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A Letter from the Museum Reviews Editor
(pp. 289–291)
Open Access
Lindsay Der


Representations of Gender: Recognizing the Role of Feminine Sacrificial Attendants in the Column of Trajan Sacrifice Scenes
(pp. 309–339)
Open Access
Elizabeth Wolfram Thill, Maryl B. Gensheimer, Elizabeth M. Greene

Field Reports

The First Koinon Temple of Roman Sardis: A Sanctuary from the First Century Through Late Antiquity
(pp. 381–421)
Nicholas D. Cahill, Philip Stinson, Marcus Rautman, Bahadır Yıldırım, Jane DeRose Evans, Frances Gallart Marques, Vanessa Rousseau, Elizabeth DeRidder Raubolt

Archaeological Notes

A Mason’s Mark from the Stelida Peak Sanctuary, Naxos
(pp. 423–431)
Tristan Carter, Dimitris Athanasoulis

Mikon’s Hekatompedon: An Architectural Graffito from Attica
(pp. 433–442)
Open Access
Merle K. Langdon, Jan Z. van Rookhuijzen

Print Museum Reviews

Bringing Roman Light to Life
(pp. 443–452)
Open Access
John R. Clarke

Book Reviews

Becoming Neolithic: The Pivot of Human History
Open Access
By Trevor Watkins
Reviewed by Mattia Cartolano

Trench Warfare at Enkomi: Personalities, Politics and Science in Cypriot Archaeology
Open Access
By George Papasavvas
Reviewed by Catherine Kearns

The Shrine of Eileithyia: Minoan Goddess of Childbirth and Motherhood at the Inatos Cave in Southern Crete. Vol. 1, The Egyptian-Type Artifacts
Open Access
By Günther Hölbl, with contributions by Konstantinos Chalikias and Philip Betancourt
Reviewed by Jerolyn E. Morrison

Egyptian Name Scarabs from the 12th to the 15th Dynasty: Geography and Chronology of Production
Open Access
By Alexander Ilin-Tomich
Reviewed by Danijela Stefanović

The Connected Iron Age: Interregional Networks in the Eastern Mediterranean, 900–600 BCE
Open Access
Edited by Jonathan M. Hall and James F. Osborne
Reviewed by Megan J. Daniels

Hippos: The Horse in Ancient Athens
Open Access
Edited by Jenifer Neils and Shannon M. Dunn
Reviewed by Raimon Graells i Fabregat

Late Classical, Hellenistic, and Roman Pottery
Open Access
By John W. Hayes and Kathleen Warner Slane
Reviewed by Konstantoula Chavela, Konstantinos Filis

Monastic Economies in Late Antique Egypt and Palestine
Open Access
Edited by Louise Blanke and Jennifer Cromwell
Reviewed by Robert James Stark

Perspectives on Byzantine Archaeology: From Justinian to the Abbasid Age (6th–9th Centuries AD)
Open Access
Edited by Angelo Castrorao Barba and Gabriele Castiglia
Reviewed by Tim Penn

Archeonumismatica: Analisi e studio dei reperti monetali da contesti pluristratificati
Open Access
Edited by Alberto Martín Esquivel, Antonio F. Ferrandes, and Giacomo Pardini
Reviewed by Elena Moreno Pulido

Books Received