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List of Books Received

April 2018 (122.2)

Books Received

List of Books Received

Aktypi, Konstantina. The Mycenaean Cemetery at Agios Vasileios, Chalandritsa, in Achaea. Pp. xii + 296. Archaeopress, Oxford 2017. £42. ISBN 978-1-78491-697-8 (paper).

Alexandrescu, Cristina-Georgeta, Christian Gugl, and Barbara Kainrath, eds. Troesmis I: Die Forschungen von 2010–2014. Pp. 554. Mega Verlag, Cluj-Napoca 2016. €69. ISBN 978-606-543-749-4 (cloth). 

Bell, Sinclair, and Alexandra A. Carpino, eds. A Companion to the Etruscans (Blackwell Companions to the Ancient World). Pp. xxviii + 494. Wiley-Blackwell, Hoboken, N.J. 2016. $195. ISBN 978-1-118-35274-8 (cloth).

Betts, Eleanor, ed. Senses of the Empire: Multisensory Approaches to Roman Culture. Pp. xvi + 227. Routledge, Abingdon, U.K. 2017. $150. ISBN 978-1-47244-629-9 (cloth).

Bombardieri, Luca. Erimi Laonin tou Porakou: A Middle Bronze Age Community in Cyprus. Excavations 2008–2014 (SIMA 145). Pp. xxvi + 430. Astrom Editions, Uppsala 2017. €80. ISBN 978-91-7081-227-9 (cloth).

Chaverdi, Alireza Askari, and Pierfrancesco Callieri. Persepolis West (Fars, Iran): Report on the Fieldwork Carried Out by the Iranian-Italian Joint Archaeological Mission in 2008–2009 (BAR-IS 2870). Pp. 310. British Archaeological Reports, Oxford 2017. £56. ISBN 9781407316086 (paper).

Christian, Royal A. Edited by Pellom McDaniels III. Porter, Steward, Citizen: An African American's Memoir of World War I. Pp. xxxvi + 160. Oxford University Press, Oxford 2017. $29.95. ISBN 9780190645205 (cloth).

Cunliffe, Barry. On the Ocean: The Mediterranean and the Atlantic from Prehistory to AD 1500. Pp. 624. Oxford University Press, Oxford 2017. $39.95. ISBN 9780198757894 (cloth).

Curtis, Cathy. A Generous Vision: The Creative Life of Elaine de Kooning. Pp. xii + 292. Oxford University Press, New York 2017. $34.95. ISBN 978-0-19-049847-4 (cloth).

Davies, Penelope J.E. Architecture and Politics in Republican Rome. Pp. xii + 366. Cambridge University Press, New York 2017. $58.99. ISBN 978-1-108-09431-4 (cloth).

Demesticha, Stella, and A. Bernard Knapp, eds. Maritime Transport Containers in the Bronze–Iron Age Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean (SIMA-PB 183). Pp. x + 242. Åströms Förlag, Uppsala 2016. €60. ISBN 978-91-7081-211-8 (cloth). 

Drews, Robert. Militarism and the Indo-Europeanizing of Europe. Pp. x + 284. Routledge, London 2017. $149.95. ISBN 978-1-138-28272-8 (cloth).

Fischer-Bossert, Wolfgang R. Coins, Artists, and Tyrants: Syracuse in the Time of the Peloponnesian War (NS 33). Pp. xxviii + 402. American Numismatic Society, New York 2017. $200. ISBN 978-0-89722-341-6 (cloth).

Flower, Harriet I. The Dancing Lares and the Serpent in the Garden: Religion at the Roman Street Corner. Pp. xvi + 394. Princeton University Press, Princeton 2017. $45. ISBN 978-0-691-17500-3 (cloth).

Gilman, Patricia A., and Steven A. LeBlanc. Mimbres Life and Society: The Mattocks Site of Southwestern New Mexico. Pp. xvi + 532. The University of Arizona Press, Tucson 2017. $75. ISBN 978-0-8165-3563-7 (cloth).

Harper, Kyle. The Fate of Rome: Climate, Disease, and the End of an Empire. Pp. xii + 417. Princeton University Press, Princeton 2017. $35. ISBN 9780691166834 (cloth).

Kim, Hyun Jin, Frederik Juliaan Vervaet, and Selim Ferruh Adalı, eds. Eurasian Empires in Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages: Contact and Exchange between the Graeco-Roman World, Inner Asia and China. Pp. xvi + 334. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge 2017. $99.99. ISBN 978-1-107-19041-2 (cloth).

Kozakavich, Stacy C. The Archaeology of Utopian and Intentional Communities. Pp. xx + 278. University Press of Florida, Gainesville 2017. $79.95. ISBN 978-0-8130-5659-3 (cloth).

Kuhn, Gerhard. Das heilige Tor (Kerameikos: Ergebnisse der Ausgrabungen 19). Pp. xii + 266. Reichert Verlag, Wiesbaden 2017. €110. ISBN 978-3-95490-235-4 (cloth).

Lehner, Mark, and Zahi Hawass. Giza and the Pyramids: The Definitive History. Pp. 560. The University of Chicago Press, Chicago 2017. $75. ISBN 978-0-226-42569-6 (cloth). 

Lifschitz, Avi, and Michael Squire, eds. Rethinking Lessing’s Laocoon: Antiquity, Enlightenment, and the “Limits” of Painting and Poetry (Classical Presences). Pp. xxxiv + 412. Oxford University Press, Oxford 2017. $110. ISBN 978-0-19-880222-8 (cloth).

Longfellow, Brenda, and Ellen Perry, eds. Roman Artists, Patrons, and Public Consumption: Familiar Works Reconsidered. Pp. xvi + 270. University of Michigan Press, Ann Arbor 2018. $75. ISBN 9780472130658. (cloth).

Montero Herrero, Santiago. La escoba y el barrido ritual en la religión romana (Mikrá 10). Pp. 122. Signifer Libros, Madrid 2017. €12. ISBN 978-84-16202-13-3 (paper).

Neeley, Michael, Geoffrey Clark, and P.M. Michéle Daviau, eds. Walking Through Jordan: Essays in Honor of Burton MacDonald. Pp. xvi + 422. Equinox Publishing, Sheffield, U.K. 2017. $120. ISBN 9781781792834 (cloth).

Pareja, Marie N. Monkey and Ape Iconography in Aegean Art (SIMA-PB 186). Pp. xiv + 168. Astrom Editions, Uppsala 2017. Price not available. ISBN 978-91-7081-221-7 (cloth). 

Pasqualini, Michel, Isabelle Rodet-Belarbi, and Véronique Blanc-Bijon, eds. Évolution d’un quartier de Forum Iulii des Julio-Claudiens à Dioclétian (Archéologie Histoire Romaine 37). Pp. 272. Éditions Mergoil, Toulouse 2017. €42. ISBN 978-2-35518-07-1-2 (paper).

Pereira, Telmo, Xavier Terradas, and Nuno Bicho, eds. The Exploitation of Raw Materials in Prehistory: Sourcing, Processing and Distribution. Pp. xxx + 626. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Newcastle upon Tyne 2017. £80.99. ISBN 978-1-4438-9597-2 (cloth). 

Pérez, Diana Rodríguez, ed. Greek Art in Context: Archaeological and Art Historical Perspectives. Pp. xxiv + 282. Routledge, Abingdon, U.K. 2017. $140. ISBN 978-1-4724-5745-5 (cloth).

Poehler, Eric E. The Traffic Systems of Pompeii. Pp. xviii + 276. Oxford University Press, New York 2017. $85. ISBN 978-0-19-061467-6 (cloth).

Pontrandolfo, Angela, with Michalis Petropoulos and Athanasios D. Rizakis. Egialea: Ricerche nella valle del Krios (Monografie della Scuola archeologica di Atene e delle Missioni italiane in oriente 24.1). Pp. 360. Scuola archeologica italiana di Atene, Athens 2016. ISBN 978-960-9559-04-1 (paper).

Quinn, Josephine. In Search of the Phoenicians. Pp. xxviii + 335. Princeton University Press, Princeton 2017. $35. ISBN 9780691175270 (cloth).

Ramenofsky, Ann F., and Kari L. Schleher, eds. The Archaeology and History of Pueblo San Marcos: Change and Stability. Pp. xvi + 304. University of New Mexico Press, Albuquerque 2017. $95. ISBN 978-0-8263-5834-9 (cloth).

Schertz, Peter, and Nicole Stribling, eds. The Horse in Ancient Greek Art. Pp. vi + 146. National Sporting Library & Museum, Middleburg, Va. 2017. $45. ISBN 978-0-300-23057-4 (cloth).

Shipley, Lucy. The Etruscans: Lost Civilizations. Pp. 214. Reaktion Books, London 2017. £15. ISBN 978-1-78023-832-6 (cloth).

Slane, Kathleen Warner. Tombs, Burials, and Commemoration in Corinth’s Northern Cemetery (Corinth 21). Pp. xxx + 386. American School of Classical Studies at Athens, Princeton 2017. $150. ISBN 9780876610220 (cloth).

Smith, R. Angus K., Mary K. Dabney, Evangelia Pappi, Sevasti Triantaphyllou, and James C. Wright. Ayia Sotira: A Mycenaean Chamber Tomb Cemetery in the Nemea Valley, Greece (Prehistory Monographs 56). Pp. xxviii + 336. INSTAP Academic Press, Philadelphia 2017. $80. ISBN 978-1-931534-90-1 (cloth). 

Swetnam-Burland, Molly. Egypt in Italy: Visions of Egypt in Roman Imperial Culture. Pp. xii + 250. Cambridge University Press, New York 2015. $113. ISBN 978-1-107-04048-9 (cloth).

Tarditi, Chiara. Bronze Vessels from the Acropolis: Style and Decoration in Athenian Production Between the Sixth and Fifth Centuries BC (Thiasos Monographs 7). Pp. 412. Edizioni Quasar, Rome 2016. €50. ISBN 978-88-7140-717-3 (paper).

Tiesler, Vera, Andrea Cucina, Travis W. Stanton, and David A. Freidel. Before Kukulkán: Bioarchaeology of Maya Life, Death, and Identity at Classic Period Yaxuná. Pp. xx + 324. The University of Arizona Press, Tucson 2017. $80. ISBN 978-0-8165-3264-3 (cloth).

Todd, Ian A. Vasilikos Valley Project 10: The Field Survey of the Vasilikos Valley. Vol. 2, Artefacts Recovered by the Field Survey (SIMA 71.10). Pp. xxxviii + 412. Åströms Förlag, Uppsala 2016. €88. ISBN 978-91-7081-209-5 (cloth).

Trever, Lisa. The Archaeology of Mural Painting at Pañamarca, Peru (Dumbarton Oaks Pre-Columbian Art and Archaeology Studies 40). Pp. xvi + 350. Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection, Washington, D.C. 2017. $69.95. ISBN 978-0-88402-424-8 (paper).

Tzochev, Chavdar. Amphora Stamps from Thasos (Agora 37). Pp. xx + 244. American School of Classical Studies at Athens, Princeton 2016. $150. ISBN 978-0-87661-237-8 (cloth).

Verhoogt, Arthur. Discarded, Discovered, Collected: The University of Michigan Papyrus Collection. Pp. xviii + 186. University of Michigan Press, Ann Arbor 2017. $39.95. ISBN 978-0-472-05364-3 (paper).

Vermeulen, Frank, Dimitri Van Limbergen, Patrick Monsieur, and Devi Taelman, eds. The Potenza Valley Survey (Marche, Italy): Settlement Dynamics and Changing Material Culture in an Adriatic Valley Between Iron Age and Late Antiquity (Academia Belgica, Studia Archaeologica 1). Pp. 424. Editorial Service System, Rome 2017. €100. ISBN 978-8-88444-163-8.

Webb, Pamela A. The Tower of the Winds in Athens: Greeks, Romans, Christians, and Muslims. Two Millennia of Continual Use (Memoirs 270). Pp. xx + 172. American Philosophical Society Press, Philadelphia 2017. $65. ISBN 978-0-87169-270-2 (cloth).

Whitehouse, David, with William Gudenrath and Paul Roberts. Cage Cups: Late Roman Luxury Glasses. Pp. 256. Corning Museum of Glass, Corning, N.Y. 2015. $56.25. ISBN 978-0-87290-200-8 (paper).

Wickramasinghe, Chandra, and Robert Bauval. Cosmic Womb: The Seeding of Planet Earth. Pp. xviii + 382. Bear & Company, Rochester, Vt. 2017. $20. ISBN 978-1-59143-307-1 (paper).

Wohl, Birgitta Lindros. Terracotta Lamps II: 1967–2004 (Isthmia 10). Pp. xxii + 234. American School of Classical Studies at Athens, Princeton 2017. $150. ISBN 978-0-87661-930-8 (cloth).

Zangger, Eberhard. Die Luwier und der Trojanische Krieg: Eine Entdeckungsgeschichte. Pp. 352. Orell Füslli Verlag, Zürich 2017. €25. ISBN 978-3-280-05647-9 (cloth).

Zangger, Eberhard. The Luwian Civilization: The Missing Link in the Aegean Bronze Age. Pp. 294. Ege Yayınları, Istanbul 2016. Price not available. ISBN 978-605-9680-11-0 (paper).

Zuchtriegel, Gabriel. Colonization and Subalternity in Classical Greece: Experience of the Nonelite Population. Pp. xii + 272. Cambridge University Press, New York 2018. $99.99. ISBN 978-1-108-41903-1 (cloth).


List of Books Received

American Journal of Archaeology Vol. 122, No. 2 (April 2018)

Published online at

DOI: 10.3764/ajaonline1222.BooksReceived