)
T.A. Rickard

The Inscribed Pithoi from Kourion (pp. 102–103)
John Franklin Daniel

Turkeys or Cranes on a Laconian Hydria (pp. 104–105)
W.A. Oldfather

Archaeological News and Discussions (pp. 107–132)
Stephen B. Luce and Elizabeth Pierce Blegen

Excavations in Samothrace (pp. 133–145)
Karl Lehmann-Hartleben

Archaeological Exploration and Excavation in Palestine, Transjordan and Syria during 1938 (pp. 146–157)
Nelson Glueck

Book Reviews

Le Pithecanthrope était-il un Pygmée? (p. 158)
By Paul Buyssens
Reviewed by T.D. McCown

The Excavation of Tell Beit Mirsim, Vol. II, The Bronze Age (pp. 158–159)
By William Foxwell Albright
Reviewed by Robert H. Pfeiffer

Nuzi. Report on the Excavations at Yorgan Tepa near Kirkuk, Iraq, Conducted by Harvard University in Conjunction with the American Schools of Oriental Research and the University Museum of Philadelphia, 1927–1931 (p. 159)
By Richard F.S. Starr
Reviewed by W.F. Albright

La Civilisation d’Assur et de la Babylone (pp. 159–160)
By G. Contenau
Reviewed by Albrecht Goetze

Mounds in the Plain of Antioch: An Archaeological Survey (pp. 160–161)
By Robert J. Braidwood
Reviewed by W.F. Albright

Fouilles Exécutées à Mallia, Deuxième Rapport: Exploration du Palais (1925–1926) Études Crétoises IV (p. 161)
By Fernand Chapouthier and René Joly
Reviewed by John Franklin Daniel

Deux Épées d’Apparat Découvertes en 1936 au Palais de Mallia; Etudes Crétoises V (p. 162)
By Fernand Chapouthier
Reviewed by John Franklin Daniel

The Mediterranean World in Ancient Times (p. 162)
By Eva Matthews Sanford
Reviewed by Allan Chester Johnson

Food in Early Greece (pp. 162–163)
By Kenton Frank Vickery
Reviewed by Carl W. Blegen

Greek Wolf-Lore (p. 163)
By Richard Preston Eckels
Reviewed by Francis Redding Walton

Satyroi (pp. 163–164)
By Frank Brommer
Reviewed by Joseph E. Fontenrose

Viergespanne in Vorderansicht (pp. 164–166)
By German Hafner
Reviewed by D.A. Amyx

Altertümer von Pergamon, Band X, Die Hellenistischen Arsenale (pp. 166–167)
By Akos von Szalay and Erich Boehringer
Reviewed by Lucy T. Shoe                        

Corolla Ludwig Curtius (pp. 167–168)
Reviewed by Rhys Carpenter

Etruscologia, 1935–36 (p. 168)
By Aldo Neppi Modona
Reviewed by George M.A. Hanfmann

Altetruskische Plastik I. Die menschliche Gestalt in der Rundplastik bis zum Ausgang der orientalisierenden Kunst (pp. 168–169)
By Georg M.A. Hanfmann
Reviewed by Edith H. Dohan

Etruscan Terracotta Warriors in the Metropolitan Museum of Art (pp. 169–170)
By Gisela M.A. Richter
Reviewed by Rhys Carpenter

Ritual and Cults of Pre-Roman Iguvium (pp. 170–171)
By Irene Rosenzweig, Kirsopp Lake, and Silva Lake
Reviewed by George M.A. Hanfmann

The Clothing of the Ancient Romans (pp. 171–173)
By Lillian M. Wilson and David M. Robinson
Reviewed by Margarete Bieber

Vassal—Queens and Some Contemporary Women of the Roman Empire (p. 173)
By Grace Harriet Macurdy
Reviewed by Lily Ross Taylor

Notes on Antique Folklore on the Basis of Pliny’s Natural History, Bk. XXVIII, 22–29 (pp. 173–174)
By X.F.M.G. Wolters
Reviewed by Marion E. Blake                             

Essai Sur la Guerre Parthique de Trajan (114–117) (pp. 174–176)
By Julien Guey
Reviewed by Alfred R. Bellinger

La Composition du Sénat Romain de Septime Sévère à Dioclétien (p. 176)
By Pierre Lambrechts
Reviewed by T.R.S. Broughton

Der Quellbezirk von Nîmes (pp. 176–178)
By Rudolf Naumann
Reviewed by Karl Lehmann-Hartleben

Der Tempelbezirk in Altbachtale zu Trier, Heft 1. Planausschnitt, Ritonatempel und Umbegung (p. 178)
By Erich Gose, Ludwig Hussong, Wilhelm Jovy, and Siegfried Loeschcke
Reviewed by Marion E. Blake

Opgravingen op het Domplein te Utrecht III: de opgravingen in juni en juli 1934 (pp. 178–179)
By C.W. Vollgraff and G. van Hoorn
Reviewed by Howard Comfort

Het Grafveld onder Hees bij Nijmegen (p. 179)
By H. Brunsting
Reviewed by Howard Comfort

The Richborough Hoard of “Radiates,” 1931 (pp. 179–180)
By Harold Mattingly and W.P.D. Stebbing
Reviewed by Alfred R. Bellinger

Quantulacumque, Studies Presented to Kirsopp Lake (pp. 180–182)
By Robert P. Casey, Silva Lake, and Agnes K. Lake
Reviewed by C. Bradford Welles

Iconography of Southern India (p. 182)
By G. Jouveau-Dubreuil and A.C. Martin
Reviewed by W. Norman Brown

Indian Temples (pp. 182–183)
By Odette Bruhl and Sylvain Lévi
Reviewed by W. Norman Brown

Schweden und das Karolingische Reich. Studien zu den Handelsverbindungen des 9. Jahrhunderts (p. 183)
By Holger Arbman
Reviewed by H. O’Neill Hencken

Ancient Caves of the Great Salt Lake Region (pp. 183–185)
By Julian H. Steward
Reviewed by Frederica de Laguna                                 

Historical and Ethnographical Material on the Jivaro Indians (p. 185)
By M.W. Stirling
Reviewed by Frederica de Laguna