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Reconsidering Technological Transmission: The Introduction of the Potter’s Wheel at Ayia Irini, Kea, Greece
(pp. 195–220)
Includes Open Access Supplementary Content
Evi Gorogianni, Natalie Abell, Jill Hilditch

The Fate of Temples in Noricum and Pannonia
(pp. 221–238)
Includes Open Access Supplementary Content
David Walsh


Politics of Periodization and the Archaeology of Early Greece
(pp. 239–270)
Open Access
Antonis Kotsonas

Field Reports

The Basilica, Bouleuterion, and Civic Center of Ashkelon
(pp. 271–324)
Includes Open Access Supplementary Content
Open Access
Ryan Boehm, Daniel M. Master, Robyn Le Blanc

Print Review Articles

Ontology, World Archaeology, and the Recent Past
(pp. 325–331)
Open Access
William Caraher

Online Necrologies

Khaled al-As’ad, 1934–2015
Open Access
Andreas Schmidt-Colinet

Social Change: Globalization from the Stone Age to the Present
Open Access
Reviewed by P. Nick Kardulias

The Cambridge History of Painting in the Classical World
Open Access
Reviewed by Eric M. Moormann

Body, Dress, and Identity in Ancient Greece
Open Access
Reviewed by Andrew Stewart

Der Polykratische Tempel im Heraion von Samos
Open Access
Reviewed by Philip Sapirstein

Art and Rhetoric in Roman Culture
Open Access
Reviewed by Peter J. Holliday

Diva Faustina: Coinage and Cult in Rome and the Provinces
Open Access
Reviewed by Olivier Hekster

Space, Place and Identity in Northern Anatolia
Open Access
Reviewed by Ine Jacobs

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