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Volume 118 (2014) Index

Volume 118 (2014) Index

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Adams, M.J., I. Finkelstein, and D. Ussishkin, The Great Temple of Early Bronze I Megiddo: 285–305

Andrews, M.M., A Domus in the Subura of Rome from the Republic Through Late Antiquity: 61–90

Archaeological Institute of America, Awards Presented at the 115th Annual Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America: 359–65

Becker. See Mogetta and Becker.

Blackwell, N.G., Making the Lion Gate Relief at Mycenae: Tool Marks and Foreign Influence: 451–88

Bridgford. See Molloy et al.

Buxton, B.A., A New Reading of the Belvedere Altar: 91–111

Cadogan, G., Patronage and Prehistory: Recent Publications on the Bronze Age Aegean and Cyprus: 189–95

Carter. See Molloy et al.

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Cosmopoulos, M.B., Cult, Continuity, and Social Memory: Mycenaean Eleusis and the Transition to the Early Iron Age: 401–27

Day. See Molloy et al.

Dillon, S., A Letter from the Editor-in-Chief: 1–2

Finkelstein. See Adams et al.

Gaignerot-Driessen, F., Goddesses Refusing to Appear? Reconsidering the Late Minoan III Figures with Upraised Arms: 489–520

Gürtekin-Demir, R.G., Phrygian Aspects of Lydian Painted Pottery from Sardis: 223–39

Harrell, K., The Fallen and Their Swords: A New Explanation for the Rise of the Shaft Graves: 3–17

Hayden. See Molloy et al.

Isaakidou. See Molloy et al.

Keller. See Corbett et al.

Khatchadourian, L., Empire in the Everyday: A Preliminary Report on the 2008–2011 Excavations at Tsaghkahovit, Armenia: 137–69

Kiernan, P., The Bronze Mice of Apollo Smintheus: 601–26

Klontza-Jaklova. See Molloy et al.

Kotzamani. See Molloy et al.

Larsson. See Molloy et al.

Leon. See Smith and Leon.

Luley, B.P., Cooking, Class, and Colonial Transformations in Roman Mediterranean France: 33–60

Maran, J., and A. Van de Moortel, A Horse-Bridle Piece with Carpatho-Danubian Connections from Late Helladic I Mitrou and the Emergence of a Warlike Elite in Greece During the Shaft Grave Period: 529–48

Martinez-Sève, L., The Spatial Organization of Ai Khanoum, a Greek City in Afghanistan: 267–83

Milić. See Molloy et al.

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Molloy, B., J. Day, S. Bridgford, V. Isaakidou, E. Nodarou, G. Kotzamani, M. Milić, T. Carter, P. Westlake, V. Klontza-Jaklova, E. Larsson, and B.J. Hayden, Life and Death of a Bronze Age House: Excavation of Early Minoan I Levels at Priniatikos Pyrgos: 307–58

Nodarou. See Molloy et al.

Oakley, J.H., Greek Children: Three New Iconographic Studies: 677–81

Öğüş, E., Columnar Sarcophagi from Aphrodisias: Elite Emulation in the Greek East: 113–36

Pantou, P.A., An Architectural Perspective on Social Change and Ideology in Early Mycenaean Greece: 369–400

Pope, S., and P. Schultz, The Chryselephantine Doors of the Parthenon: 19–31

Porter. See Corbett et al.

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Stone, D.L., Africa in the Roman Empire: Connectivity, the Economy, and Artificial Port Structures: 565–600

Tuttle. See Corbett et al.

Ussishkin. See Adams et al.

Van de Moortel. See Maran and Van de Moortel.

Vavouranakis, G., Funerary Pithoi in Bronze Age Crete: Their Introduction and Significance at the Threshold of Minoan Palatial Society: 197–222

Westlake. See Molloy et al.

Younger, J.G., Two Recent Books on Ancient Scripts: 521–25

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Supplementary Content

Andrews, M.M., Image Gallery: A Domus in the Subura of Rome from the Republic Through Late Antiquity

Blackwell, N.G., Image Gallery: Making the Lion Gate Relief at Mycenae: Tool Marks and Foreign Influence

Corbett, G.J., D.R. Keller, B.A. Porter, and C.A. Tuttle, Image Gallery: Archaeology in Jordan, 2012 and 2013 Seasons

Cosmopoulos, M.B., Image Gallery: Cult, Continuity, and Social Memory: Mycenaean Eleusis and the Transition to the Early Iron Age

Mogetta, M., and J.A. Becker, Image Gallery: Archaeological Research at Gabii, Italy: The Gabii Project Excavations, 2009–2011

Molloy, B., J. Day, S. Bridgford, V. Isaakidou, E. Nodarou, G. Kotzamani, M. Milić, T. Carter, P. Westlake, V. Klontza-Jaklova, E. Larsson, and B.J. Hayden, Appendix: Life and Death of a Bronze Age House: Excavation of Early Minoan I Levels at Priniatikos Pyrgos

Book Reviews

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Yasur-Landau, A., Rev. of Wachsmann, The Gurob Ship-Cart Model and Its Mediterranean Context

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Volume 118 (2014) Index

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