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July–September 1925 (29.3)

The E of the Temple at Delphi (pp. 239–246)
William Nickerson Bates

Tribute Assessments in the Athenian Empire from 454 to 440 B.C. (pp. 247–273)
Benjamin D. Meritt

The Romano-British Collection in the Royal Ontario Museum of Archaeology (pp. 274–291)
Cornelia G. Harcum

The Reassessment of Tribute in 438/7 (pp. 292–298)
Benjamin D. Meritt

The Mother of the Lares (pp. 299–313)
Lily Ross Taylor

A Myronic Head in the Fogg Museum of Art (pp. 314–320)
A.D. Fraser

Notes on the Tribute Lists (pp. 321–324)
Benjamin D. Meritt

Book Reviews

Villanovans and Early Etruscans (p. 325)
By David Randall-MacIver
Reviewed by Kate McK. Elderkin

Archaeology and the Bible (pp. 326–327)
By George A. Barton
Reviewed by Samuel A.B. Mercer

The Greeks in Spain (pp. 327–328)
By Rhys Carpenter
Reviewed by George W. Elderkin

Numismatic Notes and Monographs. No. 25, A Bibliography of Greek Coin Hoards, by Sidney P. Noe; Numismatic Notes and Monographs. No. 26, Mithradates of Parthia dn Hyspaosines of Characene: A Numismatic Palimpsest, by Edward T. Newell (p. 328)
Reviewed by George W. Elderkin

Archaeological News (pp. 329–356)
Edward H. Heffner, G.A.B., J.A.M., and E.P.B.